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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 100: Summoning Once Again: Part 1

Chapter 100: Summoning Once Again: Part 1

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“Summoning, summoning…”

For the whole morning, be it in class or in the toilet, he studied the basic tenets of the Elementary Summoning of Otherworlders.

He was glad that the basic tenets and laws regarding this was clearly written in the tome.

After finishing the first half of the class, he went to look for Shen Yan and got her to help him take leave while he went out to collect the materials needed for the second summoning ritual.

He still had leftovers in gold and silver power, plus he knew how to get the rest of the materials, so this time around, he had managed to collect them faster than he had expected.

By nightfall, he had already completed the preparation of the materials.

He did not head back home after school, rather he went over to Ironfist Club and consulted with Sarroux to get an idea of the progress before returning to the same abandoned warehouse he had performed the rituals.

The warehouse was dim as there was no light, and thick clouds clustered above the sky, blocking out the moon.

This time around, Lin Sheng had used a cloth mat instead and placed it on the position where the ritual was previously done.

He then mixed the ingredients together and placed the mixture aside. Finally, he looked at the notebook and started drawing the magic circle on the cloth mat.

He had dug a hole in the middle of the mat, and thankfully it was a washable water-resistant cloth, he just needed to throw it into the water and wash it clean.

After drawing for a good twenty minutes, and counterchecked three times over to ensure there’s no error.

Only then did Lin Sheng heaved a sigh of relief, got up and took the mixture in his hand and placed them at their respective positions.

“Lastly is to boil water.”

He then pulled out a new flat pan and as usual, placed some firewood beneath the support, poured some oil, and lit up.

He then poured in pure water and the various other materials into it. Lin Sheng felt like he was making a soup or something.

The fire slowly got stronger as the water in the pan started to bubble as well.

Lin Sheng then took a cow fat oil over and pulled out a lighter.


The cotton wick he made himself slowly burned.

Everything was ready.

Lin Sheng straightened his back and pulled out a small paper board with the Sanctuary Ashen Seal diagram on it.

The paper board was cut out from his father’s cardboard box, and there was still part of the noodle brand name at the back of it.

He then clasped the small paper board in between his palms. This would allow him to extend the ritual time; a method of using the seal he had recently learned.

Lin Sheng then started chanting the activation chant in a hushed voice as the chaotic and random chant started floating above the magic circle, creating a series of blurry ripples.

And strands of white smoke started floating out of the cow fat oil and into the pan, merging with the ripples.


A gush of beef-flavored steam shot out from the pan and circled around Lin Sheng.

He slowly closed his eyes.

In the darkness, a red orb slowly lit up, followed by a smaller light green orb. And there was nothing else.

Lin Sheng waited for a moment, and after he was sure that it was only these two, he felt a little resigned as these two orbs were clearly much, much smaller than the tyrant’s orb.

“When I summoned the Sacred Shield Tyrant back then, it was the size of a football, but these two are just the size of a chicken egg, no… a quail’s egg…”

He had thought of summoning another Sacred Shield Tyrant, or the gray angel.

However, reality was not so kind, and only these two light orbs had appeared before him.

“So based on the grimoire, there’s probably not enough space in my soul after supporting the tyrant, so I can only take on either of these two smaller ones.”

Lin Sheng was no longer the dumb kid who knew nothing and had managed to grasp something by now.

Since he had already reached this stage, it would be a waste if he did not summon anything right?

So he steeled himself and touched the egg-sized red orb.


And suddenly a flood of red light drowned out his consciousness.

Lin Sheng’s spirit was so shaken by the sudden flash of red light that he only recovered after ten-odd seconds.

He was now standing in a silver-grey hall, and in the center of the hall, was a strong, muscular man clad in black with a black sword on his back.

The man was looking up, as he allowed a white-haired elder to slowly bind a white bandage on his head.

“Only by abandoning the light can you embrace the darkness.” The elder said.

“I understand, master. For the hope.” The kneeling man rumbled.

“For the hope.”

The elder then tied the last of the bandage over the man’s eyes.

He then held his finger out and drew a sign on the man’s forehead.

The red light shone once again and engulfed Lin Sheng’s vision.

Everything had disappeared.

A few seconds later the red light faded away.

In Lin Sheng’s vision, a very familiar old foe floated before him.

It was the corrupted swordsman with a bandaged head.

“I knew it…” Lin Sheng felt a little helpless.

The corrupted swordsman was not weak by any means, but he was nowhere near the level of the Sacred Shield Tyrant or the grey angel, and that gulf was massive.

When he could easily hunt dozens of the swordsmen when he was still weak, and now, he could take on as many as they come without question.

“Forget it. I just need to remember to gather more spirit power, then only perform the summoning, or else I would not be able to withstand the load of an even more powerful being.”

He now roughly understood the logic behind the summoning process.

The summoning would prioritize any otherworld beings that had the closest relationship to him.

As for the closeness of the relationship, what other beings could go against the spirit of the beings he had absorbed in the dream?

Thus those buggers from the dream were summoned instead.

“But that’s fine. With this, I have a good grasp of the abilities of my summoned beings, using them would be much simpler.”

As he tossed aside his disappointment, he started inspecting the corrupted swordsman.

Similar to the ones he had taken out in his dream, this swordsman had his head bound by bandages. The swordsman’s body was strong as well as muscular, and he a long sword on his back

“There’s no impairment on his limbs, no blister-like skin diseases. So this is probably the true form of the corrupted swordsman. The ones I’ve met were probably all goners.”

Lin Sheng now understood, he then noticed there was a tiny numeral underneath the swordsman, “2”.

“Hmm, does that mean…”

Something struck Lin Sheng as he opened his eyes.

Before him, above the magic circle, were two black-clad, powerful corrupted swordsman.

Both of them had their head bandaged, with their swords on their back, their frame strong and muscular, and most of the details were almost the same.

This was because their bodies were created using the materials and mysterious energies formed by the summoning circle.

And for a body that is created based on a template, it was natural for them to be the same like they came off an assembly line.

“Two in a single go? Not bad.” Lin Sheng nodded in satisfaction.

“Now, to replicate their basic combat ability.”

Lin Sheng was no longer passive this time around. He had followed the method listed in the grimoire and picked the strongest corrupted swordsman from his memory. And the strongest of them all that he had faced, was naturally the elite corrupted swordsman from Blackfeather City.

That swordsman back then could send him staggering a few hundred meters back in a single blow.

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