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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 99: Gain: Part 3

Chapter 99: Gain: Part 3

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“The key thing is probably not that.”

Lin Sheng looked at the white pillar.

It was the warmth that he had sensed from that pillar that brought him into conflict with the gray angel.

And now, the warmth was inside the pillar.

He then stepped forward, and gently placed his hands on the pillar.

The holy power in his body surged like the tide, and the warmth within the pillar roiled as well, and streamed into his body through his palm, across his arm, shoulder, chest, and into his abdomen.

“Is this thing pure holy power? No… not that. It is a magic circle that is created using holy power, probably to control the gray land.”

Lin Sheng could sense a little of the gray angel’s aura in the holy power entering his body.

“The seed of holy power is strengthened by a good bit. Not bad.” Lin Sheng was elated.

If his seed of holy power was the size of a small walnut earlier, then after absorbing the gray angel’s seed of holy power, it was now the size of an apple.

After a moment of rest, and felt that time was almost up, he felt this time around he had managed to deal with the gray angel, and also gained part Ancellia’s memories. Plus, he had also gotten the guide and training methods for his holy power.

“I’ve just leveled up my holy power, and now I’ve absorbed the power of the gray angel. The seed of holy power has stabilized and strengthened quite a bit. What a haul!”

And Lin Sheng, as usual, returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

The door of his place was locked shut, and even without the gray angel, it was still a safe place.

He had no intention of leaving just like that.

Before waking up, he used his shield to block the hole on the door and used the powerful blade as a support for the shield to create a rudimentary alarm system.

He then lay on the bed, and his consciousness slowly faded.

Huilian District, nighttime.

Strands of black mist flew past the deserted streets.

The mist was very scattered, and if it met someone it would slow down, and if there were no living beings in the area, it would simply dart through.

It was the place that Lin Sheng fought against Chen Hang’s convoy.

A good number of police cars blockaded the ruined streets as their sirens flared.

Over dozens of police officers stood guard outside the cordon line and looked about in alert.

Shad, the fat police chief was drenched in sweat as he bowed at a kneeling blue-haired youth.

“For such a ruckus, you said there’s no trace at all? Are you pulling my toes?”

The youth’s face was chilly as he stared at the dismantled car wreckage.

Shad wanted to cry, he dared not offend the White Tarots, but yet, the person before him was even more fearful of offending. As for the killers, he could only push the matter onto them.

“I have found clues about the murderer. Chen Hang of the White Tarots had brought his man to exact revenge for Chen Tan. But they were intercepted halfway through and were taken out before they could even get into formation.

“That aside, from Chen Hang’s surviving men, we have the description of the killers and the main guy was a three-meter-tall man in white armor.

“Three meters tall?” The blue-haired youth was astonished. “Surely you jest?”

“No, definitely not! You can go ask the survivors yourself. If only one person said it, it was probably a lie, but when twenty of them repeated the same thing, it is definitely real!” Shad said with a firm voice. He had not used such a tone in a very long while. Long had he lost his ideals and drive when he joined the force, and now he only wanted to preserve his position and live life easy.

The blue-haired youth nodded. “Go on.”

Shad then wiped away the sweat from the tip of his brow.

“The second killer was clad in a long black shirt and long pants. His weapon was a sword, a capable fighter on his own but far behind the white armored warrior.

“Hiding a three-meter-tall frame would not be easy, so our investigation should be on the first killer. We have concentrated our forces to investigate any person with his characteristics.

Shad quickly finished his analysis.

The blue-haired youth was impassive as he looked at the mound of wreckage and fell into deep thought.

At that moment, on a tall building hundreds of meters away from him, upon seeing the youth, the bald man frowned slightly.

“He actually came…”

“Seems like that battle during the day was a little too loud. While Xilin is almost at its last legs, but it is still possible to squeeze out some powerful persons eh.”

The bald man had intended to start searching for the white armored warrior and the black-clothed swordsman once he got into the city. He only had one Azurewing with him and no others, plus the battle site was on the main street, a sensitive location.

So if he wanted to locate the two, he had to cast a very wide net.

But now, upon seeing the blue-haired youth, he knew his plan was toast.

“This sort of elites, their senses are sharp, for them to come to this place is probably them passing through, they shouldn’t be staying for long. But now Xilin is in need of talents, and with leaks everywhere, he cannot be allowed to wander about. So I need to wait, and once he leaves, I’ll be able to find my chance…”

The bald man did not choose to confront the blue-haired youth.

While he was not afraid of the latter, he had no need to look for a fight when there was none. Plus he did not fear him simply because he could run faster than the latter…

Lin Sheng woke up and looked at the time. It was 3.07 in the morning.

He could no longer sleep and decided to start studying the large amount of information on holy power he had gotten.

“It feels like the burden on my soul seems to have lessened?”

The first thing Lin Sheng thought was that something had happened to the tyrant!

But when he closed his eyes and focused. Strands of black mist soon came in from the window gaps into the room and returned into Lin Sheng’s chest.

And the tyrant’s massive frame appeared before him, with a clear number ‘one’ marked beneath him.

“Okay, so he’s still here.”

He took a sigh of relief.

“But why did the load on my soul had lessened? Based on the Summoner’s Grimoire, the spiritual load of a summoned being should not change.”

Lin Sheng pondered for a bit and remembered his earlier conjecture.

“Perhaps, my soul had gotten stronger instead…”

He had been wondering what those memory fragments that he had gotten from killing the monsters were all about.

What could carry memories? And could transmit flight so freely?

And now he seems to have a clearer picture.

“What I’m absorbing, is probably the remnants of souls that those people had left behind.”

After realizing this, no matter how calm Lin Sheng was, he still felt conflicted.

He had no clue what would happen after absorbing so many soul fragments into his body.

As for the theories about souls, the angels of power, wisdom, desire, fire, and darkness each governed a piece of the five main pieces of the human soul.

“For now, my main consciousness is probably not affected. And the main deciding hosts are the angel of wisdom and the angel of desire. As long as these two pieces are fine, then there should not be a problem.

After all, Lin Sheng had gotten the memories of a cleric and had basic knowledge about the holy sanctum.

“Normally, those soul and memory fragments were all disparate, and could not form into a unified consciousness to take out mine. While there will be some effects, but it’s not problematic.

“But, if my soul becomes stronger, and the load of summoning a being lessens, does that mean I can summon another new being?” Lin Sheng suddenly realized.

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