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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 105: Meditation: Part 3

Chapter 105: Meditation: Part 3

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The next day, the gang broke the hands of three club members, knocked them unconscious, and dumped them at the harbor. The gang left a note on them, giving the club two choices.

One was to give the club up and hand it to them as compensation. The second was to give them a compensation of ten million in cash.

“Then? How did Shayeen, Russell, and Madillan handle it?” Lin Sheng asked.

“Madillan is scared… Russell and Shayeen want everyone to work together, but no one listens to them. The core members have left… In fact, most members have left the club.”

“Left the club?” Lin Sheng shook his head. That’s why he decided to start a new society in the first place.

The club looked good on the surface, but in fact, it lacked the spirit of cooperation and unity. Put a little pressure on the club and they could not take it anymore.

“Useless!” Sarroux sneered.

“What should we do now?” The girl looked helplessly at Lin Sheng and Sarroux.

“Go back and tell Russell that I can help him. But since the members have left, the club is definitely not going to last,” Lin Sheng said calmly.

“Thank you, I’ll go back now!” The girl was overjoyed. She bowed and left.

Sarroux looked at her back and said, “That little girl is kind of loyal.”

“They’ll come back later. Do you want to go and help them out?” Lin Sheng smiled and asked.

“I don’t have time. I’m focused on meditation.” Sarroux refused flatly.

“Well, I’ll arrange for someone else. This is such a good opportunity for practice.”

“I’ll go! I’ll go!” Sarroux changed his mind decisively.

“Really?” Lin Sheng looked at him, smiling.

“Yes. Don’t you just want free labor, bro?” Sarroux was speechless.

“Ironfist Society isn’t as weak as Ironfist Club. We’ll face such problems in the future, so think of this as training,” said Lin Sheng. “Alright, I gotta go now. Any questions?”

He had no shortage of men, of course, and his two Blackfeather swordsmen could easily solve the problem. The training task was given to Sarroux.

After he answered Sarroux’s questions, Lin Sheng went home.

It was then time for him to enter his dream and continue his practice.

He had roughly mastered the superficial use of the holy light, while the Ashen Seal – Furious Roar was ineffective probably because his meditation time had been too short.

In dreams, time flowed a lot slower than in reality, so Lin Sheng spent most of his time meditating in dreams.

At Snowgale Fortress.

Lin Sheng lay on his bed and slowly opened his eyes.

He peered at the broken wooden door, where his wooden shield and big sword stood as a little guard.

The wooden shield and sword were still there, nothing had changed.

He got out of bed, sat down at his desk, closed his eyes again, and fell into meditation.

After a round of meditation, Lin Sheng began to practice the holy power and adjust his state.

The Gray Angel’s holy power, which he had absorbed, still needed a little bit of running before it could thoroughly turn into his own power.

A moment later, Lin Sheng suddenly fell into a trance.

As the holy power grew stronger and larger, some natural patterns began to be spontaneously sketched in his lower abdomen, forming a mysterious but irregular motif.

The holy power around the pattern was like a light, shining warmly on all of Lin Sheng’s internal organs. However, the light seemed to be gradually conveying a little mysterious message.

Lin Sheng felt as if he had mastered some innate ability.

He sat in his chair and examined the little message that had just materialized.

“Detection of evil? Is this a fixed divine power of a Level 3 warrior?

“Detection of evil? So, what is considered evil? How do you draw the line?” Lin Sheng was puzzled.

Soon, some of the explanations in the message made him understand the key point.

The detection of evil was the detection of faith.

“All heretics are guilty!”

The detection was actually very simple. It was just based on the affinity of holy power.

If there were other forces in the subject that did not accept the holy power, it had to be evil. The subject was also evil if he or she was not physically attuned to the holy light or was mentally disrespectful toward it.

It was basically a lie detector for faith.

The essence of holy power came from the soul, which Lin Sheng knew from basic practice. Therefore, if the soul was not willing to receive the holy light, then the body would lack harmony.

The power was extremely hegemonic. It needed to be fully accepted by the body, including the heart before it could pass detection.

“This magic has to change. I’ll think of a good way to correct it.”

Lin Sheng put it aside and continued to train his holy power.

He meditated on the Ashen Seal as well as trained his holy power, and when he was tired of both, he turned to the book to learn Deviltongue.

Lin Sheng felt like he had never been so diligent.

Nonetheless, it was really nice to feel like he was making progress all the time.

“The use of the holy power seems to be a process of absorbing and purifying soul fragments into myself.” Lin Sheng could vaguely feel a change in himself.

“If a normal person were to absorb so many soul fragments, there would be a problem. But I’m fine. I guess practicing the use of the holy power has solved everything.”

He suddenly remembered the adage he had read before.

“My heart is a living spirit, for such it is sacred.”

That passage in The Proverbs of Eternal Light implied that the essence of the holy power was most likely the manifestation of one’s own will.

The continuous practice of the holy power was to constantly strengthen one’s will and soul.

Thinking of that, Lin Sheng stopped his galloping thoughts and returned to training his holy power again.

What he needed now was plenty of time. He planned to continue exploring the castle once he could utilize the Ashen Seal successfully.

Only by killing the monster and increasing the strength of his soul could he become stronger more rapidly.

Killing more prey, gaining more souls, and summoning more subordinates! That was what he wanted!

And the stronger the soul, the stronger the holy power!

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