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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 102: Summoning Once Again: Part 3

Chapter 102: Summoning Once Again: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Okay.” Shen Yan nodded. She then looked at her watch and said, “Well, I have something to do. Gotta go. See you tomorrow!”

She took her schoolbag, hurriedly took a stack of papers from the class representative and stuffed them into her schoolbag and left the classroom.

Lin Sheng did not ask her where she was going, just as she did not get to the bottom of what had Lin Sheng been doing lately.

Lin Sheng took a stack of papers from the class representative, folded them and put them in his schoolbag and then walked out of the classroom.

He was not familiar with any of his classmates except Shen Yan. Of course, he was not interested in getting acquainted. He would rather spend more time in the practice of Holy Power to strengthen himself.

“No wonder there are always monks in the temple who meditate all day long and not feeling bored. It’s a nice way to pass the time. When I open my eyes again, an hour or two has passed.” Lin Sheng thought to himself.

Soon after he left the classroom, he saw on his left-hand side, in the corner of a stairwell, three arrogant girls were poking a girl with glasses. The girl with glasses was poked in the face and forehead by their index fingers. Her face had turned red and there were tears in her eyes.

Lin Sheng passed by here every day, and so did today.

With a blank face and his hands in his pockets, he passed those girls and was about to go down the stairs.

“Lin Sheng! Shen Yan asked me to take class notes for you! Do you want it?” Suddenly the girl with glasses shouted loudly.

“Huh?” Lin Sheng turned to look at the girl.

“Who are you?” He didn’t know the girl at all.

“I am Chen Huihan!! We are classmates! I’m sitting right behind you!”

“Oh… No, thank you.” Lin Sheng replied and went downstairs.

The girl with glasses was stunned.

The three girls were stunned, too. They thought Lin Sheng was going to help, but he actually left?

The three girls then laughed at him.

“We scared him away? Hahaha.”

“Such a coward!”

Suddenly a large hand came down from above and squeezed the girl’s head.

“Let’s do a circle dance.”

Lin Sheng suddenly appeared behind the girl. He held the girl’s head and gently turned it clockwise. The girl couldn’t help but follow it.

“Come on, all three of you.” The other two girls also began to turn in circles.

Soon the three girls were spinning clockwise like a spinning top.

“Five rings make up the Olympics. What can three rings make up?” Lin Sheng pondered.

The girl with glasses stood there dumbfounded.

Lin Sheng was like a giant tiger playing with three small chickens. Just like… another species over them!

“May-May I go now?”

The girl with glasses was a little scared. The joy of having just been rescued, and the pleasure of the enemy being avenged, were now concealed by another kind of chill.

At this time, Lin Sheng was staring at the three circles, lost in thought. He seemed to see the secret of the holy light in the three spinning circles.

“Go? Oh, well, off you go then.”


Finally, a girl could not stand it anymore. Falling to the ground, she kept vomiting. Soon, the other two fell to the ground too, lying there, unable to get up.

At this point, some students noticed it, slowing down to watch.

Lin Sheng put his hand back in his pocket and went down the stairs without looking at the three girls on the ground.

Walking out of the teaching building, he went to the canteen to buy a carbonated drink, drank it slowly and walked towards the school gate.

When Lin Sheng arrived at the school gate, he was surrounded by five male students, led by a tall, big, fat boy.

“That’s him! Hit him!” The fat boy pointed at Lin Sheng and yelled.


The fat boy was immediately punched in the nose and staggered to the ground with blood all over his face.

“Blood… Lots of blood!!” The fat boy cried out in horror. “My nose is broken! Broken!!!!! Damn it… My nose is broken!”

The other boys were shocked. They looked at the blood on the fat boy’s face, then looked at Lin Sheng, and ran away.

Lin Sheng looked at their back and thought, “How long can such a peaceful school life last?”

He walked calmly to the side of the road and hailed a taxi, ignoring the students around him.

The driver was a talkative old man. He started chatting with Lin Sheng as soon as he got into the taxi.

From the chat, he learned that the incident where Chen Hang died in was characterized as a large-scale pileup. The death toll was as high as sixteen! It was the biggest traffic accident in Huaisha recently.

The incident also reminded Lin Sheng of the Azurewing who had escaped and the blue-haired guy.

The Azurewing obviously had a master, otherwise, it wouldn’t fly away so decisively. As a supernatural creature sensed by the Sacred Shield Tyrant, the Azurewing was surely more than just a guide.

“My own strength is still too weak. I need to strengthen it.”

Fortunately, after absorbing the holy power of the stone pillar of the gray angel, the holy power inside him grew a lot. He should soon reach the degree of a free transfer.

It usually took at least two years of painstaking practice to attain the degree of transferring the holy power freely after the awakening of the holy power. He needed to strengthen the holy power before he was qualified to transfer it freely.

But now, it only took Lin Sheng a few days to achieve it.

The holy power in the stone pillar had no soul imprint, which made it easy for Lin Sheng to absorb it into himself.

As for the gray angel, it was just a killing machine controlled by the Circle of Holy Power, not a living thing.

What Lin Sheng expected most was that the Level 3 warrior of the holy sanctum would get a fixed divine power after the complete awakening of the holy power.

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