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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 92: Summoning: Part 2

Chapter 92: Summoning: Part 2

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The warrior’s body was fully encased in thick white armor. His face was not visible and only emotionless but sharp eyes were exposed from the slit on the helmet.

The eyes were determined and pious, and at a glance give anyone thoughts about determination, victory, sacrifice and the likes.


A loud thud later, the Sacred Shield Tyrant suddenly knelt before Lin Sheng.

Without a word, without any consciousness, the giant before him was like a loyal fighting machine, quietly waiting for Lin Sheng’s orders.

Lin Sheng took deep breaths and felt that he just needed to think and he will be able to enter the mind of the tyrant and check on his status.

“Based on the laws of the summoning ritual, the monster I summon should be form-malleable and could easily pass through the rift, but this Sacred Shield Tyrant here…”

He had no idea how this giant bugger was being tethered and summoned.

One needed to know that the rift was mostly located between the void and reality. If it was a solid physical form, even something the size of a hair would have difficulties getting through.

But the giant before him…

Before Lin Sheng could react, the massive Sacred Shield Tyrant was suddenly enveloped by a layer of black mist. And following that, his entire form quickly came apart, turning into puffs of pure black smoke and rushed into Lin Sheng’s chest.

Lin Sheng could not help but close his eyes, and in the darkness, the tyrant’s massive frame appeared once again.

And beneath the latter was a small Ancient Rehn numeric symbol for one.

Lin Sheng looked around.

“When I performed the summoning ritual I saw two light orbs, and now that I’ve summoned the Sacred Shield Tyrant, I don’t see that small red light orb anymore.”

“Also, it seems my mind is being burdened with something. And based on the tome, I probably am bearing the tyrant’s soul right now, and that is causing the dissonance.”

Lin Sheng recalled that when he had killed the cleric previously, the memory fragments he obtained contained a detailed description of the soul.

“…A summoning ritual can only follow the strength of the summoner’s soul, and summon being of corresponding strength. The stronger the summoner, the stronger the summoned being.”

“And should the summoning succeed, the foreign being would slowly consume itself, and the matrix will program it basic hunting instincts for it to maintain its existence.”

“And a summoned being with a physical body would need flesh or food to survive. Ethereal beings, on the other hand, require different things, but normally, if it is not wounded, it could absorb the natural elements from the surroundings to sustain itself.”

Lin Sheng had an idea, and open his eyes.

On the ground before him, a surge of black smoke rushed out of his body and formed into the three-meter-tall giant in white armor.

The giant breathed slowly before bowing down in deference.

Lin Sheng walked over and held his hand out to touch the white helm with cow horns.

On the sturdy helmet were many intricate serpentine patterns.

While his chest armor had a carving of a massive lion baring its fangs.

There were similar lion motifs on the pauldrons on his shoulders as the beast bared its razor-sharp fangs.

Aside from the lion head motifs, all across the joints of the armor were wave-patterned marks.

And the weapon in the giant’s hands astounded Lin Sheng even more.

He had no chance to inspect it up close before, and upon touching it, he now knew that it was by pure luck that he had defeated the Sacred Shield Tyrant.

The giant held a giant shield with white and gold trims in one hand, and a massive knight’s lance in the other.

The giant shield had a white crest that looked like mish-mash between a dragon and a snake while the lance was simple yet heavy, about two meters in length.

“That’s not right… a normal knight’s lance would not be that short.” Lin Sheng started inspecting again.

The lance in the giant’s hands, was more akin to a fusion between a broadsword and a lance, than a proper lance.

The lance bore a keen edge on both sides while its tip was tapered as a menacing hollowed-out frame extended from the tip.

One could imagine, if the lance were to be stabbed into a foe, the massive gaping wound would be tore in said foe’s body.

Blood would inevitably shoot out like a fountain, and the foe would be bled dry within a short amount of time.

Lin Sheng looked around the Sacred Shield Tyrant as the powerful warrior simply knelt like a statue, allowing him to inspect as he wished.

After an hour later, only did he snap out of his excitement and started cleaning up the mess the ritual had made.

The tyrant then turned into a puff of black smoke and entered his body.

Even though he had managed to summon an extremely powerful being, Lin Sheng’s mind kept playing the memory again and again.

“Why did this situation happened? Was it because I had absorbed the memory fragments of those monsters and that formed a bond that made the summoning process easier?”

Lin Sheng guessed. But this was just a wild guess based on the mess of memories in his mind, and he had no way of getting to the bottom of this.

As he sensed the dissonance coming from his chest, Lin Sheng suddenly recalled the giant, Harsenna in the memory.

“I’m not sure if this fulfills his dream of escaping the nightmare?”

For some reason, he thought of that. But he knew very well that the Sacred Shield Tyrant he summoned, was just a being that contained the memory fragments that he had replicated.

He was the same Harsenna he had seen. But somehow, he was reminded of that determined yet faithful giant.

“Let’s find a place to test this out. A Sacred Shield Tyrant eh, I sure was driven to a corner by it. Not sure he’ll be able to fight against the gray angel in the dream or not.”

He would need a proper place to do some testing, and the thought of the tyrant’s three-meter frame gave Lin Sheng headaches.

“Let’s see if I can do that in the dream.”

He then took about ten minutes to clean everything up.

And what made it easy was all of the ritual materials had lost their original sheen and become charcoal dust-like junk.

Lin Sheng only needed to pour everything into the pan and bring the pot out to be buried somewhere in the nearby woods.

After settling everything, he tested the power and ability of the tyrant there.

Lin Sheng was surprised to find that when the tyrant was in its black smoke form, it would not come into contact with the crow. It was as if he was like a shadow, and the crow simply flew through him without any resistance.

And when the crow flew, it was as though it did not even notice the tyrant and simply flew through him.

And that reminded him of a summoned being from the tome, a nightmare.

A nightmare can take both a physical and an ethereal form, and switch around at will. In its ethereal form, normal people would not be able to see it.

Dongwu Complex.

The room where Chen Tan was murdered.

Chen Hang and the Venomancer alongside a few aides circled around the room as they looked at the Azurewing egg on the floor.

And that moment, the egg was about as lifeless as a normal egg.

Some sort of spider web seemed to be secreted into its surroundings, and the web would fly all around the room at the slightest gust.

What astounded everyone was, the spider web would only exist in the room itself. As soon as it left the door or the window, it would immediately disappear.

“A darkside Azurewing. Top-notch stuff there!” the Venomancer was full of praise when he saw the egg. “This is not something you’ll come by cheap. How did you get it?”

Chen Hang demurred.

“I paid a hefty price to get it. And can only use it once.”

“That’s good enough.” The Venomancer lay on the bar stand behind him, looking all relaxed. “The egg will hatch tomorrow, we’ll just wait for it to do its magic. Get your man ready for tomorrow.”

“I will.” Chen Hang nodded.

He had given everything for vengeance, and he did not want to think of anything other than that.

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