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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 96: Laying Low: Part 3

Chapter 96: Laying Low: Part 3

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“Heh, interesting, really interesting. I never thought I’d see such a fun thing in tiny little Huaisha.” The bald man rubbed his head.

“Want to go ahead and have a look? If there was a concealment ability beyond the detection of the Azurewing; that would be very useful to us in the future,” Kamir said with a serious face.

“In the images, the Huaisha gang boss even hired a Darksider to help, while he is still the weakest Fadeshadow rank, but the opponent’s speed and power were a wee bit too much there.”

The bald man then went ahead to describe the Sacred Shield Tyrant he saw.

Kamir did not pay any heed at first, but the moment the bald man’s description got clearer and clearer, his interest was piqued.

“Basing on our Six Wings categorization, what level you think that white armored warrior belongs to?”

“Six Wings? There’s no physical mutation so he is probably a One Wing corruption level Bloodshadow.” The bald man said after some thoughts.

“A Darksider is broken down into four ranks, Fadeshadow, Grayshadow, Bloodshadow and Nightshadow. You have directly ranked it on the second-highest rank, did something that great appear in that small town?” Kamir was surprised.

“His strength, speed, and defense aren’t much different than a Bloodshadow’s.” The bald man shook his head. “Heh, at this level, most police munitions won’t even work anymore…”

“Weird, a Darksider of this level would only appear on the provincial level,” Kamir added questioningly.

“Screw that. I’ll pay that place a visit. The White Tarots are still important, and that line of contact is still important to us. We need to keep it in place.

As for that Darksider who had taken out Chen Hang, I hope he’ll reveal how he hides his aura when he dies.”

The bald man said no more and turned back into the cabin.

“Enough. It’s bleeding cold out here! I’m heading back in.”

“If it is cold then why the hell did you come up here?” Kamir was speechless.

“I had hung one of my underwear on the cannon. Wasn’t it fired just now? So I came up to see if it had dried or not,” the bald man said without even turning back.

There was silence.

“I became stronger again…”

Lin Sheng sat cross-legged on his bed, his knee aching a little.

“Didn’t they say this posture was the best for meditating? Why is my knee hurting even after doing it for so long?”

He was a little perplexed, as he had only managed a breakthrough with his holy power after a bitter fight.

And now his abdomen was letting out a faint white light.

The holy power seemed to be in perpetual motion as it continued to release a faint white light, nourishing his organs.

And that warmed Lin Sheng’s whole body up.

“So this is holy power… it sure is powerful and warm at the same time.” Lin Sheng felt that he was soaking in a forty-odd degree hot spring now without the water pressure pressing against him.

“No wonder so many got engrossed with training. This sort of happiness is beyond the comprehension of most people.” Lin Sheng pondered as he tried to figure out what use this thing had.

The fight between him and the Venomancer earlier had badly chipped his blade and even tore a wound in his hand.

At that moment, he was trying to get the holy power to flow towards the wound. Sadly, the holy power simply stayed still in his abdomen, not heeding his command.

“There was nothing on what to do once the holy power had awakened when I read the tome last time…This is problematic…” Lin Sheng was troubled.

He then tried all sorts of methods.

Like trying to use an eye beam. Imagining himself shooting a ray of holy light from his eyes and get it to follow where he looked at.

Or trying to caress and massage out. Like using his hands to pinch out a pimple, he tried to force the holy power out.

Or trying to meditate in silence. As he sat cross-legged on the bed, imagining himself as the darkness, an emptiness as he regulated his breathing, and between breaths, was that eternity…”Eternity my ass!”

Lin Sheng sprang up from the bed as he massaged his knee. Seemed like his synovitis got worse.

He had learned from the net about meditative cross-legged seating, and after a while instead of helping him, it had instead caused his knees to hurt.

“Forget that. I probably have to back there to see if I can get any information about holy powers.”

Lin Sheng decided it was probably the best to search for it in the dream.

After all, no matter how much a genius or a savant he was, he could not beat the research and experience of holy power by the countless of people in that world.

He then took off his jacket and turned off the light as Lin Sheng lay on the bed with his legs protruding out of the bed to avoid dirtying the sheet.

As his breathing calmed down, he suddenly thought of his parents.

“If I’m found, then that means my family is in danger too. So, I should strike first at any potential enemy and wipe out the threat. If no, I’ll need more strength to help me protect my family. I’ll pay Ironfist Club a visit tomorrow.”

Old Man Deathclaw had already gotten the Ashen Seal for a couple of days now, and he should have gotten used to it by now.

He was hoping to use Deathclaw’s personal experience as a tool to spread Ironfist Club’s name out and attract more powerful martial artists.

These are all elites who had already reached the peak of human capabilities, and their willpower indomitable, all of them were talents to be harnessed.

“Sarroux too had gotten the seal for a while now. Hopefully, he’ll have some sort of breakthrough as well. My power is still too little…” Lin Sheng thought.

His summoned beings had no thought of its own and were only combat tools, not capable of performing any complicated tasks.

So he needed someone else to help him.

That aside, even after seeing the power of a collective, Lin Sheng was particularly wary of this sort of power. And even if he was not good at it, he could not afford to allow anyone to use this against him.

“Ah, screw it. I should get going…”

Lin Sheng swept away all of the random thoughts in his head and slowly closed his eyes.

*Tick tock, tick tock…*

The clock continued to tick as Lin Sheng felt the sound getting further and further away.

He like a drowning person as he looked up at the clock while continuously sinking downwards.

The sound was getting softer, and even more distant, before being totally inaudible.

And no one knew how long had passed before a faint light appeared before Lin Sheng’s eyes.

It was a golden light, dazzling like the sun.


A deafening roar suddenly boomed.

In the light, a bloodied figure was charging manically forwards, howling and screaming.

She was all bloodied, her steps unstable, her longsword had already chipped and cracked while her armor was rent, and had long lost its defensive capabilities.

“God does not exist.”

“Is that so? But I witnessed a divine miracle.”

“That’s a lie, a deception.”

“But I witnessed a divine miracle.”

“Ancellia, have you gone mad…”

“But… I did witness a divine miracle… Don’t you think it’s beautiful? Like the side face of Hir.”

Lin Sheng widened his eyes as he tried to see things even more clearly, but unfortunately, his body seemed to have fused with the light, and could not feel anything. Not even his own body.

“Go… Go… Find your faith. Be in it a fairy tale, a legend, or madness. It is still a shred of hope.”

A blurry blue-haired knight knelt on one knee as he quietly waited beside the howling figure.

It was not only him but many others as well.

Some of them were of the peasantry, some of them were in noble garbs, there too were the imposing Sacred Shield Tyrants, and another armored warrior that Lin Sheng had no way to identify.

The crowd slowly knelt by the side of the howling figure, they seemed to be the people who had waited on for very long as they looked at the bloodied, maddened figure.



“Search for that final light…”


Lin Sheng knelt on the ground as he held his shield, his throat was parched.

A vomiting sensation roiled from his stomach.

“What the hell did I just saw? A memory resonance?” He was suddenly stunned as he looked at the glowing purple rock in his hand in a daze.

The rock was letting out a faint white glow.

And that white glow, mixing in with the purple started radiated warmth all around as countless of black lines came out from the stone and entered his palm.

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