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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 60: The Strength: Part 3

Chapter 60: The Strength: Part 3

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Soon, Shayeen got the address of Du Feng Finance and the phone number of the person in charge.

“The person in charge is called Du Haidong. He used to be a car mechanic. He has millions of assets and no partner, so he has an exclusive stake,” Shayeen explained. “The company’s address is No. 134, Elm Wood Street in Blackwater District, next to the old furniture market.”

“Did you ask him to release the girl?” Russell asked, picking his nose.

“I did, but he said the girl owes them $100,000, and they won’t let her go until they get the money.”

“One hundred thousand dollars? Why doesn’t he just rob someone?” Madillan slammed the table.

“It’s okay, I’ll go myself.” Lin Sheng frowned.

“Don’t rush! They have firearms licenses. And more than one!” Shayeen hurriedly dissuaded him. “Trust us, we’ll take care of this.”

“I ask my uncle for help!” Madillan reached for the phone, walked out the door and began to dial.

A moment later he entered again.

“Is this Du Haidong very powerful? He doesn’t even respect my uncle. He gave in, but he asked for $50,000.”

Lin Sheng was about to speak but Russell hurriedly dissuade. “You can’t go. They have guns, and more than one. What can you do? Would you kill them all? This kind of people, unless you kill them all, they won’t let you go easily.”

“Yes, don’t go! Not worth it!” Shayeen agreed.

Lin Sheng could only accept their advice.

Indeed, Xilin was a society ruled by law. If they hold a grudge against him, he would be in trouble unless he actually killed them all. But once he killed a man, he would become a murderer and have to face the punishment of the law. Then he would have to hide, and he could never go home…

As Shayeen said, it’s not worth it.

Besides, he couldn’t beat the speed of a bullet.

Shayeen, Russell, and Madillan tried to use their contacts to negotiate with Du Haidong, but he completely ignored them. If it had been their parents, the outcome might have been different.

“This is one tough guy!” Russell was furious.

“It’s okay, I’ll go myself,” Lin Sheng said. He must bring his cousin back. It’s not safe for a pretty girl to be held there.

“What’s the matter?” Two more people happened to enter the practice room.

One was a tall young man with a bald head, a strong figure, and ruddy skin. The other young man was tall, handsome, and wearing lots of tinkling metal.

Of the two people, baldheaded was called Chris, another teenager was called Chen Yuanyang. They just joined the club.

“Are you still applying ointment?” Chris laughed at Russell.

“Nonsense! I’m busy!” Russell yelled, stamping his foot.

“What’s up? You guys look distressed,” asked Chris.

Russell quickly told them what had happened.

“I have some friends. Their family is also in this business. I’ll ask them for help.”

Chris touched his bald head and then went out to make a phone call. Chen Yuanyang blinked. Knowing that Lin Sheng ran into trouble, he immediately volunteered to help as well.

Neither of them had a family background that was as powerful as Russel, Madillan or Shayeen. They were here because they were interested in combat.

When the members knew about Lin Sheng’s difficulties, they all joined in to help.

Half an hour later…

“Your cousin has gone home. And they gave her $5000 as an apology.” Shayeen put down the phone and told Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng was speechless. For the first time, he understood the power of networking.

There were more than ten members in the club now, and only eleven of them made the call today. And it was they who made a bunch of tough guys give in.

Lin Sheng was well aware that, they did not have the family background that’s as strong and powerful as Russell, Madillan, and Shayeen.

Each of them could only play a small role on their own, and Du Haidong would not care about the little trouble they caused. But when the little troubles added up… It forced these greedy bastards with guns to give in…

Lin Sheng was there, and he heard clearly that the members were only using their own connections.

Chris contacted a buddy who was a team leader in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Chen Yuanyang’s best friend’s sister was the head of the fire department. Another member had a girlfriend who worked in the tax department.

These young people were not powerful individually, but they were not afraid because they had some sort of connection.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about helping, it’s more about competing with each other to see who had the best resource and ability.

Lin Sheng was aware of this, too.

When these subtle forces came together, they could actually force a tough lending company to give in.

Lin Sheng was quite shocked, so did the three of them. Others were even almost moved to tears.

Shayeen put down the phone and fell silent.

They were just teenagers. The oldest in the whole club was only nineteen. They were at least three years away from actually entering society. They were, so to speak, just a group of kids.

Ring… Ring…

Suddenly Madilan’s cell phone rang. He quickly picked up the phone. After answering the phone, he fell silent for a while.

“It was my mother. She told us not to worry…”

There was silence.

“Did they really let the girl go?” Russell whispered.

Shayeen nodded. “And gave her $5,000…”

Russell was at a loss for words.

“So… we did it all by ourselves?” muttered Russell.

Lin Sheng patted him on the shoulder. His eyes swept through everyone in the room.

“Now, who dares to say we are just kids?” Lin Sheng smiled. “As long as we unite, even adults can’t underestimate our strength! Of course, I’m not as influential as you, but it doesn’t matter. I’m the one who fights, and you’re the one who makes the difference!”

There was silence again.

Everyone’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

“I suddenly feel so awesome!!” Russell suddenly stepped forward and held out his hand.


Madillan followed, placing his palm on Russell’s.

Followed by Shayeen, Chris, Chen Yuanyang…

And finally, Lin Sheng.

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