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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 108: Recovery: Part 3

Chapter 108: Recovery: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Minjia was just driving around to relax. She never thought of saving people and had never encountered such a thing before.

No one would believe that she had done such a good deed.

Ruthless, strong and fierce were the only impressions people had of her. Even her brother, Chen Yong was always respectful and afraid of her.

She did not mean to intervene when she passed the badly-injured girl.

However, when she noticed that there were so many people around the girl but none of them helped her, it reminded her of her childhood. How similar was the girl’s situation to hers…

A wave of inexplicable anger suddenly welled up in her heart. So, Chen Minjia turned back and took the girl to the hospital.

In fact, she was not just saving the girl, she was saving herself.

After she sent Lin Xiao to the nearest hospital, Chen Minjia paid ¥8,000 for the emergency and hospitalization expenses. She then called the police.

The police came and soon contacted the girl’s parents.

When the girl’s parents arrived, Chen Minjia knew at first glance that they were just ordinary people.

They thanked her profusely. After chatting for a while, she found out that the woman was a preschool teacher and the man was a small business owner.

The police also found the identity of the drunk driver and contacted him.

After a while, the girl’s relatives arrived as well.

Lin Sheng was the last to arrive.

As soon as he entered the ward, he noticed that other distant relatives were also there.

“How’s Sis? How did it happen? Who did it? Where is the person now?” Lin Sheng asked with a somber face the moment he entered the room.

Unlike his honest parents, he walked in like a boss.

Chen Minjia gave Lin Sheng one more glance. The son, who seemed like a high school student, appeared to be the most assertive member of the girl’s family.

“Your parents are here, and you are only a child, there’s no room for you to talk.” His relatives began to speak.

“Why are you asking so many questions? That guy’s a rich boss, and your sister is okay now. Why don’t you just ask for more compensation?”

“Listen to me, my brother, you better sign the settlement. It’s worth ¥200,000. You get so much just by breaking a leg. What are you waiting for?”

His relatives all spoke at the same time. It was so noisy, giving Lin Sheng a headache.

“Shut up!” he yelled sharply.

“I thank you for coming to see my sister, but…” Lin Sheng swept his eyes across the room, giving them a sense of fierce coldness. “I don’t want anyone to make decisions for us!”

The relatives were stunned by Lin Sheng’s bluntness. They wanted to retort, but they did not dare.

His distant relatives were so angry that their lips trembled. They found out about the driver’s background from the police, and they did not want Lin Sheng’s family to annoy the boss, implicating themselves. However, looking at Lin Sheng, they were worried that he would beat them if they spoke again.

“Well, you can leave now.” Lin Sheng pointed at the door.

“Very well!” An older man slammed the door and left. The rest were too embarrassed to stay and also left.

Those relatives did not come to comfort them but to persuade them to stay out of trouble and sign the settlement.

Now that they were gone, the room was suddenly much quieter.

Lin Sheng went up to Chen Minjia as well as her brother and said, “Thank you for getting my sister to the hospital in time. May I have your names?”

“You can call me Miss Chen, and he is my brother. We were just passing by. No one would turn a blind eye to that. I just acted a little faster than the others.”

Lin Sheng nodded, and his father handed him a wad of cash at once. Lin Sheng then gave the money to Chen Minjia.

“This is the money you helped to pay in advance. Also, if you have any trouble in the future, you can call this number. I’ll try my best to help.” Lin Sheng handed Chen Minjia a note with the number of Ironfist Society.

Chen Minjia smiled and accepted the note as well as money.

“Since her family’s here, we’ll go back first.”

“Thank you so much, Miss Chen,” Lin Sheng said solemnly.

“You’re welcome. I just did it because I wanted to.” Minjia nodded and left the ward with her brother.

She really just did whatever she wanted to do, and she did not ask for anything in return.

After they left, Lin Zhounian and Gu Wanqiu looked at their son, finding him to be quite different from his usual low-key persona. He now had a strong sense of presence, and he was steady and powerful. Those were the qualities of a man with great confidence and determination.

“Tell me about it, Dad.” Lin Sheng looked at his sister, who was lying on the hospital bed, and pulled chairs for his parents.

He had protected his parents but never expected his sister to get into an accident.

It was bad luck; no one could stop it. Nevertheless, he wanted to know whether the accident was really just an accident.

If it had happened due to the exposure of his identity, it would be a different story…

As for Miss Chen, he had sent the Blackfeather swordsman to follow her. She was not willing to give her name, which meant that she was not asking for anything in return.

Just because she did not need help now did not mean that she would not need it in the future.

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