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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 89: Preparation: Part 2

Chapter 89: Preparation: Part 2

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He then flipped through the details again.

Lin Sheng folded the pages that contained the diagram, the activation chant, materials, and notes and planned to write them down to his notes once he wakes up.

What he regretted was that some parts of the diagram’s notes had slightly blurred away.

“This sort of blurriness, I’m not sure if it can be restored, what actually caused it?” Lin Sheng closed the book and sighed.

“All this knowledge… All these rituals are usable and are real. And if the knowledge is real, then did it exist before in this dream that I had entered?”

He recalled that phrase he saw in Blackfeather City.

“The entirety of Blackfeather City would be dragged into the dream.”

“What if all of these dreams are real? Then I’m…”

Lin Sheng turned silent.

He started wondering if he had found the so-called rifts in the dream and had gone into Blackfeather City by accident.

“Ah, screw that. Let’s deal with it as it comes. I have too little information with me now, not possible to theorize anything.”

He then stood up and placed the book onto the bed as he continued to search the book rack.

After segregating the books that had totally faded away, Lin Sheng still managed to pull out six books that could be read.

One was about the history of Snowgale Fortress. Two about the structure of souls, while another was talking about how to create a harp called the Bloodazure. The last two books were an introduction and advance primer to Deviltongue,

Lin Sheng went through the history book, before looking at the ones talking about souls.

What disappointed him was that the core information was already obtained through the memory fragments of the cleric.

Then there was the book about the harp.

“…Bloodazure Harp. It is a craftsman item, and it is the type of craftsmanship that can train one’s supernatural abilities. The instrument seems easy enough to make, easy enough to learn but hard to master. The materials required are as below…”

Lin Sheng looked over. The instrument had only three parts: the chords, frame, and tuner. The materials required are not rare, and there were no specific materials required. It’ll work as long as he can find a good replacement.

“Well, I can make one to play with at home when I’m free.” Lin Sheng closed the book and picked up the last two books about Deviltongue.

The two books were a primer of the special tongue used by evil spirits.

“Evil spirits” was the all-encompassing name for the dangerous spiritual beings. Conversely, those that are docile and not dangerous are called holy spirits.

As evil spirits are much stronger, and their numbers far exceeded the holy spirits, so Deviltongue was considered as a language that spellcasters need to master, and was compiled into a book before being placed here.

Lin Sheng quickly browsed through the abstract and understood what the language was all about. He then closed it and put it down.

He did not have the luxury of time to linger around.

The last time he had mysteriously been yanked out of Blackfeather City, and could no longer enter it.

And this made Lin Sheng worry that his time at one place is limited.

“Information is key!”

He then picked up the “Summoning Ritual” again that started reading it.

This time around, he planned to master the Elementary Summoning of Otherworlders, and after testing it out, only will he go against the gray angel once again.

Since it could not come in, and with it guarding the door, this place was extremely safe.

Rather than scampering around outside, he might as well take the opportunity to learn here.

And what was more important was, that Lin Sheng felt the warmth that had summoned it was within the rock pillar the gray angel had stood on.

That means, he had to defeat the gray angel to get in contact with the true form of the warmth.

After that, he simply sat on the bed and started studying and memorizing the details of the summoning ritual.

There was a square window in the room, and outside was a sky blanketed in white as snow started to fall.

Borrowing the light, Lin Sheng read till he forgot the time; and slowly he felt giddy.

“It’s time to wake up…”

He carefully folded the pages as his sight blackened and his consciousness faded away.

And when he regained his consciousness, Lin Sheng opened his eyes and quickly got up and onto his desk as he took out his notebook and pen.

He swiftly recorded the materials needed for the summoning ritual, the matrix diagram and the activation chant.

The materials and activation chant was fine, as for the matrix diagram, even with Lin Sheng’s enhanced memory, he could only draw half of it at a time.

To remember a complex matrix, he usually would split them into several layers of memories, and every layer is a simple diagram. The full matrix diagram will be formed once the separate layers are piled on each other.

But this diagram was so complicated that he could only manage two layers at a time.

And if he wanted to recompile it, he needed at least four layers.

“I’ll try to memorize everything by tomorrow and hope it works. Let’s get the materials ready today!”

Lin Sheng was in a good mood. Even though he was almost done in by the gray angel, the subsequent find he had made it all worth it.

He then looked at the materials needed for the matrix.

“Ten white spiders, a blood-lipid candle, a standard unit of wind serpent grass, a standard unit of gold, ten standard units of silver powder, one windbell flower, twenty units of pure water, and ten standard units of venom arrows.”

“All these materials… plus gold and silver are enough. The problem is with the white spiders and blood-lipid candle…”

Lin Sheng frowned as he started playing with his pen subconsciously.

“White spiders, based on the picture are small, white, semi-translucent spiders. A common enough pest, the description matches as well. I probably won’t be able to buy this, and can only catch them myself.”

“Well, the white spiders will need some effort, but this blood-lipid candle…” Lin Sheng pondered.

“Based on the diagram and the explanation, the blood-lipid candle needs to be made out of the blood-lipids of living beings, it and can only be used after being lit up.”

“Sounds fancy, but isn’t it just normal animal fat candle? I’ll get some pork fat candle later to try it out.”

After having a gist of what to do, Lin Sheng headed out.

He changed up and had his breakfast before running off to the net café. After some twenty minutes, he managed to find out the location and habits of the white spiders.

He then went over to a gift shop, and bought a few small thousand-crane glass bottles before going straight to school.

At school, Lin Sheng applied for a day off and went to the nearby fruit farm with the bottles.

Based on the information on the net, the most common place they would appear was a fruit and vegetable garden as these insects were herbivores and one of the pests that bred easily.

So they could be seen in most farms.

As for if they would be killed by pesticides. The information on the net shows that they are particularly resistant towards pesticides, and Lin Sheng figures that catching about ten of them would not be too difficult.

As for school, now that it was close to the exam period, and the lectures had pretty much been wrapped up. It was a self-study period now at school. So it did not matter if he goes to school or not.

Rather than going to school, Lin Sheng decided to skip the day and settle the matter with this elementary summoning.

Or else, he would need to wait a whole day before going out to look for the materials. And who knows how long would that delay his preparations.

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