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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 80: Cohesion: Part 2

Chapter 80: Cohesion: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Sheng had sharply sensed his dad’s real target: the second-year, female high school student, Wu Manwen. So, he briefly sized her up while they were in the midst of introductions.

The girl had long hair, which cascaded down her shoulders. She was wearing a brown jacket on the outside and a simple white tube top on the inside along with a pair of prewashed jeans over her long slender legs and sneakers. Her attire was not cheap by the looks of it. Her face appeared exquisite with makeup, and she also had on purple contact lenses in her big, shiny eyes as well as silver earrings that were as large as eggs. Her flat chest aside, Lin Sheng would rate her an eight over ten.

He then shifted his glance to the boy, Wu Zong. Wearing a silver BB cap, loose T-shirt, ankle jeans, and some silver rings with skulls as decoration on his fingers, the teen was dressed like a little ruffian. However, the impatient look on his young-scholar face did not impress at all.

Wu Manwen and Wu Zong were also assessing Lin Sheng while he was sizing them up. Already a dab hand at makeup since little, Wu Manwen was one of the hottest girls in her school, where boys fell over backward to please and impress her. However, coming from a rather well-to-do family, she was not interested in any Tom, Dick, and Harry. In terms of looks, Lin Sheng was passable. But what she frowned upon was how he dressed.

Lin Sheng rarely decked out like this. It was overly formal and mismatched, definitely looking not right. She swept her eyes over Lin Sheng’s dad; by how he dressed and spoke, Wu Manwen quickly made an opinion of how well to do, or rather poor, this family was. She gnawed the chewing gum in her mouth and rolled her eyes in disdain, not wanting to talk anymore.

Her dad did not ask anyone to meet him when he came over, but the poor father and son had come unsolicited. And they did not decline the invitation out of courtesy. Just this alone, she had enough reason to despise them.

After the pleasantry, Lin Sheng and Lin Zhounian helped the family of four carry their luggage and left the bus terminal.

Lin Sheng had roughly figured out what was in his dad’s mind. Lin Zhounian was overzealous in Wu Manwen, complementing her elegance, beauty, and academic performance before turning around and euphemistically praised his own son. It was the most embarrassing moment in Lin Sheng’s life.

Listening to the odd conversation and feeling something was wrong, Wu Deshan’s broad smile had collapsed into half-smile. It was not that he looked down upon Lin Sheng. Instead, it was quite the opposite. He had a damn good impression on this peacefully self-assured young man. But the thing was, it was not quite the right time, as both his daughter and Lin Sheng were still too young to talk about relationships. There was no rush for it.

With Lin Zhounina playing host, both families came to a restaurant beside the hotel and had a lavish seafood feast. Lin Sheng was seated next to Wu Manwen. While the adults were merrily chatting, Wu Zong yawned continuously, and Wu Manwen fiddled with her fingers.

“Sheng Sheng, why not share your stories about life in the third year of high school with the juniors?” Lin Zhounian shot a glance at his son.

Lin Sheng looked on helplessly. Apparently, Lin Zhounian’s suggestion was not well received. While Wu Deshan’s reaction was better, his wife appeared a little impatient.

“There’s not much to talk about,” Lin Sheng casually said with a smile, “except that life in the third year is more tiresome and busier that in the second year.”

“Where do you live? Maybe we can meet up later in the day for dinner, my treat.” Wu Deshan smiled.

“Huilian Neighborhood, right in the Blackwater district,” replied Lin Zhaonian sheepishly.

“Huilian Neighborhood? How much is the value of the houses there? Is it a seaside city or a seaport? I’m sure the houses there fetch a high price.” The woman began to poke into their family background.

“About four thousand yuan,” replied Lin Zhounian candidly.

“Four thousand isn’t bad for a place like that.” The woman’s expression became even haughtier than before.

Wu Deshan quickly stared down his wife and then looked at Lin Sheng. “Sheng Sheng, how is your study? Do you manage? You look like you have done well. Perhaps you could share a little of your experience with them.”

Lin Sheng smiled and just when he was about to say something, Wu Manwen sitting next to him suddenly raised to her feet. “Dad and mom, I’m going out to get some fresh air.” It was a waste of her time sitting there. She thought her dad should have simply made up an excuse to send away the father and son instead of entertaining them. It was not that this father and son did not know they had been traveling the whole day and were drained. It was very annoying with them lingering on. Not waiting for Wu Deshan to respond, she excused herself and walked out of the private dining room.

“Uncle Wu, you all must be exhausted after a long day. If you’d allow, we should leave it to yourselves. We can still talk until next time we meet,” said Lin Sheng calmly, despite Wu Manwen’s abrupt walkout.

“Lin, your son is so much more thoughtful than my two children!” Wu Deshan sighed. “I’m sorry, Lin. Wen Wen is too spoilt.” Wen Wen was Wu Manwen’s nickname at home. Earlier, just when his face turned stern and was about to chide his daughter for her rudeness, Lin Sheng’s words came, and he could not help looking at Lin Sheng with a pleasant surprise.

As obtuse as Lin Zhounian was, he already sensed that they were being looked down upon. But running a grocery store all these years had trained him to not display his emotions on his face although he felt a little offended. “It’s okay, she is still young. Who has not gone through the same things at this age?” he said, dismissing the concern. The meeting ended in an awkward atmosphere. There went an expensive seafood feast.

Lin Zhounian and Lin Sheng left before the family of four. Walking on the sidewalk along the main street, both the father and son were silent. Lin Zhounian did not drive today. Even if he did, his ride was only a trishaw that he used to transport goods, and he would be too embarrassed for it.

“I’m sorry, son.” Lin Zhounian suddenly patted on Lin Sheng’s shoulder.

“I’m fine, dad,” Lin Sheng replied with a smile. “But wouldn’t it too early to talk about this thing? I mean—”

“Not at all. Even your elder sister has a boyfriend now.” Lin Zhounian sighed.

“What? When was it?” Lin Sheng was transfixed for a while.

“She told us just not long ago. The guy seems to be a good chap, well mannered on the phone and allegedly doing well in his study. But what’s more important is that he treats your sister well.” Lin Zhounian shook his head. “Well, maybe I’m the one who cannot wait.”

“I’m only in high school, dad. My biggest task is to study.”

“That’s pretty self-conscious of you.” Lin Zhounian could not hold back his smile.

“Because I know what I want in life.” Lin Sheng smiled.

The father and son chatted along the way, and before they knew it, they had almost reached home. Lin Zhounian had to open his shop for today, so they parted way at the gate of the residential neighborhood. Lin Sheng watched as his dad left. The little drama about Wu Manwen and her family was only a small episode. He would not lose his composure just because of some random people and events. There were so many more things to worry about in life than harping on the slightest annoyance. He did not want these things to get in his way affecting his mediations.

It was Saturday, where he was supposed to check out the progress of the Ironfist Society. He dug up the money and stuffed them in a large briefcase, counted ¥860,000 in total, never mind the small change. He would not use this money in Huaisha because he had another plan in mind.

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