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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 94: Laying Low: Part 1

Chapter 94: Laying Low: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Amidst the cacophony of explosions, the white armored warrior ran rampant among the convoy, and everything he lifts up his golden-white shield, a car was simply crushed.

Blood and petrol mixed together as they flowed out of the smashed vehicles.


Another car exploded into a crimson fireball.

Fragments of the exploded car shot out all over and crashed against the white armored warrior, yet that did not faze him one bit.

And just as the white armored warrior was reaping a human harvest, a black shadow appeared out of nowhere behind the cars.

The silhouette was masked as he waved his sword around, walking through the burning cars.

The Venomancer and Chen Hang had not expected the murderer to appear in such a fashion before them.

The explosive terrifying power and that three-meter-tall warrior the size of a battle tank roared by the black shadow’s side like a monstrous beast.

“Die!” The Venomancer was the first to recover from the shock as piercing red light appeared on his hands.

“Fadeshadow, activate!”

Without hesitation, he activated the strongest dark power corruption mode as the red light flowed from his hand upwards to his body and formed a bizarre crimson mark on his chest.

And at that moment, his speed increased by many folds.


He then surged into a red shadow towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng suddenly felt a very powerful threat, a threat that sent goosebumps down his spine.

That very moment, he activated his Sacred Blood ability as his body expanded and purple rune marks appeared on his forehead.

Without a word, he met the charge with his sword.

And the sword’s edge seemed to have resonated with the warmth in his body as the warmth flowed like a torrent into the longsword in his hand, coating it in faint white light.

“Come, one-on-one, let me see how strong I’ve gotten!” Lin Sheng said calmly, as he focused all of his thoughts on his blade.

“Crescent Moon Slash!”


A silver crescent moon smashed against the red shadow.


The two crashed in a blur of red and white light.

“Facing me head-on is the stupidest mistake you’ve made!!” The Venomancer felt that he had the advantage in strength as his hands pressed towards Lin Sheng’s throat like ripping talons.


Unfortunately for him, a white shadow came crashing in from the right side like a lorry onto his right shoulder.

“F*ck! Wasn’t this a one-on-one!??”

The Venomancer writhed in pain as he was sent flying towards the opposite shop and smashed against the display glass.

A crash later, countless of glass fragments rained upon him. He quickly got up and raised his hand before him.


His hands were just raised in time to block the oncoming shield strike.

And he felt his arms creaking under the assault.


He was spitting blood now.

Sh*t! This is bad!

He should not have gotten involved in this!

Why did a powerful Darksider suddenly pop out in a border town like this??

He could not understand.

On the other hand.

“I’m no match huh… Guess I’ll need to go all out next time then.”

Lin Sheng easily dodged and started charging and slashing at Chen Hang’s underlings.

With every charge, a splatter of blood followed.

Those underlings could not fire randomly once Lin Sheng got close. They could not even get a bead on him.

He was too fast, too ferocious.

And in just a mere minute, the original hundred-strong troops had scattered.

About fifty bodies lay on the ground, about half of them was taken out by the Sacred Shield Tyrant.


A goon holding an assault rifle knelt on the ground as he shivered, tears and snivel flowed freely from his face.

“Monster?” Lin Sheng walked past him, and a flash later, the man’s throat was ripped apart.

“Can you find something more original?”

And not too far away, Chen Hang lay on the wall. There was no one beside him.

At this key moment, he only had himself to protect him from harm.

“You… you lot are Darksiders as well!!?” His eyes opened wide as he stared at the approaching Lin Sheng as if trying to imprint his image into his mind.

“Dark powers? No, I don’t know what dark powers you’re talking about. I’m just a normal person looking for a peaceful life.”

Lin Sheng then struck forward like a bolt of lightning and sank the sword into Chen Hang’s heart.

Chen Hang tried to open his mouth, but he no longer had any strength to speak by the time his voice got to his throat as he lay slump and still for good.

As he pulled the sword out, Lin Sheng looked around, passersby, if any had already all ran away.

The shops around him are still open, but the counters were empty, the shopkeepers clearly had run away.

The ruckus was big this time around. But he had to show his power, and remove any threat to him at the root.

The White Tarots was the biggest gang in Huaisha City, if he does not show them his strength, they would know no fear; rather they would be even more brazen and hurt his loved ones.

As for displaying his supernatural powers? They had flipping brought someone with supernatural powers against him. If he was to worry about this and that all the time, he would be killed by his indecision sooner or later.

Lin Sheng did not search the bodies as he feared being tainted by some unknown supernatural powers.

When he killed Chen Tan the other time, he had thought that he had taken care of things pretty well. Using the memories he had absorbed, he had perfectly dealt with any details that could expose him.

Yet, they still managed to find him.

That made him suspect if there was any intervention by supernatural powers.

So before he could ascertain how they did it, he would not touch anything.

“And that bird…” Lin Sheng looked up in the sky.

The Azurewing was still circling around.

He then picked up an assault rifle from the ground before training it towards the sky and pulled the trigger.

*Rat tat tat tat!*

The muzzle jumped about widely as the bullet flew in random directions. Not only did he not hit the bird, but a few rounds also smashed against the windows of the apartments nearby, and terrified screams could be heard.

“Ugh… better not harm any innocents…” Lin Sheng demurred and put down the rifle.

The Azurewing chirped clearly before flying away.

Lin Sheng did not allow his crow to follow. The latter was a supernatural being, while his crow was just a normal crow. It was futile, to begin with.

He then refocused and looked around.

Not too far away, the tyrant had already overturned the last of the cars and stabbed his lance through it.

The lance then shuddered a little, as if some sort of contraption activated.

He only heard a grunt as the entire vehicle quickly twist and crumpled, and a crash later, it felt apart.

And while the Sacred Shield Tyrant’s armor was bullet-ridden, none of it punctured his armor.

And the Venomancer lay unmoving by a fire hydrant, his entire body bloodied.

“Kill him.” Lin Sheng ordered.

The tyrant walked a few steps forward towards the Venomancer and grabbed his hand with his right hand.

“Wait,” Lin Sheng called it to stop as he thought of something. “Take him away.”

He then looked up to the sky, and the bird had already flown far away and disappeared into the horizon.

“I need to understand more about the knowledge of supernatural powers in this world. Hopefully letting this guy live will satisfy that.”

He then looked down, motioning for the tyrant to extend a hand as he leaped on to it.

The two then quickly ran and disappeared from the street.

As for the Venomancer, he was hanging by the tyrant’s other hand. He did not have the luxury of preferential treatment that Lin Sheng had and simply flapped about like a broken sack.

He had only unleashed about sixty percent of his powers, and with a mere few hits from the tyrant, he was at death’s door.

No matter how proficient he was, no matter how experienced he was. If you cannot win face to face, that was it. If you fight a fight that you can’t win, death was the only thing waiting for you.

And with that, he got captured by Lin Sheng.

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