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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 93: Summoning: Part 3

Chapter 93: Summoning: Part 3

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“Oh right, if the dark energy is seen by the normal folks, even if we don’t do anything it’ll still leak out, right?” Chen Hang suddenly thought of that.

“No worries, as long as I will it, and the scale of the operation is small enough, no one will notice anything.” The Venomancer smiled.

“Won’t it attract problems from above?” Chen Hang continued asking.

“No problem. It might have in the past, but now…” the Venomancer seemed to have thought of something as his smile faded away.

“The egg will hatch tomorrow morning, but if you want, I can help you accelerate the process.” He then smiled again, “I don’t have the patience to wait.”

“If it does not affect anything, then please do.” Chen Hang’s eyes brightened. For him, waiting even just a second was torture.

“Very well.”

The Venomancer held his hand out with a smile as he grasped towards the Azurewing egg from a distance.

Strands of red light shot out from his fingers and into the egg.


And suddenly a crack appeared on the egg’s surface.

Chen Hang was elated and quickly took out his phone to get his underlings to ready the cars.

He had no idea where this thing would lead him to. If it was far away, then driving would make things easier.

“It is hatching.” The Venomancer suddenly said.


A blue shadow darted out of the eggshell in that instant as the spider webs in the room flew about. A large amount of web then retracted and returned to the blue shadow.

“Follow it!” the Venomancer said.

Chen Hang and the rest saw the blue shadow land on the Venomancer’s shoulder as it revealed its true form, a tiny blue bird.

No one knew what species of bird it was, but its eyes were as dark as ink, and it gave everyone an ominous feeling.

The Venomancer played with the Azurewing for a bit and gotten it to flew out of the door.

The rest followed.

After school, Lin Sheng got home. As he had managed to summon a powerful servant, he was in a good mood and proactively helped his parents out with the dinner preparation.

Most of the time, he would simply just wait until dinner was ready. And his proactivity surprised his father Lin Zhounian.

“Boy, since when did you become so diligent?” The said as he swept the kitchen floor.

“Since I’ve nothing better to do, and seeing you work so hard at it, can’t I just be a good son and help?” Lin Sheng smiled.

“Then do it consistently.”

“Forget it, your son here still have exams to face. Time is precious.” Lin Sheng sniggered.

He had another reason to be in a good mood.

He had noticed that the Sacred Shield Tyrant had another particularly useful ability: long-range reconnaissance.

As the tyrant had an ethereal form, so he had tested it out and was sure that normal people would not be able to see it.

And through the bond, the tyrant was able to automatically send the images of what he saw back to Lin Sheng’s mind.

That made it a super effective long-range alarm system.

Simply by letting it wander about, Lin Sheng would be able to gather information on his surroundings from time to time.

On the other hand, the crow could only be at one place at a time and was relegated to a secondary scout to alert Lin Sheng.

“Alright, I’ll wash the plates.” He said as he walked to the basin and started to awkwardly wash the plates and bowls.

Lin Zhounian could only shake his head wordlessly.

Just as he was about to turn on the faucet, Lin Sheng’s mind shook slightly as an image the tyrant had just seen came into his mind.

His smile soon disappeared and gave way into deep thought and severity.

This was the tyrant’s first patrol and he had detected a supernatural existence coming towards Huilian district, and it was the district Lin Sheng was living in.

As the tyrant had basic combat cognitive ability, he immediately transmitted the image to Lin Sheng.

“What’s going on? Are they coming here?” Lin Sheng closed his eyes to concentrate.

The image was a street slightly less than two kilometers away from the Huilian district.

Rows upon rows of black cars were heading in line towards his direction.

Lin Sheng also noticed from the image, there was a blue bird flying before the convoy of cars.

There was a pulse from its body, seemingly a supernatural being as well and it looked like it was leading the convoy behind it.

Lin Sheng’s hand who was washing the bowls suddenly paused as he straightened his back.

“Dad, I got something to do. Heading out for a bit.”

“Do it after you washed the dishes!” Lin Zhounian chided him.

But Lin Sheng had already turned off the faucet and darted past him.

“I really have something to do, be right back!”

The more Lin Sheng thought of it, the more problematic it seemed.

The convoy was heading straight towards the district he lived in. He had to make sure if the latter was actually targeting him.

And if they were, he had to prepare.

About a hundred gunmen carrying all sorts of firearms and ammunition bandoliers sat in the car as they darted straight towards Lin Sheng’s place.

Chen Hang sat in a luxurious car at the center of the convoy. His face was calm.

He knew that, if this attempt fails, it meant death. And he was prepared for that.

“Son, I will avenge you.” Cen Hang said as he clutched his grip tight, seemingly murmuring to himself, or trying to reaffirm his determination.

The Venomancer sat facing him, both his hands were encased in a dark red metal gauntlet. Noting Chen Hang’s condition, a glint of admiration appeared in his eyes.

“That Azurewing is formed from a dark power that I’ve seen before. It was made for tracking. Don’t worry, since we started tracking, the target did not show any signs of dark powers. So, whoever they are, they are dead meat.”

The Venomancer smirked.

He had killed too many, too many for him to even remember them properly. Countless heads and torn limbs howled in his dreams as they tried to pull him into the abyss.

But he did not fear them.

This was the battle of wills.

So, he admired anyone with a strong will. He had thought Chen Hang as a weakling, but now he saw him in a slightly different light.

“I want to make sure nothing goes wrong.” Chen Hang said.

“With me around, nothing will go wrong.” The Venomancer said flatly.

“But I cannot guarantee that they won’t escape…” Before Chen Hang could complete his sentence, he saw the Venomancer’s expression suddenly changed as he suddenly grabbed him on the shoulder.

As the two slammed against the car window out of the car.


The brutal fall sent surges of pain all across Chen Hang.

Before he could ask anything, he saw the car he was on suddenly being thrown into the air.



“Sacred Shield!”

In his daze, he heard someone roaring in an unknown language.

A three-meter-tall warrior in white armor, like a fearsome battle tank trudging on under heavy footfalls as his powerful stomps created cracks on the ground.

The warrior roared as he charged towards the cars like a ferocious beast.


The three cars were sent flying like Jenga tiles in sequence.

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