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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 91: Summoning: Part 1

Chapter 91: Summoning: Part 1

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The next day.

The dawn light shone from the broken window and lit a good part of the warehouse.

Lin Sheng carefully placed his bag down. He had not done anything yesterday and only focused on memorizing the details of the summoning ritual.

After counter checking a few times, he was finally sure he had perfectly memorized the matrix diagram.

As soon as the dream ended, Lin Sheng went to school to ask for a day off before preparing the rest of the materials. He then went straight to the abandoned factory where he had performed his previous rituals.

The factory warehouse had become his permanent ritual spot.

He had placed his crows around the area to monitor the perimeter.

And as usual, Lin Sheng pulled out a plastic sheet from his bag and lay it on the ground.

He then took out the ritual mixture and lit up the pork fat candle.

At the center of the matrix, he put up a flat pan before pouring pure water and all other ingredients into it.

Lin Sheng then got out to find some dried wood to use as firewood.

He then poured some petrol on it, and…


The light lit up on the thinnest of the wood as they lit up one by one.

And soon, a decent-sized fire lit up underneath the pan.

Lin Sheng had purposely cut a hole in the plastic sheet for ease of the ritual.

As the firewood lit up, he then placed part of the ritual mixture onto the fixed positions on the matrix before throwing another part into the pan to boil it.

The pig fat candle too exuded an aroma that whetted his appetite.

Lin Sheng followed the diagram as he prepared and put everything in place.

After simmering in the pan for about half an hour, he started using the gooey broth to finish up the remaining symbols on the matrix.

The ‘Elementary Summoning of Otherworlders’ ritual was rather complicated, more so than the ones that Lin Sheng had performed before.

He then took another half an hour to complete the matrix, before taking another twenty to countercheck.

Until he was sure that everything was as what was in his book did he took a step back and stood before the ritual matrix.

“Should be fine now.”

Lin Sheng calmed himself down.

“Ten minutes, the matrix is only effective for ten minutes. If I cannot complete the summoning within that time, the ritual will fail completely, and everything is wasted.”

Lin Sheng took a deep breath.

This was the first time he had got in touch with a ritual that could summon a physical entity.

The earlier rituals, be it the Ritual of Sacrifice, or the Beckoning Ritual, was a matrix based on the mind and soul.

But this was different.

He was about to summon and tether a totally unknown otherworld existence into the plane he is in, and to serve him.

After settling his mind, Lin Sheng started chanting a clear, but bizarre syllables.

The syllables were meaningless, and was created to work with the matrix diagram.

It was an activator, but also a regulator to ensure stability and balance.

A dream-like murmur came out from Lin Sheng’s mouth. The voice was getting stronger and louder as it shook the pan in the middle of the matrix till ripples started appearing.

The ripples were soon getting more and more pronounced.

And slowly a green mist appeared on the top of the pig fat oil.


And suddenly, a huge amount of steam shot up from the pan.

Countless of steam whirled around Lin Sheng. A sensation akin to entering the dream made Lin Sheng subconsciously closed his eyes.

In his sight, which should have been pitch black, two light orbs appeared before him, one big one small.

One of the orb was red, and another white.

The red orb was about the size of an egg, while the white one was the size of a soccer ball.

“It has begun!” Lin Sheng did not panic. He understood that he had successfully entered the summoning process created by the matrix.

And the two light orbs before him was the two beings that he could summon. What surprised him was that, originally, after activating the ritual, he would need to seek out the rift himself, and within that ten minutes, to bring a being that he likes back from the rift and bind it to him.

But just as he had entered this stage, two light orbs had appeared right in front of him without needing him to look for it.

“The ritual matrix, or rather than occult is more like a fixed program created using some mysterious powers. But not sure why I was presented this two beings to summon without needing to look for them. Well, that works too, save me time and effort.”

Lin Sheng then frowned as he hesitated.

“Since they would appear before me, that means I should be able to withstand the monster’s requirement and drain, and the book said, the larger the orb, the stronger the being is.

And without any more hesitation, he looked at the larger white orb.

As soon as he consciously approached it, a furious roar exploded in his mind.

Countless of white lights blew up before Lin Sheng’s eyes as if he had been thrown into a storm of flashbangs.

A pause later, a surge of images, memories and voices came out of Lin Sheng’s mind and entered the white orb before him.

What he did not expect was the images, memories and voices resonated with the white orb.

And an even more blinding light exploded before him.

“I shall give everything to God.”

Amid the daze, a massive giant in white plate armor knelt piously on the ground towards the ornate divine statue to pray.

“Gods do not exist! Only the will in our hearts is eternal!”

A voice came from the back of the giant.

“No, I believe God do exist.” The giant said calmly.

“Just because of Ancellia’s jest?” The voice sounded full of disappointment.

“But she saw a divine miracle!” The giant rumbled.

“That is fake, Harsenna.”

“Even if it just a shred of hope, I will persist!” the giant rumbled again as he stood up.

“When everything is dragged into the dream, you will be the same as the rest of the Sacred Shield Tyrants. A mere wandering husk.” The voice behind the giant continued, as if it was stating the truth.

“Then I will kill all of them.” The giant’s voice turned chilly. “I will bear all of their wills and live until the end, to see the final hope!”

The voice behind him spoke no more.


Lin Sheng was suddenly yanked out of the memory and the white orb in the darkness before him had totally disappeared.

And it is place, was the white armored warrior he had encountered in Snowgale Fortress. The Sacred Shield Tyrant.

“This… actually… !?” Lin Sheng never thought that the light orb that he had chosen, was the Sacred Shield Tyrant in the Snowgale Fortress!?

He could feel that there were countless of black lines coming out of his body and entering the body of the Sacred Shield Tyrant.

This was probably the memory fragments he had absorbed from the tyrant.

The latter’s three meter tall, and powerful body floated in the darkness of his sight like a shell that was being filled in by the black lines.

It was probably took a minute, or maybe five minutes.

Lin Sheng could feel that all of the memories he had about the Sacred Shield Tyrant was being replicated into the body before him.

He could make contact with the latter’s mind, and the latter was like machine bereft of any emotions, consciousness and personality. It would only act on its orders.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Before him, a massive three meter tall warrior in white armor stood silently on the ritual matrix.

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