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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 56: The Gain: Part 2

Chapter 56: The Gain: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The faint moonlight came through the only window in the storeroom.

Lin Sheng stood alone in the dark, chanting in a strange rhythm smoothly and naturally as if he was singing a special musical piece in an unknown language.

The Initiator needs to be repeated over and over again, and in the standard ritual, it needs to be repeated nine times.

When Lin Sheng finished chanting, he didn’t find anything unusual, so he started to do it the second time, then the third time, and the fourth time…

He had practiced alone before, but nothing unusual happened. But now, as he stood in front of the circle, watching the three dark red masses gradually solidifying, he felt a vague and sleepy feeling welled up in his heart. His consciousness seemed a little confused.

His brain drifted into a state of half asleep and half awake, and his eyes, as the ritual required, remained fixed in the blank spaces in the middle of the circle. The blank spaces were now slowly twisting and turning.

Soon, in the center of the plastic sheet, a basin sized whirlpool was formed.

He suspected he was hallucinating, but the ceremony was halfway through and could not be stopped. Lin Sheng was still chanting the strange and mysterious Initiator.

In the inexplicable melody, the whirlpool in the middle of the circle gradually stabilized.

He managed to lift the bowl in his hand and pour the mixture of the three materials into the whirlpool in the middle of the circle.

The great mass of thick liquid seemed to fall to the water with a splash and disappeared in the middle of the circle.


Suddenly a faint sound came out of the whirlpool.

Lin Sheng stared at the whirlpool as a blurred human face slowly emerging from the surface of the whirlpool.

The face was like being covered by cloth, getting more and more clear and protruding. It seemed to want to break free from the whirlpool, open its mouth and shout.

At this moment, Lin Sheng struggled with all his strength and grabbed the redwood block and threw it into the whirlpool.

The block hit the face.


In an instant, Lin Sheng was stunned by the sudden roar.

Unable to support his limp body, he dropped to his knees, hands touching the greasy floor.

Vaguely, he seemed to feel a myriad of noises echoing in his ear. The voices, like hallucinations, interwove and mingled until they become whispers.

The soft, seductive whisper kept whispering in Lin Sheng’s ear as if telling him some evil knowledge.

After a while…

In the moonlight, Lin Sheng shook his head vigorously. He felt cold all over, and his face was wet.

He wiped it away and looked at it in the moonlight.

“Blood… ?!” Lin Sheng was startled.

He got up slowly and quickly examined his face.

There were blood clots in his ears, nostrils, mouth, and eyes.

Lin Sheng quickly peeled off the blood clots and rubbed off the residual blood.

“So… I did it?”

He recalled the process, and it was so nightmarish that he could not recall what had been whispered in his ear.

All he knew was that he was cold. And there seemed to be some subtle change going on in his body.

There seemed to be a chill in the space between his chest and stomach. It was like an ice cube, releasing a constant stream of chillness into the depths of the internal organs.

Strangely, the chill did not pierce to the bone. It was not too hard to endure.

In a moment, the chill was gone. It felt like it all went into his body.

“That’s it?”

Lin Sheng stretched out his hand and looked at it. His body seemed to be the same as before. Just a little lighter. His muscles trembled as he tried to clench his fists.

“The Sacred Blood… Burning…” Suddenly, some words came out of his mouth unexpectedly.

Deep in the skin, it felt like something was slowly burning.

An inexplicable huge force seemed to be born out of nothing, spreading rapidly from Lin sheng’s heart.

Power, an endless stream of power, gushed into Lin Sheng’s body.

In the moonlight, spots of blood began to appear all over his skin.

Lin Sheng covered his heart. Suddenly he tore open his collar.

In the middle of his bare chest, a mass of dark purple veins clearly protruded from the skin like a spider’s web crawling across his chest.


Lin Sheng gnashes his teeth and reached out to touch the dark purple veins.

It was like a second heart growing on the surface of his skin. The icy cold veins were still pulsing.

“Damn it! What have I done?”

Lin Sheng loosened his collar and punched the wall.


The entire storeroom was shaking as if it had been smashed by some heavy object.

He looked at the wall in the moonlight. A fist-sized hole was visible on the wall.

“My strength has grown so much! ?” Lin Sheng raised his hands in disbelief and examined them carefully.

He knew from the fragments of Annie’s memory that the ritual was extremely evil. The stronger the spiritual will of the host, the stronger the power he would gain.

And the ritual, for some reason, could only be used once.

But he did not expect that the ritual was successful, and he also acquired such strong power!

Lin Sheng just wanted to try it to see if the knowledge gained in the dream work in the real world.

But now…

“It works!”

He looked at the plastic sheet on the floor. The moonlight on his face reflected his ferocious face, especially the protruding dark purple muscle between his eyebrows.

There was a big round hole in the middle of the plastic sheet on the ground. The blood mixture had disappeared, and the only remaining one was the celadon round bowl.

“The redwood is gone?”

Lin Sheng squatted down and rolled up the plastic sheet.

He could feel that his strength and explosive power were far beyond his normal state.

And not just power. His mind was calmer and clearer than usual. It felt like he would not be affected by any emotion in this state.

With this form in place, Lin Sheng wanted to see how long the ability will last. He did not believe that this power could last forever.

According to the person who taught Annie the ritual, in the successful ritual, the spiritual will of the host would attract some unknown evil spirit.

The evil spirit would then exchange and transmit a special ability to the host according to the materials and sacrifices prepared by the host and part of the mental power of the host.

As for what abilities one would acquire, it’s random.

After all, Different people summoned different evil spirits. And the ability that evil spirits were willing to transmit was not the same.

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