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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 104: Meditation: Part 2

Chapter 104: Meditation: Part 2

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“Is that so?” Dao Ling frowned for a moment but was soon back to normal. “I was wondering why you had suddenly found me and given me such a strong power for nothing.”

Lin Sheng had been too generous in providing him with the way to break through his limits without any restrictions, and that actually made him worry the entire time. However, he was relieved when Lin Sheng revealed the key behind it.

“Once every six months, that’s alright. The price is just a loss of power? That’s okay. That’s generous of you. If I had such secrets…” Dao Ling did not go on. He just chuckled. “What are you going to do next?”

Lin Sheng walked two meters across from him and stopped by the wall. “Martial arts are on the decline. Now that there is a glimmer of hope, I hope that more masters of martial arts will know this method.”

“That’s easy. I have a few close friends, I’ll call them right now. They’re better than me, but they’re stuck at their limit because of their age.” Dao Ling sighed. “I didn’t believe it at first, and if you hadn’t shown me your strength, I would’ve missed the boat.”

“How are you feeling now? How has your strength changed?” Lin Sheng was most concerned about the change in Dao Ling’s strength.

Dao Ling was the ultimate Level 2 warrior. After breaking through, he had advanced to the transcendental Level 3 now. Although different from Lin Sheng, who had absorbed the many memories of swordsmen, Dao Ling was definitely an extraordinary one among ordinary people.

“I feel that not only is my body back to its peak, but there is a wonderful warmth growing in my belly. In addition to the protective force that covers my body, I think I’ve already exceeded my prime.”

“Do you want to give it a try?” Lin Sheng suggested.

“Okay.” Dao Ling stood up.

They stood opposite each other.

“Be careful…” Dao Ling opened his hands and held them out like claws.


Dao Ling moved very fast. Like an eagle grabbing a rabbit, his right “claw” was aimed straight at Lin Sheng’s right shoulder. Weirdly enough, his claw was moving in a straight line, but visually, it appeared to be drifting left and right.

Lin Sheng was not afraid. He raised his right palm like a sword, hitting Dao Ling’s claws extremely fast in the air.

Dao Ling also swung his left hand as quick as lightning, blocking Lin Sheng’s palm.

The two of them fought swiftly in the quiet room.

After a muffled thump, Dao Ling stepped back and lost. A small white mark was left on his right shoulder.

“Amazing!” Dao Ling laughed and was not discouraged. After all, Lin Sheng had displayed his actual strength before.

However, Lin Sheng was a little surprised.

Although he did not use the Sacred Blood or the holy power, he was considered one of the strongest Level 3 warriors.

He was really doing the best he could earlier without using his full strength, but Dao Ling only lost by one move.

Lin Sheng pondered. He believed that, at that point, Dao Ling was able to confront two Level 2 elite warriors.

“After breaking through your limit, you don’t just get back to your peak, your body also improves. Your speed, your strength, your physique, they all increase. You’ve now achieved transcendence,” Lin Sheng said frankly.

“Transcendence?” Dao Ling was glad that he had finally reached a level that he was not qualified to reach before.

“Yes…” Lin Sheng explained roughly to Dao Ling what transcendence meant.

Now, Dao Ling was second only to him. He was the top master in Ironfist Society, and there was room for him to grow up so Lin Sheng had to treat him well.

Dao Ling was even more amazed when he learned of the specific hierarchy after he achieved transcendence.

Lin Sheng had told him about Blackfeather City’s hierarchy. He also told Dao Ling frankly that he was only equivalent to a Level 3 warrior at the moment.

“What is the highest level in this system?” asked Dao Ling.

“It’s too early for you to ask. Practice well, and you will know when the time comes for you to know.” Lin Sheng did not tell him what level he was at right then.

After he answered Dao Ling’s questions, he drew another Ashen Seal and gave it to him so that Dao Ling could give it to his friends or use it himself. When the frequency of meditations increased, the growth of the holy power would be significantly accelerated too.

Lin Sheng then left the meditation area and returned to the hall just in time to hear Sarroux talking to a stranger.

The stranger was wearing Ironfist Club’s uniform.

Lin Sheng had not been to the club since he founded Ironfist Society. After all, it was a little awkward after that incident.

He had left Ironfist Club for more than two weeks. What was a member of the club doing there?

Lin Sheng wondered and slowly approached them.

Sarroux turned to see Lin Sheng coming and quickly said, “Something happened at the club!” He looked hesitant, not knowing what to do.

“What happened?”

Sarroux looked at the stranger. She was a lean young girl, about seventeen or eighteen years old. The girl was also sweating from her forehead, and she looked worried.

“President Lin, something happened to the club! Many members have recently left! If you don’t help us, then…”

“Speak slowly. Take your time, don’t worry.”

The girl calmed down and told the story.

After Lin Sheng left, the members of the club felt like they were powerful and became arrogant. Several members who were usually gentle also began to overestimate their abilities once they managed to solve one or two issues together.

Then, things started to happen.

During a night patrol not long ago, the club clashed with some people. They were a medium-sized gang in the Blackwater district with a reputation for being ruthless.

The conflict was not serious, but there were injuries on both sides.

Shayeen, Russell, and Madillan regarded themselves as equally strong, and they thought that the gang would be afraid of them, so they let their guard down.

A few days ago, the gang came over to seek revenge, and five members of the club were severely wounded.

Russell went off the deep end and gathered all of the members to put pressure on the gang.

The next day, the retaliation was even more serious.

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