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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 95: Laying Low: Part 2

Chapter 95: Laying Low: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Sacred Shield Tyrant turned into a puff of black smoke and flew into Lin Sheng’s chest.


Lin Sheng took the fat pan and poured water on the Venomancer’s face.

Wet, pain, and weak; the previously cocksure Venomancer was now nothing but a docile and dazed animal.

“Who are you?” Lin Sheng still wore his mask and changed his voice a little to prevent anyone from recognizing him.

While this was not really effective, it was still something.

The Venomancer looked at him in a daze before turning around.

It was nothing but trees all around him, leaves above him, and grass beneath him.

He was laying by a big tree, and the masked man which had challenged him earlier was beside him.

“Xie Yaohui…”




“With ladies.”

“I mean your gender god damn it!”


“Why did you target me?” Lin Sheng continued asking.

“Because I owe someone.”




“You fool!” the Venomancer suddenly leaped up as he laughed in a daze as yellow liquid kept seeping out of his pants.

The moment Lin Sheng smelled urine, he had a feeling that something was off. When he took a good look, only then did he notice that there was an obvious cave in in his skull. The crack was the size of an egg!

With such a crack on his skull…

“Forget it.”

He then stepped forward and quickly searched the Venomancer.

Soon he pulled out a passport-like document, a black card, and a brown pure leather wallet.

The document was light blue in color and the middle of it was a water drop pattern.

Lin Sheng flipped it open, and the Venomancer’s passport photograph was plastered on the top right.

And beneath it was a serial number, “xe11337”, and a line of words in a smaller font, “Graduated Year 1891, 10th October”.

At the bottom was a light blue stamp, and three words could be vaguely seen: The Azure Heart.

“So he belongs to a group called the Azure Hearts?” Lin Sheng put down the document and stuffed it back into the Venomancer’s coat.

He did not intend to take that with him. Probably have some RFID or GPS chip embedded in it.

Lin Sheng then took the wallet and pulled the zip. Inside it was a large amount of cash, mostly in hundred dollar notes, with a few thousand dollar ones.

“Probably about ten odd thousand at least.” Lin Sheng took the money out, before taking a look at the bank card.

As he pondered, he resisted the temptation and did not touch it.

There are records for any financial transactions, and there is a possibility of his identity being exposed that way. While he probably had already exposed himself now, if he could still buy time then why not?

In the end, he only took the cash out of security.

Then there was the black card.

Lin Sheng turned it over and back, and could not work out what was it for?

“What is this?”

He decided to ask the Venomancer himself as the latter looked stupidly at him.




“Banban?” Lin Sheng was baffled.

“Banban card. Can use it for hos, payment, buying stuff, buy and buy and buy~~” the Venomancer end up singing.

“So that’s a bank card?” Lin Sheng did not expect an answer.

“Yes, can buy many, many things, many pretty things.” The Venomancer grinned.


“Online, bite it before using, and the webpage will appear, bite a bit of money, happy and smiley, smiley lalalalala~~”


Lin Sheng cut his misery short as he pulled the sword out and looked at the corpse with a crack on his head.

“Bloody noisy.”

He then rubbed the sword hard against the crash, but the brain matter had already mixed with the layer of filth from before and coated the whole sword red.

“Not sure if I leave it like this, it will become a potent venom like a komodo dragon?”

Lin Sheng had the idea but he soon rejected it. Only for the reason it smelt very bad.

As he held the black card, and hesitating for a moment before throwing it on the Venomancer’s body.

Even if that card contained some sort of secret, he had no plans to test it out now.

He then took his sword to a nearby stream and quickly cleaned his sword. He then putting the cleaned blade back into its scabbard and left the place in haste.

This was wild forest at the edge of Huaisha City, and not the abandoned factory or Huilian district. It was just a place Lin Sheng chose at random, so abandoning the corpse here was not a problem.


The blue bird chirped as it flew across the city beneath it.

The blue feathers on its body fluttered against the wind as its wingspan looked as sharp as a razor.

It flew through the city area, past the port, and after almost an hour the bird dove downwards towards a massive white military vessel on the ocean.

On the bow of the ship, a man with golden curly hair gently held his hands out and allowed the bird to perch on his finger.

The man was dressed in an expensive tight-fitting garment more akin to the style preferred by the nobility, and on his right shoulder was an epaulette of a white wolf made out of bird feathers.

His face was elegant and gentile, almost feminine, but yet it exuded a nondescript aura of masculine determination.

“The Azurewing is back. Seems like it had failed.” The man said resignedly.

“I knew it was a waste of time.” A tall and lanky bald man in a long robe appeared from the cabin door nearby as he grumbled.

“I had told you to prepare more countermeasures. You are too trust, Kamir.”

“What does have that to do with anything?” The gentle man smiled. “Only by giving others hope that we gain hope ourselves.”

“Hell will freeze over if I ever believe that.” The bald man was speechless. He then made his way to the gentle man’s side and held the rails as he looked at bird.

“Let’s see what it saw.” The bald man held his hand out, and like a flash of lightning, grabbed the bird by its head and squeezed it.


The bird exploded right away and turned into a ball of spider webs.

And the strands were being sucked in by the bald man. He then closed his eyes as he seemed to have noticed something.

“Oh, interesting, very interesting!” As he saw more and more images, the smile on the bald man’s face grew even wider.

“What happened?” The gentle man was astounded. He had rarely seen his partner make such an expression. They had been travelling together across the globe for ten odd years now, and whenever the bald man made such an expression, that meant he had found something really interesting.

“Kamir, do you believe that there are people who can fight against the Darksiders without using dark energies themselves? Without any proper ballistic weaponry, only with cold steel.” The bald man asked as he opened his eyes.

“Impossible. But if that was what you saw in the images, and such a thing happened. The only explanation is that their dark pulse is too weak, or their concealment is too strong that the Azurewing is not able to detect it.” Kamir said flatly.

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