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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 106: Recovery: Part 1

Chapter 106: Recovery: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The holy power can recover Dao Ling’s arm and tendon, expand his physique, as well as further improve his potential. The potential of the holy power is so great. Surely it can be further developed.

Lin Sheng aligned his thoughts and resumed his meditation.

All of a sudden, a very soft noise came from the window, followed by dense pitter-patter.

Lin Sheng turned his head. Through the only round window, he could see that it was raining.

The raindrops, like countless stones and particles of sand, clattered on the windows, covering the scenery outside.

The light then faded away.

The gloom was not just caused by the heavy rain. Lin Sheng felt everything around him slowly begin to darken.

Feeling alarmed, he darted out, holding his sword and wooden shield with both hands. Then he returned to his desk and tucked the two books of Deviltongue into his shield.

However, it was too late. The view around him had turned completely black. There was no light, and Lin Sheng stood there, immersed in complete darkness.

He did not have time to grab The Summoner’s Grimoire too.

A slight sense of weightlessness then enveloped him from the bottom up.

“This is… It’s the same as what happened in Blackfeather City!” He was sure it was a sign that his dream was coming to an end.

A moment later.

Suddenly, he heard a faint tapping sound in his ear. It was the sound of the second hand.

“An alarm clock?” Lin Sheng recalled the situation last time and immediately closed his eyes.

It did not make any difference whether he closed his eyes or not in the dark. But, when he opened his eyes again, things began to change.

He could vaguely see several rays of light.

Lin Sheng closed his eyes once more, paused for a moment, and opened them again.

He went back to his bedroom and saw a flowing dark red flash outside the red window.

His bedroom was exactly the same as it was before, except for the alarm clock at the head of the bed. Both its hands had stopped at twelve, and it was quiet all around.

“Just like the last time, I’m back here. I’m also in this half-conscious state.”

He took a deep breath, and the air seemed to be filled with a faint smell of dust.

He pulled the blanket off the bed and looked at the wall where the sword case hung. There was nothing there, and there was nothing in his hands.

“Well, I can take this opportunity to see what can happen to the house in this state.” Lin Sheng was now stronger than before, so he was not too worried.

He tried not to make a sound as he moved about.

Lin Sheng walked to the bedroom door, reached out and gently grabbed the doorknob before he twisted it.

The door opened.

Strong red light flowed in, looking like the simple glow of the setting sun. The red color was so strong that it made him feel sick.

Lin Sheng walked slowly into the corridor and heard the crackling sound of the TV in the living room.

Strolling down the corridor, he looked to see if there was any crack in the wall of the kitchen on his left.

There were no problems in the bathroom straight ahead.

The door, however, was still intact. Lin Sheng remembered that the last time he saw the door, it had been smashed by a great force, yet now it was intact.

“Does it have the ability to repair itself?” He went over and touched the door. The cold, hard sensation reached his forefinger.

Recalling his last experience, Lin Sheng reached for the door handle. He suddenly wondered what was out there in the darkness.

There was nothing but the rustling of the television.

After a long pause, Lin Sheng released the door handle and stepped back. He did not open the door.

He approached the TV, reached out, and pressed the off button. The next second, he was surrounded by absolute silence.

Lin Sheng then proceeded to check the study. The window of the study was firmly locked.

After his inspection of the house, Lin Sheng soon confirmed that it was very safe. It seemed that the monster did not stay there.

“I wonder how I got to this state. Could it be a temporary place for me to store things in my dreams?”

Lin Sheng checked and locked all the doors and windows again. After that, he began to direct a little holy power out of his body and touch the door, as well as windows, with it, especially the door and window in the study where he was previously dragged out.

Once he had touched all the doors and windows with the holy power, he returned to his bedroom and lay on his bed.

Just as he got back in bed, his eyes suddenly drifted to the wardrobe in the room.

The door of the white wardrobe was slightly opened. It felt as if someone was peeping at him through the dark crack.

Lin Sheng was startled. He remembered that the wardrobe was closed when he left the room!

He increased his vigilance to the utmost at once.

Lin Sheng got out of bed and walked slowly toward the only white wardrobe in the bedroom.

When he was half a meter from it, he stopped, reached out, and grabbed the door handle.

Taking a deep breath…

Lin Sheng yanked the wardrobe open, but there was nothing inside.

“Was it my imagination? Or…”

Lin Sheng closed the wardrobe.


Out of nowhere, a big blanket sprang up behind him.

The white blanket covered the entire space, preventing Lin Sheng from dodging, and it wrapped his entire head. Darkness descended on all sides.


The bedroom door was smashed open, and bursts of rapid footsteps along with rapid breathing closed in on him.

Following that, someone crashed through the window and came in.

The wardrobe creaked too, and something rushed out before it pounced on him.

Lin Sheng’s vision was blocked; he could not see his surroundings. Plus, he had no sword to tear the blanket with.

“Damn it!” He felt someone pressing his or her head through the blanket.

“Sacred Blood!” His body suddenly swelled, and he grabbed the blanket with both hands, ripping it open.

The entire blanket was ripped in two, and cotton floss flew everywhere.

Lin Sheng looked up, and the room was quiet. There was nothing around him as if those noises and movements he had just heard and felt were never there.

The windows were in good condition, and the door remained closed. The wardrobe behind him was also closed.


He breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that the place was not safe.

“It’s time to wake up…” A sudden feeling flooded him from the bottom of his heart. He quickly returned to bed and lay down.

The holy power was flowing throughout his body. If the Sacred Blood had not helped him break free, the holy power would have exploded. Unfortunately, he was not given the chance to witness it.

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