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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 52: The Progress: Part 1

Chapter 52: The Progress: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yueyue’s story was just a brief interlude.

Lin Sheng could not enter the dream realm temporarily because he had been killed, so he took the time to rest, build up strength, and practice his sword skills every day.

On the surface, he was just an ordinary senior high school student. But in reality, due to the practice of swordsmanship, his physical strength, endurance, and physique were slowly rising.

In the following days, Lin Sheng went out to buy silver powder in various gold and silver stores after school.

Since there was no Taobao there, it was very hard to obtain silver powder. After a long search, he finally found one shop that sold the silver powder, but the price exceeded his expectation.

According to Annie’s memory fragments, the ritual required at least nine standard units.

A standard unit referred to a wooden spoon that was unique to Blackfeather City. Each unit consisted of one full scoop. Lin Sheng estimated that nine standard units were at least one kilogram or so…

After he spent thousands of yuan to purchase a kilogram of pure silver powder, Lin Sheng began to walk around farmers’ markets, pet markets, and other places in Huaisha.

He needed deer blood. Unfortunately, he searched for two days and found nothing.

Ironfist Club in Blackwater district had taken in a few more students…

And this time, the students were not the poor type. They were actually paying the fees for the classes.

According to Shayeen, Russell’s students got into a fight after they learned a few quick moves from him, and they actually won.

Therefore, Madillan took the opportunity to publicize that the club’s coach was the real master who won the first prize in the swordsmanship championship in Huaisha.

The ordinary people did not understand the level of swordsmanship championship. As soon as they heard that the coach of the club had won the first prize, they immediately believed that the club must have some real skills, so they joined the class.

The new three students were also bold young people who were very much into martial arts. They paid the tuition fee immediately after seeing Russell’s skills.

Now the Ironfist Club, though not very well-known in Blackwater district, had started to make some money. As long as the following publicity was good, Ironfist Club would become more and more popular.

Lin Sheng went to the club again and directed Shayeen to decorate the dojo.

He had experienced the idea of martial arts communication, knowing that the martial arts dojo also attached great importance to the visual effect. So he required everyone to wear the uniform, and the decoration should also reflect elegance and refreshing feeling as much as possible

All this was to make the members of the Ironfist Club unite and feel a sense of belonging.

Everything at the club was improving steadily while Lin Sheng was worrying about the materials needed in the ritual.

At noon. Nice weather.

The faint fragrance of flowers blew in through the open window, accompanied by the shouts of children playing football outside.

Lin Sheng, holding a book in his hand, seemed to be studying seriously, but in fact, he was planning to go to the Sleigh Bar at night.

The Sleigh Bar, as Russell described it, was quite a special place. This bar did not seem to like strangers. The address was hidden in an extremely remote corner of the city.

Red Baboon was an arms dealer, but not the only one in the bar.

Russell went with his teacher, so maybe he did not feel much, but Lin Sheng could guess that anything could happen in places like this.

The current society was not the China he lived in his past life, the public security was not so reassuring. Therefore, he must prepare various plans in advance so that he would not be clueless and making wrong decisions in case of an unexpected situation.

Sitting on the sofa, Lin Sheng actually had a faint feeling of excitement and anticipation. He was just a translator of ancient languages in his previous life, which was extremely far away from such a life now.

The atmosphere of the Sleigh Bar reminded him of a similar pattern: the mercenary bar, the most common type of bar in those movies and novels.


Suddenly, the sound of turning the door lock interrupted his train of thought.

The door of the guest room slowly opened, and the cousin, who had been staying at home for several days, came out, looking pale.

She changed into a pink T-shirt and skinny jeans. Her slender legs and hips were clearly outlined in the skinny jeans.

Seeing Lin Sheng sitting on the sofa, she hesitated, and then squeezed out a smile and asked, “You’re studying?”

“Yes. Don’t you take a nap?” Lin Sheng put down the book and asked casually.

“Can’t sleep…” Wang Yue looked worried. “I’ll go down and do some shopping. I’ll be right back.”

She did not want to embarrass herself in front of her cousin. And she did not want to disturb his study either. She felt that she owed them a lot for her stay there.

Lin Sheng understood her feelings and did not ask too much. He just smiled at her and reminded, “Don’t forget your key.”

“Yeah, okay.” Wang Yue hurriedly nodded. She then opened the door and went downstairs to the nearby supermarket.

After the interruption, he was not in the mood to continue reading.

“Well, I should go to the club now.” He also wanted to ask Shayeen and the others if there was any way to get fresh deer blood.

He got up and dressed quickly. With his sword case on his back, Lin Sheng changed his shoes and opened the door.

The afternoon class was a self-study class, and the teacher did not care too much, so he did not have to be on time.

Instead of taking a bus, he hailed a taxi, and within 20 minutes, he was at the dojo of Ironfist Club.

The dojo had been upgraded.

In front of the gate of the dojo, two people were placing the stone sculpture of Star Jasmine Bird for decoration.

In Xilin, the status of Star Jasmine Bird was the same as the Chinese stone lion. Putting it in front of the gate could protect the building.

In front of the door stood two pitch-black stone birds. The dojo was painted white. The hall was solemn and spacious. The floor of the hall was covered with a huge tiger pattern in black slate. On the wall behind the front desk hung a pair of scrolls, with ‘tiger’ and ‘dragon’ written on it respectively.

Lin Sheng strode in with his hands behind his back.

A tall and thin student at the gate saw him and hurriedly bowed his head to greet him. “Good Afternoon, Master Lin!”

“Good afternoon.” Lin Sheng nodded slightly and strode into the main hall.

His position in the club was the chief martial arts coach while Russell was the club’s chief firearms instructor. So far, the club had only two coaches for all six students.

Arriving at the main entrance, the two girls at the front desk were both good looking and in good shape, enhancing the club’s façade image. After responding to the girls’ greetings, Lin Sheng went to the newly decorated back area.

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