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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 57: The Gain: Part 3

Chapter 57: The Gain: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Standing in the storeroom, after nearly a hundred heartbeats, Lin Sheng suddenly felt all his strength rapidly withdrawing into his heart like a balloon contracting.

The dark purple veins between his eyebrows and in his chest faded and smoothed out, hiding under his skin. His clothes and trousers were also slightly looser now.

“It also seems to expand muscles…” Lin Sheng guessed.

Then, suddenly, a strong feeling of weakness came over him, spreading like an electric shock. Lin Sheng almost fainted.

“I knew it… The principle of conservation of energy. This kind of explosive power must have come from me!”

Lin Sheng held on to the wall with one hand, feeling everything was spinning around.

He felt lucky that the evil spirit he had summoned was not picky about what it ate and did not care if the blood clotted a bit, or he would not have succeeded this time.

About this power, he had a vague feeling that this explosive power might be produced by burning the blood in his body. Where else would that power come from?

The evil spirit would never be so kind and provide charging services for those who used the power for free.

Lin Sheng rested against the wall for a while. “What an experience…” He recalled the ritual.

That dark red face that struggling to free itself had shattered his materialistic worldview of more than 40 years in an instant.

“No, maybe what I saw was just an illusion.” Lin Sheng shook his head. “It’s possible to see anything weird in a state of hallucination.”

He carefully picked up the plastic sheet, wrapped the bowl, carried his schoolbag, and clean up the remaining traces. Finally, he staggered out of the abandoned factory.

Now he tasted the pain and trouble brought by the ritual, especially after testing the new power he gained. Lin Sheng was totally weak from head to foot up to now.


Wang Yue was watching TV with Lin Sheng’s mother while father was doing something in the study.

Lin Sheng opened the door and came in. His pale, bloodless face startled them.

“Why do you look so pale?” Gu Wanqiu quickly stood up and helped Lin Sheng to sit on the sofa slowly.

Wang Yue poured a glass of water and put it on the tea table in front of Lin Sheng with a worried face.

Lin Sheng thanked her and picked up the glass of water, sipping.

Then, Lin Zhounian heard the noise and came out of the study. He was also startled as he saw his son’s pale face.

“You look so pale! Is there something wrong? You need to go to the hospital!” He said, putting his hand on Lin Sheng’s forehead.

“No fever. Just sweating.” Lin Zhounian guessed.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry, I’m ok, maybe just tired… I didn’t sleep well these few days, and I was busy studying during the day. I didn’t have a good rest, so it’s normal that I don’t look well.”

Lin Sheng found an all-purpose excuse — he didn’t sleep well.

But Lin Zhounian insisted on taking him to the hospital.

Lin Sheng could not refuse, so his father rushed him to the nearest hospital for emergency treatment.

After one round of examination, which cost more than $800, nothing was found except anemia and insufficient rest.

Lin Zhounian did not mind the extra expense. He breathed a sigh of relief and returned home with Lin Sheng.

Gu Wanqiu quickly went to the kitchen to make brown sugar eggs. Lin Sheng ate two bowls at a stretch. Then he soaked his feet in hot water and went back to his room to rest.

He felt lucky that he had disposed of the plastic sheet and bowls before he went home. Otherwise, his family would find out.

He’s going to get rid of all his clothes tomorrow. Who knew if the evil spirit he had summoned would leave anything on his clothes. He would be in trouble if the evil spirit followed him home. He had not thought of that before.

Thinking of this, Lin Sheng immediately took a bath and changed his clothes. Then he found a plastic bag to pack his clothes, tied the plastic bag tightly, put it in his bedroom, and then going to burn them tomorrow.

After that, he dried his hair and lay down on the bed.

In fact, he agreed to go to the hospital for a check-up. After all, he did not know whether performing this ritual in real life would bring any hidden danger to the body.

He knew from memory that the ritual could enhance power, and then he used it without thinking about the consequences.

The good news, for now, was that reality did not seem to differ much from the records in the memory.

Lying on the bed, Lin Sheng was exhausted and extremely tired. He fell into a deep sleep as soon as he lay down.

To his surprise, he did not enter his dream.

Why could he not enter the dream realm? Lin Sheng found it strange.

*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

A rhythmic alarm bell roused him from his slumber.

Turning off the alarm, Lin Sheng propped himself up from the bed and looked out the bedroom window.

There was nothing outside the window. It seemed to be dawn at the moment, and it was dim outside.


All of a sudden, a pale face with an eerie smile hit the window.

A man with messy hair, dressed in white, was pressing his face against the bedroom window, rolling his bloodshot eyes and looking at Lin Sheng with a smile.

*Click! Click! Click!*

Before Lin Sheng could react, the man lowered his head and started to frantically pick the iron lock hanging on the window, trying to get in.

Lin Sheng was about to get up, but all of a sudden…


There was also a loud bang from the door.

*Click! Click! Click!*

It seemed as if someone was trying to force open the door with something in a mad way, and the door could be opened at any moment.

“Damn it!” Lin Sheng quickly turned over and got out of bed, but he was too weak to even stand up.

He tried to walk to the wall to take the sword case

However, as soon as he took a step, he felt like everything was spinning around and he was not able to balance.

Lying in bed, he saw that the window and the door were opened. And the next second, two white figures lunged at him.

A great sense of crisis welled up in his mind. But before he knew it, a light flashed before his eyes. A dark red, swirling light.

Even when he closed his eyes, he felt the light right before his eyes.

The sense of crisis quickly subsided.

After a while, Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes again.

He was still lying on his bed, covered with a thin blanket. The windows and the door were shut, while the sky was bright and sunny.

A sense of security that Lin Sheng had never felt before suddenly gushed from the bottom of his heart.

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