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National School Prince Is A Girl (Web Novel)


On the surface, she’s a gay high school boy. In reality, she’s the hacker known as Z, who hunts criminals on the Internet. A girl dressed in men’s clothes; a master at playing games, punishing evil, and having the highest skill in seducing girls. When people learned that “he” was actually female, the entire population blew up!

Fu Jiu: “Great Deity Qin, do you have a girlfriend?”

Qin Mo puts down the laptop: “I don’t have one.”

Fu Jiu starts to seduce in a low voice: “In that case, you have one starting now. Me.”

Hearing this, Qin Mo leans over tyrannically.

Fu Jiu is dumbstruck: “Hold on! What are you doing?”

Qin Mo: “Using my privilege as a boyfriend.”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 965: Untitled2020-01-26
Chapter 964: Untitled2020-01-25
Chapter 963: Let’s Talk It Out2020-01-24
Chapter 962: Filming an advertisement2020-01-23
Chapter 961: The Topic Boyfriend2020-01-22
Chapter 960: Giving out Sweets2020-01-21
Chapter 959: Teasing Each Other2020-01-20
Chapter 958: MoJiu Spreads Candy2020-01-19
Chapter 957: Giving out Candy2020-01-18
Chapter 956: MoJiu’s Chemistry2020-01-17
Chapter 955: Cool Jiu2020-01-16
Chapter 954: MoJiu In Action2020-01-15
Chapter 953: Escaping2020-01-14
Chapter 952: Voluntary Memory Loss2020-01-13
Chapter 951: Sweeten It Up2020-01-12
Chapter 950: Evidence2020-01-11
Chapter 949: The Almighty Fed Her2020-01-10
Chapter 948: Young Master of the Hacking World!2020-01-09
Chapter 947: Small Flaunts of Love2020-01-08
Chapter 946: Making Dumplings2020-01-07
Chapter 945: Trying to Replace Qin Mo2020-01-06
Chapter 944: Something Wrong2020-01-05
Chapter 943: Maiden’s Sacrifice2020-01-04
Chapter 942: Upright Qin Mo2020-01-03
Chapter 941: Looking at Jiu’s Childhood Photos in Peace2020-01-03
Chapter 940: Sweetness Overload2020-01-03
Chapter 939: MoJiu Giving out Candies2020-01-03
Chapter 938: The Almighty’s Memory2020-01-02
Chapter 937: The Fangirl Named Movie Queen An2020-01-01
Chapter 936: Defeat Jiu and She Retaliates2019-12-31
Chapter 935: Always Follow through with the Truth2019-12-30
Chapter 934: Peace2019-12-29
Chapter 933: They Called Jiu a Burden?2019-12-28
Chapter 932: Jiu’s First Kill2019-12-27
Chapter 931: Wave of Love, Jiu Teases2019-12-26
Chapter 930: Sweet Peace2019-12-25
Chapter 929: The Most Handsome Jiu2019-12-24
Chapter 928: Peace2019-12-23
Chapter 927: Chemistry between Them2019-12-22
Chapter 926: Spre ranslations Editor: Henyee Translations2019-12-21
Chapter 925: People She Wanted to Protect2019-12-20
Chapter 924: Movie Queen An’s Thoughts2019-12-19
Chapter 923: Drunken2019-12-18
Chapter 922: Sending Candies2019-12-17
Chapter 921: Jiu and Almighty Qin Teamed up2019-12-16
Chapter 920: Some Lives Weren’t Worth Protecting2019-12-15
Chapter 919: The Devilish Young Master Jiu2019-12-14
Chapter 918: Ability to Affect Him2019-12-13
Chapter 917: Come Over2019-12-12
Chapter 916: Thursday Girl2019-12-11
Chapter 915: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover2019-12-10
Chapter 914: Continuing Sweetness2019-12-09
Chapter 913: Exceptionally Sweet2019-12-08
Chapter 912: Mo Jiu Sending Candies2019-12-07
Chapter 911: Candy2019-12-06
Chapter 910: Sending Candies Again2019-12-05
Chapter 909: Hoshino’s Appearance2019-12-04
Chapter 908: An Incredible Double-Kill2019-12-03
Chapter 907: Z Died?2019-12-02
Chapter 906: Keep Going2019-12-01
Chapter 905: Flying Over2019-11-30
Chapter 904: Coordination2019-11-29
Chapter 903: The Suave Jiu and Almighty Qin2019-11-28
Chapter 902: Jiu Says Not to Worship Brother2019-11-27
Chapter 901: Sending Candies Mid-Game2019-11-26
Chapter 900: Two Assassins2019-11-25
Chapter 899: Jiu and Almighty Qin in a Double Match2019-11-24
Chapter 898: Crucial Turning Point2019-11-23
Chapter 897: Rao Rong’s Decision2019-11-22
Chapter 896: Who Is the One Being Suppressed?2019-11-21
Chapter 895: Soaking in the Hot Spring Together2019-11-20
Chapter 894: You Lost2019-11-19
Chapter 893: Replace Z2019-11-18
Chapter 892: Try Kissing2019-11-17
Chapter 891: Want to Try?2019-11-16
Chapter 890: Safe2019-11-15
Chapter 889: Unrestrained2019-11-14
Chapter 888: Kiss2019-11-13
Chapter 887: Almighty Qin Pushed Jiu against the Wall2019-11-12
Chapter 886: His Nature2019-11-11
Chapter 885: Bent Lin Feng2019-11-10
Chapter 884: Rejection2019-11-09
Chapter 883: Scared Lin Feng2019-11-08
Chapter 882: Eating What Her Pet Didn’t Like2019-11-07
Chapter 881: Real Maiden’s Sacrifice2019-11-06
Chapter 880: Once Turned Gray, It Is Not Easy to Turn White2019-11-05
Chapter 879: Household Chores2019-11-04
Chapter 878: Sending Candies2019-11-03
Chapter 877: Unwilling2019-11-02
Chapter 876: Nothing Is Impossible for Z2019-11-01
Chapter 875: Only Wanted One Thing2019-10-31
Chapter 874: How Did I Bully?2019-10-30
Chapter 873: Almighty Qin Wants to Bully You2019-10-29
Chapter 872: Disobedient2019-10-28
Chapter 871: Still Wanting to Compare Sizes?2019-10-27
Chapter 870: Eaten2019-10-26
Chapter 869: Sleep with Him2019-10-25
Chapter 868: The Almighty’s Child2019-10-24
Chapter 867: Continue to Take Advantage2019-10-23
Chapter 866: Not Interested in an Explanation2019-10-22


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