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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 97: Gain: Part 1

Chapter 97: Gain: Part 1

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“Ugh, wasn’t this rock from the pocket of the robe on the wall?”

Lin Sheng endured the surge of information into his mind as he stood up.

The black lines from the rock had lessened as the white light and purple glow too had faded along with it.

Pieces upon pieces of memory fragments, countless voices, conversations, and sensations were all muddled in Lin Sheng’s already buzzing head.

Just like a massive stew with boatloads of ingredients thrown in at the same time.

“Are these… Ancellia’s memories?” Lin Sheng heard the name from the memories. But the memories from the rock were probably just a tiny portion, while the ones that were transmitted to him were chaotic and blurry.

As time passed, the memory transfer weakened and finally stopped…


The mysterious rock seemed to have completed its mission as it shattered in Lin Sheng’s hand and fell onto the ground into a smattering of black dust.

Lin Sheng took a deep breath as he straightened himself.

“It’s finally over…”

He massaged his temple and felt the massage ease the biting pain somewhat.

To him, the memory fragments were like him watching a series of different movies at the same time. Not only was his vision locked in first person, but they also had a fully immersive virtual reality effect to them.

While it may sound terrifying, but in reality aside from a few muscle memories being absorbed, the rest of the memories did not seem to do much.

Most of them allowed him to see the world from a different perspective.

“I hope I can get more of this, but at the same time I worry about running into danger.” Lin Sheng sat on the bed and wiped the sweat off with both of his hands.

This dream was so real that it had imprinted itself on all his senses.

“What a dilemma.” He smiled bitterly.

Even though he would hesitate and worry about everything before any action, but when he actually runs into trouble, he would still march on.

“When you are hesitant and unsure, be stronger. The only thing you won’t regret is being stronger yourself.”

This was Lin Sheng’s motto, and it was his drive to study ancient language in his past life.

Frankly speaking, he did not like those dry and dreary ancient languages, but at times, choices were limited and he had no other options.

As he broke out of his thoughts, he quickly got up and moved his body to check if everything was okay. Only then did he arranged the memory that he had absorbed.

There were not many memories about Ancellia, and most of the contents were dry and boring, mostly about her idyllic young life.

She was born to a middle nobility of Blackfeather City and her life was lavish and sheltered since young. Fortunately for her, she did not develop the typical noble pride and temper, and instead join the Sanctum and became one of the warriors of the Sanctum.

After that, it was the tale of her training in Blackfeather City and inheritance the Ashen Seal – Sanctuary as she climbed up the ranks of the sanctum and became a Sanctum Knight.

All of these memories were blurry and shortened, with scant details.

As if it was an unclear concept.

In Ancellia’s chaotic memory, there were two pieces of memories clearest to Lin Sheng.

One was her charging into a massive gate oozing black liquid, like a whirling black hole or a tide of writhing insects. Another was when she came to train in Snowgale Fortress and obtained the Ashen Seal there.

It was a seal unique to Snowgale Fortress—Furious Howl.

“An Ashen Seal! A second one!” Lin Sheng was excited.

The Sanctuary’s abilities were very practical, and if meditated on properly, plus a layer of armor, it is as good as having an extra set of protection that your normal folks. Good for keeping yourself alive.

“And I wonder what this Ashen Seal does?”

Lin Sheng forced his excited self to calm down and started to recall the mysterious seal in his memory.

That Ashen Seal in his mind was like a gray crystal, exuding a warm light. “It is really an Ashen Seal, it is all ash in color.” Lin Sheng started meditating.

For him, meditating on the Ashen Seal was already a well-versed process. But this was a new Ashen Seal, and he needed to get used to it.

Lin Sheng closed his eyes and started focusing on the moving lines of the seal. When meditating the seal, he needed to focus and move along the lines. Once he had reached the other end of a line, a round is completed.

After trying it out, he finally latched on to the trick, and after three failures, he had finally managed to complete a full round of meditation.


The moment he completed his meditation, the entire seal lit up.

Lines upon lines of information flowed from the seal into his mind.

“Oh unknown existence, when you have seen this message, that meant I’m already dead. No matter how determined you are, how resolute you are, the end may not always be perfect. Such is life. After putting everything on the line, my life, my soul, and even my existence, but I still failed. Yet I still believe that God does exist, but just that I was not able to meet God.”

Lin Sheng could tell that this was Ancellia using the powers of the Ashen Seal to temporary store a message.

He then continued watching.

“If you are willing, you can choose to tread the path that I had not completed, and marched forth. Search for the existence of God, but if you are not willing. Consider me having said nothing.”

“For you to activate the power of this seal; that means you have already awakened your holy powers. Here, I will leave you the last remaining trail regarding the Holy Sanctum, the last relic.”

After that, it was all about the Holy Sanctum, the basic training methods of holy power, some points to note plus countless analysis, research, and laws regarding holy power.

In such a short span of time, Lin Sheng could not fully understand these few yet profound words.

He could only memorize them, and imprint them in his mind.

Then something struck him.

“If I can look for a permanent, unchanging place to stay that would not disappear, can I jot all of the important stuff in my notebook and leave it here?”

Lin Sheng was starting to think way too far ahead. The dream was always changing. But his current dream state has stabilized, and ever since he left Blackfeather City, he had managed to return to the room he had lived.

That made him think that perhaps there was a sort of function when something happened to him in Blackfeather City, he would instantaneously be brought back to where he lived.

“If I could make out this function, perhaps I could realize the idea of setting up a place to stay in the dream.”

He then put the thoughts away and started studying the materials about holy power.

As for Ancellia, he had no comment. She was clearly a holy knight who bore much burden. She had the title, the light of hope, her disposition naïve and pure. He did not know what Ancellia was up to, but it was probably something grand like saving the world or the likes.

“Sadly, I’m not really interested in that, so I’ll take what information you have, as for your path, too bad.”

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