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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 55: The Gain: Part 1

Chapter 55: The Gain: Part 1

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Lin Sheng had obtained a unit of deer blood, bringing it out of the farmhouse and going straight to the hospital without any delay.

Blue Cherry Blossom Private Children’s Hospital was the largest private hospital in Huaisha.

Lin Sheng got in a taxi and began to figure out where to hold the ritual.

“Certainly not in the city. If I get caught, I won’t be able to explain it. People would think I was doing some kind of cult ritual.” Lin Sheng leaned back against the car seat, closed his eyes and thought.

“This time I’ll just do it in the suburbs. Next time I can rent a house in the suburbs as a temporary base.” He remembered one place that suited him well. It was the place where he had used to wander when he was a boy.

Next, Lin Sheng calculated the cash in his hand.

He had not earned much money since he became the club’s coach. Instead, he made more than $300,000 from the bet with Sarroux.

It could be more, but Lin Sheng did not charge him the challenge fee after he joined the club. Poor Sarroux was grateful for it.

“Sarroux is very strong. If I didn’t have the defensive effect of Ashen Seal, I’d be no match for him. He’s almost pushed himself to the peak of his age.” Lin Sheng thought to himself.

More than a month ago, Lin Sheng was just an ordinary high school student. Now, he was essentially a tough swordsman who was used to fighting and hardening himself.

Level 2 warrior. This may seem just an ordinary level, but the power was far greater than most people can imagine.

“The warriors of the temple definitely have a combat system, they even have a test tower, so I’m sure I can find other combat materials. Guess I’ll have to look for a larger temple later.” Lin sheng thought, did not notice that he had arrived at the hospital.

“Is it here?” The taxi driver shouted.

Lin Sheng looked out the window to his right.

He saw a building of milky white columns covered with vines. The whole building looks like an ancient temple style, supported by stone columns. Above the gate hangs a gray, cloud-like board: Blue Cherry Blossom Private Children’s Hospital.

“Can’t imagine the huge profits they make.” Lin Sheng got out of the taxi and looked up at the hospital gate. How much did the decoration cost?

This hospital was famous for its high price and good service in Huaisha. It was said that one visit here would cost at least one thousand.

It had the best pediatric specialist, the best medical equipment, and the best medicine.

Lin Sheng stood at the gate, waiting silently.

In front of the hospital gate, expensive luxury cars kept going in and out.

Some of the ladies, dressed in expensive clothes, got out of the car with their children and walked into the hospital slowly. They did not look like bringing their children to see a doctor at all. They looked more like coming to a beauty salon.

Lin Sheng was still standing in front of the gate, feeling uncomfortable.

He noticed that not only did the security guards kept their eyes on him, but also most of the people who came and went were scanning him with a kind of inexplicable look on their faces.

It’s not a look of contempt. It’s more like they saw a staff member of a hospital and wanted to ask for directions and found that he didn’t look like a staff member here.

The inexplicable embarrassment left Lin Sheng speechless. But he had an appointment to meet someone right here, could not just walk away.

Twenty minutes had passed. It was getting late, and the lights were on all around the hospital.

Finally, a middle-aged man in a gray suit, carrying a black plastic bag, came in a hurry.

“Mr. Lin?”

“Err… Yes.”

“This is what you want. Just give the money to that person.” He shoved Lin Sheng the black plastic bag, then turned around and left.

Lin Sheng blinked and then immediately turned and left.

The handover took less than five seconds. Almost no one around noticed what happened here.

Carrying the black plastic bag, Lin Sheng quickly went home, took the schoolbag hidden under the bed, and quickly went out.

Then he took a taxi to an abandoned factory on the outskirts of Huaisha.

The factory was overgrown with weeds, and there was a pile of abandoned wooden boxes in one corner.

Lin Sheng walked around the factory for a while and soon came to a storeroom in the factory.

There was no light around, and he could smell a faint smell of urine.

Lin Sheng covered his nose and pushed open the storeroom door.

It was empty, almost the size of a school classroom.

There was a bonfire left on the dirty, greasy ground. In the corner was a simple wooden bench covered with gray and green mildew.

Lin Sheng glanced around the storeroom and quickly walked to a clean corner of the warehouse. Then he took out a piece of the folded plastic sheet from his schoolbag.

“Luckily, I expected this.” He unfolded the dark red plastic sheet and spread it on the floor. The plastic sheet was more than one meter wide and two meters long.

Lin Sheng then took out all the other materials in his schoolbag.

Silver powder, deer blood, and human blood are respectively placed in small bowls and pressed on the plastic sheet.

Soon, the storeroom filled with a faint smell of blood.

Lin Sheng was quick and skillful. He took out another pen, dipped it in some melted frozen human blood, and drew lines on the plastic. He had practiced many times for this moment.

About five minutes later, a blood ritual circle appeared on the plastic sheet.

There were a lot of intersecting lines in the circle, and the intersections of some lines were marked with twisted mysterious symbols.

None of these symbols were Ancient Rehn, and most were unknown characters that Lin Sheng could not understand at all.

He purposely left four blank spaces in the dense lines of the circle.

Lin Sheng mixed human blood, deer blood, and silver powder in a certain proportion, turning them into some kind of blood color slurry, and then poured the slurry into the blank of the circle.

Three disgusting dark red slurries fell on the dark red plastic sheet and seemed to blend into the color of the plastic sheet.

That’s what Lin Sheng wanted. If the color contrast was too big, it was easy to notice it from a distance, which was too risky.

“Last one, the redwood.” Lin Sheng took out a square gray block from his schoolbag.

This was the raw wood cube that he bought directly from a wood processing factory. It cost him more than $700 for just a small piece.

The price of redwood in Xilin was much higher than that of other woods because a lot of people made wood carvings out of it.

Having done all this, Lin Sheng stood in front of the circle.

It was getting late. No candles, no blood splashing onto the floor like what happened in a movie.

He just stood in front of the circle and began to chant slowly and deeply.

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