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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 101: Summoning Once Again: Part 2

Chapter 101: Summoning Once Again: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The transmission of basic combat instinct was very simple. Lin Sheng only needed to recall the memory of the corrupted swordsman in combat, and the transmission was completed.

Last time the basic combat instinct was passively transmitted to him under the influence of ritual. This time was different.

Lin Sheng only replicated the basic combat instinct of the corrupted swordsman, excluding other irrelevant memories, so it was much faster than last time.

Five minutes later…

Two corrupted swordsmen knelt on one knee and crouched in front of Lin Sheng, waiting for orders.

“Dissipation, and patrol the neighborhood,” Lin Sheng said calmly.

“Yes.” The two corrupted swordsmen immediately turned into black smoke and dispersed away.

He named that ability to turn into black smoke Dissipation. And the two corrupted swordsmen, who copied the memory of the basic combat instinct from Lin Sheng, understood it.

“I’m worried about a shortage of men for security. Corrupted swordsmen are weak, but they have the ability of Dissipation, which can play a greater role in security. But now these swordsmen are no longer rotten, shouldn’t be called corrupted swordsmen. Let’s call them Blackfeather swordsmen, after all, I met them in Blackfeather City.”

Lin Sheng then began to clean up the remaining materials.

He skillfully destroyed all traces, carried his schoolbag, and walked back quickly.

The two Blackfeather swordsmen turned into black smoke and followed him, floating ten meters around him.

The black smoke moved so fast and dispersed that it was almost imperceptible to the average person.

Lin Sheng hailed a taxi, and the two Blackfeather swordsmen rushed into his chest.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Sheng reached home. He put the remaining materials away, changed his clothes, and then left a Blackfeather swordsman to patrol the Huilian neighborhood to protect his family.

Another Blackfeather swordsman was sent to patrol the neighborhood where his father worked. It was close to the Blackwater district. Accidents could happen anytime.

As for mom, he did not worry too much. It was a fully enclosed kindergarten with no contact with the outside world. Even gangsters did not usually hurt kids. It was not just a matter of morality or condemnation, it was a matter of reputation.

How could you bully a toddler?? It was a lifetime of shame.

So Lin Sheng believed that kindergarten was actually the safest place.

“Blackfeather swordsmen have a normal body size, not eye-catching and easy to hide.” Lin Sheng suddenly found the real use of Blackfeather swordsmen. This kind of swordsman makes the best bodyguard.

They were strong and powerful. In reality, they could pretend to be ordinary people, perfect for protecting family and friends. And they did not have to eat, drink, sleep or rest, just need to take care of their injuries if they had one. With careful use of Dissipation, these Blackfeather swordsmen were even immune to bullets.

“I should summon more Blackfeather swordsmen to be my eyes and bodyguards in the future. As long as I have enough Blackfeather swordsmen, I can know everything that happens in Huaisha.”

Summoning consumed much of his energy. He ate the instant noodles quickly, then washed up and went to bed.

With the sacred shield tyrant and two Blackfeather swordsmen patrolling and protecting nearby, Lin Sheng felt an unprecedented sense of security.

He slept soundly that night. In his dream, he did nothing else but sit in his room and study the books on the shelves.

After reading the Summoner’s Grimoire, he also wanted to master the Deviltongue.

Lin Sheng just got the spiritual practice materials, and the new Ashen Seal needed to be absorbed, so he decided to turn the present harvest into ability first.

So he studied all night.

The next morning, Lin Sheng finally went to school.

Perhaps because his soul was getting stronger and stronger, his memory was much better than before. He only needed to read a text of several thousand words once or twice to remember and understand it thoroughly.

In one morning, Lin Sheng had done most of the paper. These types of questions were not difficult for an adult mind like his, and his problem was that it took time to memorize things. Now that this problem had also been solved.

After finishing the paper, Lin Sheng still had a lot of free time, so he closed his eyes to meditate on the new Ashen Seal – Furious Roar.

When he was tired, he practiced holy power. The basic practice of holy power was to sink the consciousness into the warm part of the abdomen, then empty one’s mind and relax.

Every time Lin Sheng woke up, he felt like he just had a good sleep, and feeling refreshed.


The school bell rang.

The physics teacher took off his glasses and said, “Well, that’s all for today’s class. Class representative, come and get the holiday homework.”

The classroom was immediately filled with complaints.

“Teacher, the holiday is so short and we still need to do homework. We can’t even rest!”

“Teacher, other subjects have no homework!”

The physics teacher chuckled. “Because you all don’t have other homework to do, so I think I need to give you some pressure.”

Lin Sheng sat in his seat. His body was so fit that his muscles were accentuated through his school uniform. Now he almost had the physique of a professional boxer.

Lin Sheng’s eyes swept through the class. All the students who met his eyes lowered their heads with a trace of fear.

Since the last time he lectured the guy who liked Shen Yan, the story had spread around the school. So now most students did not dare to mess with him.

Shen Yan, sitting in front of him, turned and complained, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you keep skipping school? I can’t keep lying for you!”

“I just have something to deal with,” Lin Sheng said with a smile. “Thank you so much. I’ll treat you to a big meal next time.”

“Next time? When? Just set a date!”

“Tomorrow, then? In the afternoon? Are you free?” Lin Sheng asked.

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