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New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic (Web Novel)







Fanfiction Fantasy Harem Romance School Live Slice of Life

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Disclaimer- Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling.

Transmigration into Harry Potter world as Harry, hell yeah. There’s so much to explore in magic that other’s never did.


Fuck him.

Canon Plot?

Fuck that too.


Hmm… how to best make use of that dumb cunt who turned me into his living horcrux.

Ah… and there are a few girls in here that I always fancied so tagging them along is just a natural thing to do. Not too many. Just two or three would be best.

Now that I’m here, I’ll carve my own path for the future and if I fuck up everyone else’s life in the process. Who cares?

710 • 2019-11-30 22:34:02


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 156: Teaching Luna Lovegood2019-11-30
Chapter 155: Luna Lovegood2019-11-30
Chapter 154: Training the girls2019-11-30
Chapter 153: Resurrection stone2019-11-30
Chapter 152: Memory Logs2019-11-30
Chapter 151: The twins2019-11-30
Chapter 150: Desperate win against Flitwick2019-11-30
Chapter 149: The Dark Mark2019-11-30
Chapter 148: Gaunt's Shack2019-11-30
Chapter 147: Quidditch memory broadcasts2019-11-30
Chapter 146: Magical Horns2019-11-30
Chapter 145: New Room2019-11-30
Chapter 144: Second large scale Memory Broadcast2019-11-30
Chapter 143: Annoyance and Disappointment2019-11-30
Chapter 142: Sorting and small changes2019-11-30
Chapter 141: Official Attorney of the Company2019-11-30
Chapter 140: Elite of the Pureblood Society2019-11-30
Chapter 139: Dobby2019-11-30
Chapter 138: Taking over other shops in Diagon Alley2019-11-30
Chapter 137: Evidence against corrupt officials2019-11-30
Chapter 136: You're Fired2019-11-30
Chapter 135: Outrage2019-11-30
Chapter 134: Reactions2019-11-30
Chapter 133: Memory Broadcast2019-11-30
Chapter 132: Hedwig and Foolish Aurors2019-11-30
Chapter 131: All Sold2019-11-30
Chapter 130: Ginny's crush2019-11-30
Chapter 129: Company funds running low2019-11-30
Chapter 128: Book for muggle parents2019-11-30
Chapter 127: Rita's torture2019-11-30
Chapter 126: Rita Skeeter2019-11-30
Chapter 125: Veela receptionists, Goblin Accountants2019-11-30
Chapter 124: Central tower and Advertisements2019-11-30
Chapter 123: The 7 horcruxes2019-11-30
Chapter 122: The truth2019-11-30
Chapter 121: Buying Floo connections2019-11-30
Chapter 120: Worried parents2019-11-30
Chapter 119: Side effects of the Diadem2019-11-30
Chapter 118: Secret busted2019-11-30
Chapter 117: Dragon egg and the realization2019-11-30
Chapter 116: Magical Towers2019-11-30
Chapter 115: Opening different shops in the mall2019-11-30
Chapter 114: Getting a shop in Diagon Alley2019-11-30
Chapter 113: Small new inventions2019-11-30
Chapter 112: Albus Dumbledore the model2019-11-30
Chapter 111: Using Imperius Curse2019-11-30
Chapter 110: Value of Advertisements2019-11-30
Chapter 109: Parselmouth Magic2019-11-30
Chapter 108: More inventions2019-11-30
Chapter 107: Mia Blacktooth2019-11-30
Chapter 106: Meeting Werewolves2019-11-30
Chapter 105: Unbreakable Vow2019-11-30
Chapter 104: Steve Jobs2019-11-30
Chapter 103: You're a hard man to find2019-11-30
Chapter 102: Advice on Love and Seduction2019-11-30
Chapter 101: Playful Banters2019-11-30
Chapter 100: Meeting with Remus2019-11-30
Chapter 99: Dealing with Quirrelmort2019-11-30
Chapter 98: Adding new functions on the Magical Phone2019-11-30
Chapter 97: Story of a Paper Pusher2019-11-30
Chapter 96: Body modifications2019-11-30
Chapter 95: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.2019-11-30
Chapter 94: First Invention2019-11-30
Chapter 93: Daphne's seduction attempt2019-11-30
Chapter 92: Inventing Magical Phones2019-11-30
Chapter 91: Meeting aurors in Diagon Alley2019-11-30
Chapter 90: Trying to gain Mage Sight2019-11-30
Chapter 89: Learning to use the Golden Mist2019-11-30
Chapter 88: Golden Mist2019-11-30
Chapter 87: Ritual2019-11-30
Chapter 86: Suspicion2019-11-30
Chapter 85: Harry my boy2019-11-30
Chapter 84: Accio Stupid Dragon2019-11-30
Chapter 83: Helping Daphne2019-11-30
Chapter 82: Flitwick's Complain2019-11-30
Chapter 81: Experiments on Rats2019-11-30
Chapter 80: Diadem's overuse2019-11-30
Chapter 79: Copying Medical Books2019-11-30
Chapter 78: Facts about Harry2019-11-30
Chapter 77: Tutelage Price2019-11-30
Chapter 76: Intricacies of the Soul2019-11-30
Chapter 75: Hermione's dilemma2019-11-30
Chapter 74: Penelope's small contrebution2019-11-30
Chapter 73: Dueling with Professor Flitwick2019-11-30
Chapter 72: Salazar's last defense2019-11-30
Chapter 71: Lie Exposed2019-11-30
Chapter 70: Lure for the rats2019-11-30
Chapter 69: True Magic2019-11-30
Chapter 68: News in Daily Prophet2019-11-30
Chapter 67: The story of a death eater2019-11-30
Chapter 66: Protecting friends2019-11-30
Chapter 65: Dark side of the Magical World2019-11-30
Chapter 64: Mind Healer and the plot2019-11-30
Chapter 63: More human experiments2019-11-30
Chapter 62: Christmas gifts from friends2019-11-30
Chapter 61: Daphne Greengrass2019-11-30
Chapter 60: Experiments2019-11-30
Chapter 59: Capturing Death Eaters2019-11-30
Chapter 58: A parent's worry2019-11-30
Chapter 57: Theory on different magical creatures2019-11-30
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