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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 54: The Progress: Part 3

Chapter 54: The Progress: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Sheng was quite shocked.

The boy’s attack was very disciplined, forceful and speedy. If he was not careful enough, he could have been beaten.

Lin Sheng felt a slight pressure before his hand could get close, but he remained calm and turned his body again.


The red-haired boy’s hand swooshed through the air, quite frightening.

The second move!

The red-haired boy felt a little anxious. It was a situation he had never encountered. It used to take two moves to beat the opponent, but this guy is so quick. Two times in a row, Lin Sheng was able to react to his attack and avoid it ahead of time.

“The third move! I was showing you some mercy just now. Since you can’t see the difference between us, then don’t blame my merciless!” The red-haired boy was ferocious and his muscles began to quiver.

Lin Sheng smirked. “Mercy?” He lunged at the red-haired boy. His right hand went straight to the boy’s stomach like a sword.


The red-haired boy blocked it.


Lin Sheng hit the boy, causing him to stagger and wobble.


Lin Sheng appeared behind the boy, his palm swooshed and stopped at the back of the boy’s neck like a sword.

“Huh!!!??” The red-haired boy stood still, his mind blank. He could feel the sharp, menacing discomfort of being pointed at the back of his neck. No doubt that if Lin Sheng had not stopped, his fragile neck would have been immediately dislocated.

Lin Sheng slowly pulled back his hand. His forearm was beginning to swell with pain. The boy obviously did some hard work or something. He felt that if he hadn’t pulled his hand back, the boy’s neck might be fine, but his hand would surely break.

He had only been practicing the sword and learning to fight for a month. In the club, even Russell, who was not good at fighting, had been practicing for at least a few years. The red-haired boy may have been practicing for more than a few years. His postures were obviously set and structured, and apparently he had a lot of combat experience.

Lin Sheng might not have been able to defeat the boy if he hadn’t absorbed a lot of combat experience of the soldiers of Blackfeather City.

“I lost…” The red-haired boy lowered his head, looking gloomy. “But it’s because I was careless!” He looked up again and took a gold card from his pocket. “I’ll pay for the door! And I’ll transfer $100,000 to you! Let’s fight again!” He looked ferocious. Obviously he could not accept the fact that he had lost.

One hundred thousand dollars!? Lin Sheng was stunned by this number.

Shayeen and Russell, who were standing behind him, were also stunned for a moment. Just as they were about to speak, Lin Sheng stepped forward and replied, “Okay.”

Who said no to money?

Ten minutes later…

The red-haired boy walked slowly out of the club with his head down. He was just trying to get some pocket money… Unexpectedly, he did not earn the pocket money as planned, instead, he lost a lot.

Basically, he did not expect to encounter such a master in such a small place!

He always prides himself on being one of the best among his peers, and there were only a few who could compete with him. However, he was beaten twice in this place!

After the red-haired boy left, Lin Sheng, who just made some money, was in a good mood and took a taxi to the Sleigh Bar.

To his surprise, the Sleigh Bar did not open. Not only was the bar closed, but even the entire bar seemed to have been abandoned for a long time.

Losing the only channel, Lin Sheng had no choice but to go home.

The next day he came back to the club after school, and the red-haired boy was there again.

“I was in poor condition yesterday! Let’s fight again today! The loser must pay $100,000!!”

The result was obvious.

After losing twice in a row, the red-haired boy left the club in frustration.

Then day three, day four…

No matter how hard the redhead tried and how he changed his moves, Lin Sheng could easily win with his extremely strong instinctive reaction to threats.

He tried to use brute force, but the brute force was also easily avoided by Lin Sheng. His moves were very destructive, but his reaction was too slow.

But after a couple of days, the boy has improved a lot. He also found the root cause of his failure and began to improve his shortcomings rapidly. No longer sticking to old moves and always ready to change instead of relying too much on brute force.

Russell also challenged the redhead, but just after a few moves, he was slapped to the ground by the redhead. Under shame and anger, Russell began to train hard and practice all day to challenge the redhead.

Soon everyone got to know each other better.

Lin Sheng then learned that the red-haired boy, named Sarroux, was a native minority of Xilin. His father was temporarily transferred to work in Huaisha, so he came to live with him. He liked fighting, disliked studying, and played truant a lot, so he did not get along with his family.

Sarroux could get along well with Russell, the biggest reason was that he was very forthright!

This guy was very generous and not stingy at all. He did not mind spending all his money just to challenge Lin Sheng.

At first, Sarroux was only interested in challenging Lin Sheng. Russell then invited him into a gun range and show him the power of using both guns and martial arts in fights.

The two later had a try. Though Russell lost, he did surprise Sarroux with his skills.

As time went by, Lin Sheng invited Sarroux to join the club, and Sarroux agreed without hesitation. He would not leave until he had defeated Lin Sheng.

Shayeen and Russell also brought in several new members of the same age. Everyone was interested in martial arts. Slowly, more and more people joined Ironfist Club.

And Lin Sheng also found the fresh deer blood he had been looking for.

Outside Huaisha, in an old farmhouse.

Lin Sheng frowned at the brown-yellow doe moving around in the pigpen. The deer looked sick and listless, not sure how long it would live.

The boss of the farmhouse, Chen, stood beside him with a greasy smile on his face.

“Bro, the deer was caught on the mountain only a few days ago. If I put it on the market, I can sell it in minutes. But since you’re here today, I can sell you the deer at a discount. No one else can give you that price. Don’t even think about it!” Chen held out a finger and swore.

Lin Sheng did not understand the market. But that’s ok. Just cut the price!

“Five thousand, one price. And keep the deer here for the time being.”

“Five thousand? Bro, no way. This price at least.” Chen made a gesture of eight.

Lin Sheng shook his head.

After a period of bargaining, they finally settled on a price, six thousand.

Boss Chen continued to keep the deer for a while with the foster care fee of $50 a day.

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