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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 83: Encounter: Part 2

Chapter 83: Encounter: Part 2

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Over on the platform, the one-eyed man quickly shook hands with a few Xilin military officers that rushed over.

Lin Sheng noticed that even when the one-eyed man was shaking hands, there was a hidden smirk in his mouth, as he was on home ground.

And the officer facing him looked tense as if he was under some sort of immense pressure.

The soldiers too were tensed, as they were ready to take aim and fire at any time.

“So many people fearing just one person?” Lin Sheng was curious.

The train soon stopped, but the broadcast system soon rang out to get the passengers to wait for a little, due to emergency military protocol taking effect, they had to allow the army to pass through first.

Some of the passengers started grumbling, no one liked being held back and not being able to disembark for no reason.

Lin Sheng instead planned to close his eyes to meditate as a way to pass time.

“Excuse me, make way please. I need to go to the toilet.”

Two men in black, one tall all short came from the back of the carriage. The two were asking for passengers to make way, and their destination was the toilet where the trains connected.

But just as the two passed by Lin Sheng, he felt something was off.

They may look like they are bowing down but Lin Sheng could tell that they back was straight all the while.

As they two passed by, another person was pushing his way forward.

“Excuse me, I need to use the toilet!”

And the voice of the man coming forward was familiar to Lin Sheng.

He turned around and looked.

The man was large and muscular as he wore a yellow leather jacket with the chest open, exposing the silver cross hanging on his neck.

In his mouth was an unlit cigarette, while his crew cut hair spiked up straight.

Lin Sheng felt a weird familiarity and turned his head slightly sideways to measure the person.

As he focused, his eyes sank.

The man quickly made it past him forward.

Lin Sheng demurred as he picked up his black case on top of his leather box and gave a quiet hand motion to the man and lady sitting opposite him,


A smile appeared on his face as their gaze turned into a stupor. He slowly opened the case and pulled out a black short sword out of it.


The blade was unsheathed, exposing its deadly and chilling edge.


A sudden gunshot was heard from the front side of the train.

Lin Sheng got up and walked straight towards the man; his footsteps were getting quicker but his motion was smoother and lighter than ever.

The man in front was looking towards the window outside, as a menacing smile appeared on his face. His right hand was just about to pull down to his waist, as the silhouette of a handgun could be seen there.

“For the glory of Xilin! Kill them!”

A deafening roar thundered from outside.

The man quickened his pace as he pulled out the black handgun from his waist and aimed it towards the two Xilin military officers passing outside.


Lin Sheng darted forward, using his momentum to power his thrust and slammed it against the man’s metal gauntlet.

The tip of the sword skidded off the gauntlet’s smooth surface and sliced through the outer part of the man’s right leg.

And a squirt of blood spurted out.

The man’s aim was thrown off as well. With a grunt, he turned with a roundhouse kick, his sole aimed towards Lin Sheng’s head.

Lin Sheng raised his hands to block the strike. A grunt later, before he counteracted, however, he saw the man throw himself out of the window and onto the tracks.

He wanted to give chase but thought better of it as he returned to his seat and picked up his leather suitcase.

The man and lady looked in a daze at him, having no idea what had just happened.

The passengers within the carriage turned silent, awfully silent before chaos erupted as screams and shouts turned into a cacophony of fear.

Very quickly the carriage door was opened by the fearful station staff and the passengers flooded out of the carriage to escape to safety.

Lin Sheng smiled at the people sitting facing him as he kept his sword and went out of the train with the human flow.

Over on the platform, there were two dead bodies, and at the staircase not too far away, the one-eyed Redwinian officer was being surrounded by two strong men armed with combat knives and handguns.

The three moved surprisingly fast and strong as they traded blows like a raging tempest.

The soldiers had no time trying to calm the crowd down as they focused on trying to take down the assassins.

Lin Sheng easily made his way out of the platform. But what he did not expect however, just as he got out of the platform, a figure in a gray windbreaker appeared in his vision some ten-odd meters away rushing towards somewhere.

With a smirk on his mouth, he picked up his case as he quickly followed behind.

The man was slightly limping and there was a scent on blood on him. While he may have changed, Lin Sheng could still easily recognize him based on the tracking techniques in his mind.

This was clearly the same delusional man that had tried to kill him before.

And after unexpectedly meeting him in the train, and noticing that he had a firearm with him. Lin Sheng decided to ambush him.

To him, there’s only victory or defeat in combat, honor be damned when it came to life and death.

Now if the ambush was successful, and that they were to meet again, that meant it was right for the person to die by his hands.

The two quickly left the train station in tow as they entered an alley beside a large hotel.

Lin Sheng looked at the CCTV and stopped.

Ninghai City was different from Huaisha City, and while the place was not particularly developed or wealthy, it was still the capital of Anduin province. While the number of cameras may not be a lot, but it will still be present at important places.

After some thought, he decided to look for a public phone and quickly dialed 123 for the police.

“Hello, is it the police? I was one of the passengers who had just disembarked and I saw the shooting on the train. The criminal looked like… and the last place he appeared was ….”

Lin Sheng quickly described the looks and details of that assassin.

“I think that person may be an assassin. And he must have some plans appearing here. I saw him pulling his gun out, and out of panic I ran over and rammed into him, stopping whatever he was planning.

I’m a combat sports trainer after all, and I’m well versed with bladed weapons like a sword, so I’m not totally defenseless.

Yes yes, no one would standby looking at that situation! Yes… Yes… the situation at the station is much more critical.

A written record? No need, no need, you don’t have to thank me. We should always cooperate with the authorities against such unlawful persons!”

He then cut the line and left the place.

This call, during normal times would have been taken for a joke.

But now, with the chaos at the train station, the police would not let any possible clues pass them by.


Lin Sheng smirked and turned away.

That person had tried to murder him once, and this was revenge.

And the assassin had not seen his face since the beginning, and Lin Sheng reckoned that he would not have any idea who was the one that got him into trouble.

Lin Sheng did not linger any longer and simply hailed a car to head to Jiuhe district.

The place was about ten kilometers away from Huaisha City, and if he was to use the money he had gotten here, he probably would not attract the attention of the White Tarots.

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