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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 84: Encounter: Part 3

Chapter 84: Encounter: Part 3

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Lin Sheng went into a hotel and booked a room before buying a new gray tracksuit and changed his persona while putting a hat on.

He then bought the cash into a gold shop and went about until evening to exchange part of the money in his suitcase into gold, silver powder and some other materials before depositing another part into his bank.

As he placed the suitcase filled with materials into the hotel, he then went to his destination.

The Zhongning Gang that Seahawk Roland was with, was the third strongest faction in Ninghai City.

And from Sarroux, he learned that the gang’s headquarters was at Jiuhe district.

Only until when he arrived at the HQ of the Zhongning gang did Lin Sheng realized that the gang was not just a mere gang.

while Seahawk Roland may have been a senior figure who was already past his peak, he only maintained his position by relying on his disciples.

The HQ of the gang was a nine-story building with a huge “Karsman Fitness Center” sign hanging in front of it.

Lin Sheng carried his short sword into the building and a receptionist greeted him warmly.

“Bro, are you here for the gym? We have an ongoing promotion right now for the year’s end. Don’t you worry, we are one of Ninghai City’s two largest fitness center and we have everything here.”

“I heard that Mr. Seahawk Roland conducts classes here, is that true?” Lin Sheng could not be bothered with the platitudes and went straight into the question.

“Mr. Roland’s class is only once a week, but unfortunately his class this week was yesterday. I’m afraid you need to wait for next week for another class.” The receptionist responded.

“If you are interested in our combat classes, you can register as a member first. We have special promotions for members, and you will be able to choose your preferred trainer for personal training…”

Lin Sheng frowned slightly, that person was actually not here.

“Then who’s the strongest fighter you have there? Since you are the best fitness center in Ninghai City, I suppose your combat sports classes aren’t half bad, right?”

“That’s natural. Our coaches here have their own strengths. I think when you asked for the strongest, that question itself is problematic, all of the trainers here…”

“Let’s cut to the chase, money is not a problem, as long as you can find a trainer that I’m satisfied with.” Lin Sheng said flatly.

The receptionist brightened as he heard that, and arranged for Lin Sheng to rest at the VIP lounge while he went to look for the trainers.

And soon, one muscular hulk of a man wearing a white singlet came over with the receptionist leading the way.

“Good day.” He held his hand out. “I’m Trainer Hu, Hu Zhen. My specialty is boxing.”

Lin Sheng shook his hands.

“Then can I give it try? I’ve trained a little before.”

“No problem.” Hu Zhen said with confidence as he led Lin Sheng out of the lounge and into the training room beside.

Lin Sheng took off his jacket as he looked at the former putting on his boxing gloves.

“My criteria is simple, as long as you can beat me, that’ll do.” Lin Sheng said.

“As for the payment, that’s not a problem. What I want is an improvement.”

Huo Zhen felt something was not right with that.

A few guests who had come over to look were even more intrigued when they heard that.

“Wow, someone’s up for a fight.” Someone let out a hushed snort.

“Then come.” Hu Zhen felt something off, as he quickly adjusted his pose and stared Lin Sheng.

He had been training hard as a boxer for six long years now, and he had won at least a dozen fights, big or small. Given his experience, the moment he got serious, his entire persona changed.

“Hah!” He roared as he took a few quick steps forward and shot out a straight jab at Lin Sheng’s nose.


The jab was much faster than normal people, and it was accurate too. It was clear that Hu Zhen had a good grasp on the techniques of boxing.

And this jab, was so fast that it was his best jab for a while.

The crowd spectating the fight did not expect him to pull out a punch that quick and their eyes opened wide in anticipation.

Hu Zhen was common fixture in this center, and many guests had received his melee combat defense training.

And when they saw that jab, they knew it in their hearts it was a beautiful one.

In Xilin’s boxing technique, the shortest and quickest jab was this piercing fist aimed at the opponent’s nose. If the hit connects, it was usually an instant knock out.

Plus, this technique was very useful in close-quarter fighting, firstly due to most preferring to use their legs due to its advantage in length. Secondly was due to it being a jab, it relied only on the strength of the arm, while it was fast, it lacked strength.

And most would not have chosen this move to knock one’s opponent out right away.

But Hu Zhen not only used it, and he had used that standard piercing fist right out of the bat.


Just as Hu Zhen’s arm shuddered and his fist stopped, he was stunned as he looked at Lin Sheng facing him.

His fist missed right at the very last second.

Just when he thought he might connect, Lin Sheng tilted his hand and easily avoided the strike.


Lin Sheng right hand hooked up and smashed against Hu Zhen’s face like a thunderbolt. The hook connected with the latter in the ear.

Hu Zhen staggered backwards as his head buzzed. He then retreated to the wall and could not move for a good while.”

“Are you guys f*cking with me?”

Before anyone in the gym could get mad, Lin Sheng roared in outrage.

“I told you, money isn’t a problem. What I want are pros!”

And two people came into the room and quickly helped Hu Zhen up as a person in a suit, seemingly the manager walked in and whispered to a few staff for a bit.

And soon, a half-naked man in black shorts walked in.

The man had a white lion tattoo on his body while his arms had two black skull tattoos. His build was muscular and his body oiled.

The man heard what the manager had to say, and looked at the gym customers.

He then made his way to Lin Sheng.

“It was you who was looking for Master Roland?”

“Yes.” Lin Sheng measured the person and realized that this person was on a totally different level than Hu Zhen.

The man was muscular all over, and his skin was firm as he had all sorts of scars on his body; seemingly a veteran brawler.

And the most eye-catching was a knife scar on his right shoulder, snaking around like a centipede.

“You want to meet the master, sure!” The man sneered. “Beat me, and I’ll take you there!”


The two fists met as they struck at the same time.

And what surprised Lin Sheng was that the person was the same as Sarroux and had trained to harden his body.

When his fist connected, it felt like as if he was punching a solid chunk of cowhide.

And what surprised him even more was the man quickly took a step back and pointed at him before roaring.

“This b*stard is here to cause trouble, get him!”

And a ruckus later, a few goons armed with fruit knives came charging through the entrance and started slashing at him.

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