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Naruto is Reincarnated (Web Novel)





Indie131998, Ye_Hua


Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Shounen

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After facing off the last of the Õtsutsuki clan members a forbidden seal activates on the last descendant's body sending Naruto back into the past before his change began. Naruto is back in the academy with a few days remaining before the academy graduation exam. Naruto now has the opportunity to relive either as a loser who became the hero or awaken as a reborn genius that surpassed all his peers and changes the future.

Naruto Anime Vs Novel.

Canon - Check
FlashBacks - Check
Talk no Jutsu - Check
Side Character Development - Check
Sakura's stupidity - Check
Fillers between Battles - Check
Long Ass Arcs - Check
Multiple Scene Changes like Episode - Check

Everything you love in the anime, everything you hate about the anime is in this novel.

This story is to recreate the emotions of watching the episodes everyday.

Let's all reaccompany Naruto for one last time.

- Peace

Warning: I do not own this franchise. All characters belong to the respective owner.

Requirements to read: Must have prior knowledge of Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, and Boruto (Boruto movie works as well!).
1245 • 2019-05-27 17:38:17


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 200: The Fated Battle - Part 32020-07-01
Chapter 211: The fated battle begins Part - 22020-06-30
Chapter 210: The fated battle begins Part 12020-06-27
Chapter 209: It's time to Head Out - Part 52020-06-16
Chapter 208: It's time to Head Out - Part 42020-06-16
Chapter 207: It's time to Head Out - Part 32020-06-16
Chapter 206: It's time to Head Out - Part 22020-06-10
Chapter 205: It's time to head out - Part 12020-06-10
Chapter 204: Leaving Part 22020-06-10
Chapter 203: Leaving2020-06-10
Chapter 202: Developments2020-06-10
Chapter 201: New Style2019-11-30
Chapter 200: Meeting Concludes2019-11-30
Chapter 199: Stupefied2019-11-27
Chapter 198: Captain2019-11-27
Chapter 197: Meeting for the Festival2019-11-25
Chapter 196: The Present2019-11-24
Chapter 195: What do you think?2019-11-24
Chapter 194: Road to Ninja Part 162019-10-11
Chapter 193: Road to Ninja Part 152019-09-29
Chapter 192: Road to Ninija Part 142019-09-26
Chapter 191: Road to Ninja Part 132019-09-25
Chapter 190: Road to Ninja Part 122019-09-25
Chapter 189: Road to Ninja Part 112019-08-11
Chapter 188: Road to Ninja Part 102019-08-09
Chapter 187: Road to Ninja Part 92019-08-09
Chapter 186: Road to Ninja Part 82019-08-06
Chapter 185: Road to Ninja Part 72019-08-05
Chapter 184: Road to Ninja Part 62019-08-04
Chapter 183: Road to Ninja Part 52019-08-04
Chapter 182: Road to Ninja Part 42019-08-04
Chapter 181: Road to Ninja Part 32019-08-04
Chapter 180: Road to Ninja Part 22019-08-01
Chapter 179: Road to Ninja Part 12019-08-01
Chapter 178: Choice2019-07-29
Chapter 177: Explosions2019-07-29
Chapter 176: An Unexpected Guest2019-07-25
Chapter 175: Visits2019-07-24
Chapter 174: Developments2019-07-24
Chapter 173: The Battle is over2019-07-22
Chapter 172: The Situation drags on...2019-07-21
Chapter 171: Trust2019-07-21
Chapter 170: Staring Helplessly2019-06-13
Chapter 169: Witnessing the attacks2019-06-12
Chapter 168: The Reason behind it all2019-06-11
Chapter 167: The memories of her...2019-06-10
Chapter 166: Dr.Hiro2019-06-10
Chapter 165: Unexpected Move2019-05-27
Chapter 164: Change in plans2019-05-27
Chapter 163: Sharingan Vs Byakugan Begins2019-05-27
Chapter 162: Rivalry of the eyes2019-05-27
Chapter 161: Battle Begins!2019-05-27
Chapter 160: Attack!2019-05-27
Chapter 159: Facing Reality Part 22019-05-27
Chapter 158: Facing Reality2019-05-27
Chapter 157: This is not a Chapter2019-05-27
Chapter 156: What are they?2019-05-27
Chapter 155: Do it!2019-05-27
Chapter 154: Bad Omen2019-05-27
Chapter 153: Arrival2019-05-27
Chapter 152: Reflecting over the actions2019-05-27
Chapter 151: Announcement!2019-05-27
Chapter 150: Dinner2019-05-27
Chapter 149: Leaving Tenchi Bridge!2019-05-27
Chapter 148: Guidance...2019-05-27
Chapter 147: With you...2019-05-27
Chapter 146: Heavy Rain2019-05-27
Chapter 145: Let the World Know2019-05-27
Chapter 144: Tenchi Bridge!2019-05-27
Chapter 143: The Seal2019-05-27
Chapter 142: Training Part 52019-05-27
Chapter 141: Training Part 4; Sand Village Shocked2019-05-27
Chapter 140: Training Part 3, Konohamaru's new jutsu!2019-05-27
Chapter 139: Decision; Training Continued2019-05-27
Chapter 138: Prophecy of the Great Elder Sage!2019-05-27
Chapter 137: Training Begins2019-05-27
Chapter 136: Naruto Vs. Lee Conclusion; Home2019-05-27
Chapter 135: Lee Vs. Naruto - Drunken God's Fist Unleashed!2019-05-27
Chapter 134: Konohamaru's Request2019-05-27
Chapter 133: Invitation2019-05-27
Chapter 132: Kakashi Unmasked Part 22019-05-27
Chapter 131: Kakashi Unmasked Part 12019-05-27
Chapter 130: Ceremony Concludes2019-05-27
Chapter 129: The Promotion Ceremony2019-05-27
Chapter 128: The Past of a Lazy Ninja2019-05-27
Chapter 127: What is he hiding?2019-05-27
Chapter 126: The Bet that was won2019-05-27
Chapter 125: Ichiraku Ramen!2019-05-27
Chapter 124: Meeting of the Tails...2019-05-27
Chapter 123: Shikaku's Suggestion2019-05-27
Chapter 122: Discussion2019-05-27
Chapter 121: Responsibility towards the future2019-05-27
Chapter 120: Emotions; Surprise2019-05-27
Chapter 119: The Winners2019-05-27
Chapter 118: Wrapping things up...2019-05-27
Chapter 117: A fault in the past2019-05-27
Chapter 116: Revelation2019-05-27
Chapter 115: Fighting against the Legendaries Part 102019-05-27
Chapter 114: Fighting against the Legendaries Part 92019-05-27
Chapter 113: Fighting Against the Legendaries Part 82019-05-27


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