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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 53: The Progress: Part 2

Chapter 53: The Progress: Part 2

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The club was divided into several sections. The swordsmanship area has just been renovated, and the other sections were still under construction. Obviously, Shayeen was really doing her best.

Lin Sheng soon saw Russell and Shayeen chatting in the financial office.

Russell was dressed in a black coaching suit that perfectly accentuates his muscular physique. He had a good foundation. After training with Lin Sheng for so long, his actual combat ability was at least several times better than at the beginning.

“You’re here, coach! We have challengers today!” said Russell.

“Who do they want to challenge? You or me?” Lin Sheng asked, grabbing a handful of melon seeds from the nut tray on the table

“Me!” Russell laughed. “Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass Ironfist Club! A lot of people have come here to challenge us in the past few days. Most of them were not experts so I rejected them.”

“Let me know if someone comes here looking for trouble.” Lin Sheng nodded.

“Got it.” Russell nodded. “By the way, I have a friend who is also interested in our training class, wanna come and see…”

“If your friend is strong enough, then let him join.” Lin Sheng said casually. He did not care if the club made money. He cared about other things.

“All right, I’ll call him back. My friend is good at jujitsu, which can make up for the gap in our field,” Russell said quickly.

“If you have the time, please come to the club as often as possible. I have a potential business for this club, which is similar to helping investment companies recover loans. If you like,” Shayeen said calmly,

“No.” Lin sheng shook his head. “The reputation of investment companies is not good, which is not in line with our original intention of starting a club.”

“Never mind that. There’s another one. Acting as a temporary patrol in the west port area, similar to the work of the special police. There are some vacancies because the department has been very understaffed recently,” Shayeen continued.

“This one is good. It helps to enhance the positive image of our club.” Lin Sheng nodded.

“Then I’ll do it!” Russell threw his fist and said. “I always wanted to be admitted to the police school, but my family wouldn’t let me in.”

“You? Police school?” Shayeen sneered.

“Eh? Looking down on me? I was…”


All of a sudden, there was a loud bang coming from the entrance, interrupting Russell.

Lin Sheng and Russell got up at once, quickly left the financial office and went to the main hall.

The burglar-proof door, which had just been installed, had fallen to the ground. A clear white footprint remained on the door. Rubble and cement powder scattered on the ground.

The two ladies at the front desk were so frightened that they turned pale and could not speak.

The two students who happened to be in the main hall were holding the wooden swords in their hands, trembling all over. Their eyes were fixed on a figure coming in at the entrance.

It was a teenager. A red-haired boy not older than eighteen.

If it was just a normal guy, maybe the onlookers wouldn’t be so scared. The key was the red-haired boy’s eyes.

Lin Sheng looked at the figure and was immediately attracted by the boy’s abnormal eyes.

The boy’s black pupils are much smaller than normal. From a distance, it looked like there are no pupils. It looked really scary.

“Who’s the boss here? Come out now!” With a strong Dinan accent, the boy walked into the hall with an arrogant look. Dinan was a slightly remote inland city in Anduin province. The local accent there was famous for its strong retroflex sounds.

Russell was furious and ready to rush out, but Lin sheng stopped him.

“I’ll handle it,” he said calmly.

Russell stopped, gnashing his teeth. Close combat was not his strength.

Lin Sheng took a step forward. “Who are you and what are you here for?”

The red-haired boy’s eyes quickly fell on Lin Sheng. “You’re the strongest here?”

Lin Sheng shook his head. “Not the strongest.”

The red-haired boy sneered and walked to the middle of the main hall. “This place is too noisy!”

He held up three fingers and said fiercely, “Three moves! If you can stop me, I’ll pay for the door outside, and I’ll give you $50000! If you can’t stop me…” He snorted and sneered. “You give me $50000!!”

Lin Sheng stared at the boy’s fingers and then turned to look at Shayeen.

Shayeen nodded. “Be careful. This guy can kick down the burglar-proof door. He must be very strong!”

Lin Sheng nodded.

Shayeen was in charge of finance. She nodded, which meant he did not have to worry about money.

He stood opposite the red-haired boy. “Go ahead.”

The red-haired boy sneered and stared at Lin Sheng for a while. Suddenly he stepped forward, grasping Lin Sheng’s shoulder with his right fist like an eagle claw.


His claw was extremely fast.

Lin Sheng took a step back to avoid his claw.

A flash of surprise flashed through the red-haired boy’s eyes. It was the first time he had met a peer who could avoid his hand so swiftly. He has been practicing hard since he was a child. Besides, his physique was different from ordinary people. It was rare that anyone could avoid his grasp.

“Watch my Talonbreak!”

The red-haired boy dashed to Lin Sheng. His hands clawed at Lin Sheng’s chest.

This move was called Soul Claw. It seems to be just an ordinary grasp, but in fact, there is hidden strength in the claws. Once caught, the mixed strength in it can break the bone of the opponent instantly.

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