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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 90: Preparation: Part 3

Chapter 90: Preparation: Part 3

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After getting down from the taxi, Lin Sheng looked around.

All around him was a sea of verdant vegetable farms.

Not too far away were rows of greenhouses with rows upon rows of eye-catching white cotton plants lined between the green fields.

“Follow the small path to the right, and you’ll arrive at the Mingri Fruit Garden. If you are looking to bulk purchase fruits, that’s the best place to start.”

The taxi driver gave him some tips.

“Thanks, sir.” Lin Sheng nodded as he lifted his bag and went towards the dirt path.

Gentle breeze flew along the path and carried with it the scent of grass.

Lin Sheng felt the air was much fresher, and he was much more awake. Huaisha City always had that seawater smell, and the air here was totally different.

As he walked along the path, he very quickly reached a plantation with neat rows of verdant trees.

The trees were thick with leaves but Lin Sheng had no idea what sort of fruit tree was it as he could not see any fruit between the branches.

By the side was a sign saying. “Private fruit farm. Please do not pluck the fruits.

And by the side was the entrance to the fruit farm. A dirt path with tire tracks on it.

Lin Sheng followed the path into the farm.

At the end of the path were two mud houses, and an old farmer stood by the door, sticking something on the wooden door frame.

“Hello, I’m a student from the provincial agricultural university, and I’m here to study a farm pest called the white spider…”

Lin Sheng quickly stepped forward as he spun a tale, and stuffed a hundred bucks into the old farmer’s hand.

The old farmer probably did not even understand what he was talking about but smiled anyway as he received some money.

“Go on, go on. As long as you don’t ruin the trees!”

Lin Sheng then took out his glass bottles and entered the fruit farm to look for white spiders.

But what he did not expect was due to the cold weather, he had only managed to find and capture two after a good while.

Halfway through the old farmer came over to look, seemingly to monitor him.

The moment he saw he was really catching white spiders, only did he slowly leave.

After two odd hours scouring across the entire fruit farm only did he manage to finally get a dozen white spiders that he needed.

Upon storing the bottles containing the spiders into his bag, he carefully slung it over and turned towards the path out of the fruit farm.

At that very moment, youth with a blue short hair walked over from the opposite side.

The youth had his hands in his pocket, as he wore a white wool shirt and black long pants. He looked like he had just gotten out of a car without any speck of mud on him.

The youth randomly swept his gaze past him before looking away. And Lin Sheng could sense that this person had a special aura to him.

His body was ringing alarm bells.

This sort of cautiousness was a natural reflex stemming from the mercenary swordsman he had killed at first.

His body will naturally go into alert the moment he encounters someone who could potentially threaten him.

And the moment he got close to the youth, goosebumps were all over him.

As if he was just a step away from the jaws of a ferocious tiger.

“The only thing that could threaten me is a level three, a level three or above supernatural being!” Lin Sheng had never thought of actually meeting a supernatural existence in reality.

The warmth in his body seemed to be triggered as it started roiling and heating his abdomen up.

He had no idea how strong the opponent was, but it was okay, the latter did not notice his uniqueness.

Lin Sheng kept calm and left with his bag.

The blue-haired youth stood where he stopped and lifted his watch at times, seemingly waiting for someone.

Lin Sheng did not stop as he continued onward until he could no longer see the youth. Even then, he still kept calm and walked until the town street.

Only then did he stop and hailed a taxi.

Very soon, a blue taxi stopped before him.

Lin Sheng quickly got in the car. “To Yushu Street please!” He quickly gave his destination.

The car then started moving, leaving the suburb behind.

As the car drew a distance only did Lin Sheng managed to relax.

“There’s a powerful existence at least at level three in Huaisha City? Was he here all this while? Or an outsider that had come here recently?”

As he wondered, a sense of peril started to form.

“Ah, screw that. I’ve gotten the needed materials today, and I’ll perform the ritual tomorrow. If it doesn’t work then I will need to focus on breaking through the holy powers.”

As it was triggered earlier, the warmth in his body was clearly agitated, and it started to move even faster.

Lin Sheng felt that he was close to breaking through, but he did not know when will that opportunity comes.

Based on the Blackfeather City’s sacred tome, a paladin’s breakthrough is different from a normal warrior’s. A normal warrior’s breakthrough was an overall increase in physical attributes and nothing more.

It was different for a paladin.

Aside from an increase in their overall physical attributes, there is also a change to the Ashen Seal they have.

And this enhancement is normally based on the back on the Ashen Seal’s base ability.

But until now Lin Sheng had not met a proper paladin yet, or perhaps he had already met one but failed to recognize it.

After getting back to the city, Lin Sheng went to the traditional medicine shop and bought the rest of the materials. He then went to a farmer’s bazaar to get a bucket of solidified pig oil.

It there was any leftovers from the ritual, he could still use it to cook. So no waste there.

Port District, the Golden Barrel Bar.

Chen Hang was seated in a suite, his face grim as he drank pint after pint of beer.

And beside him, was a slothful looking hulk of a man.

“Chen Hang, we have not met for four years now right?” The round-faced brute slowly sipped a glass of wine.

“Yes, it has been four years.” Chen Hang nodded.

“So, you coming to look for me, means you have something to ask for me.” The man said. “You know, I promised you three favors. You have used up two.”

“I know.” Chen Hang was impassive. “This is the last one.”

“So? You still want to use it?” the brute asked again.

“I have no choice.” Chen Hang replied flatly.

“The murderer could kill my son even when he was under the protection of a dozen elite bodyguards and escape without a scratch. Aside from you, I don’t know who could go up against such a person.”

The brute nodded.

“I heard about your son. Since you have decided, just send me the details.”

“Okay!” Chen Hang said stiffly.

As long as the person before him agreed, he knew that the murderer was a dead man!

The reason was the man before him was no ordinary person. He was a Darksider who had once served the Heart of the Ocean!

A terrifying existence that had hunted and killed a special force team! Xie Yaohui, the Venomancer.

“Remember to prepare the cash.” Xie Yaohui the Venomancer smiled.

Chen Hang nodded.

“No problem, but since this is the last time we will work together, can you let me see what that legendary dark power actually is?”

While he had been working with the Venomancer for a while now, he had never had the chance to witness that terrifying power.

And this was his last chance.

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