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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 109: An Attempt: Part 1

Chapter 109: An Attempt: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What? Unwilling to settle? They haven’t signed the settlement yet?”

In a villa, Odica stood at the window with his big belly, holding a cell phone in his hand and wearing a white towel. He had just gotten up from the pool.

He had been out driving during the day and had hit a student. He had already spoken to the Department of Transportation and police, so he thought that it was settled. He did not expect it to be not over yet.

“You can’t even settle a small case. Why the f*ck do I keep you?!” Odica swore angrily.

“Boss, they aren’t willing to sign, and a lot of people have gathered in the hospital. We can’t do anything to them.”

“I don’t care. You have to take care of this. The traffic police will cooperate with you. Don’t come back if you can’t solve it!” The fat man hung up angrily.

It was not the first time he had hit someone. He had killed several people before, and it all worked out fine with a little pressure and some money.

This time, the student had just broken a leg, and they did not want to settle? They did not even want the money?

“Fine, you can’t have the money either! Do you think your legs are superior?”

Master Odica had decided to be generous for the first time. He closed one eye and gave ¥200,000 as compensation, but they turned it down. Were they planning to slap someone?

“Hehe, they’re really pushing it. Do they think that I can be easily bullied?

“Hun, don’t even think about taking my money. I’ll drag you to death! The lawsuit may go on for a year and a half, but just wait until your limelight dies down. Watch how I kill you!”

Odica felt disgusted at the thought of the accident.

“It so happens that I have a business meeting with a customer. At least, I can go out to relax and forget about this. Staying here will just remind me of this crap and make me upset!”

He opened the door to go downstairs, and outside the door stood his bodyguard, Paul. Odica then walked down the stairs to the living room.

The living room was full of some of his finest wooden collection. It consisted of animal sculptures that were carved out of the best materials, which he had collected over the years.

Two of his servants were carefully wiping the wooden sculptures on their knees for fear of damaging them. Odica had almost beaten one of the servants to death when there was a broken edge on one of the sculptures.

After he examined his wooden sculptures and made sure that they were all in good condition, Odica felt like his soul had been cleansed. He loved it.

He returned upstairs to the bedroom and spoke to Paul before he closed the door. He went to the wardrobe to get a t-shirt, then went downstairs to drink a cup of black tea.


Suddenly, the window behind him was opened.

Odica turned his head, finding it odd.

A gentle breeze blew in through the open window, and a black crow stood on the window sill, its red eyes looking at him calmly.

The sky was dim, and the crow stood there motionless, appearing eerie.

“What is it?” He went over to close the window and chase the crow away.

Just as Odica’s hand touched the window, a pale hand stretched out from behind him, covering his mouth and nose tightly.

The next second, his mouth was taped.

Loops of rope swished around his body, lifting him up.

A man dressed in black with a white cloth over his head caught Odica’s shoulders from the back. He then stepped on the sill, turned around, and the two fell silently through the window.

Strong winds poured into Odica’s ears while they were free falling.

He tried to scream, but a powerful force pushed him sideways, hurling him across the lawn and down a nearby alley in the blink of an eye.

In the alley, the man in black clothes jumped and caught the fat man accurately. He quickly walked to the entrance of the alley, where a black car had been waiting for a long time.

The doors closed, and the car pulled away.

Under the moonlight, everything was secret and silent.

In the villa, a waft of black smoke flashed by.

A pale hand pressed the play button on a pocket recorder and placed it in the middle of the bed.


A light snoring sound wafted from the recorder.

Paul, who was standing outside the door, chuckled and looked at the time. He then turned the room’s sign over to “do not disturb”.

In the suburbs.

Gaz tree farm.

The abandoned tree farm had not been contracted for many years.

The tree farm was full of snake vines, which were difficult to eradicate.

Those vines were slightly poisonous and belonged to a very domineering group of parasitic plants. They had posed a deadly threat to many kinds of trees that the logging farmers needed. After many attempts to eradicate the snake vines, the tree farm was finally abandoned.

Lin Sheng stood expressionless in the forest, watching as the Blackfeather swordsman dragged Odica into the pit.

It took an hour to send the Blackfeather swordsman to the police station to check the information of the driver before taking the man to the designated location. He then drove there and tied the man up deep in the woods.

Although Lin Sheng conducted the whole process remotely, he was very satisfied with the Blackfeather swordsman’s covert and silent movements.

Blackfeather City’s training focused on the explosive swordsmanship of stealth assassinations, therefore, the effects of cooperating with the Blackfeather swordsman were extremely amazing. Since their bodies were not as weak as when they were in the dream realm, almost all of his Blackfeather swordsmen had the strength of an elite.

“What to do with the fat man now…” Lin Sheng wondered.

Just kill him?

No, he was not a murderer. Although he had run into Lin Sheng’s sister, perhaps he ran a good business in his daily life.

His sin did not require death.

There was a better solution.

Recently, Lin Sheng had been putting a lot of effort into the study of the holy power, and he had many questions. Unfortunately, there were no suitable materials around for him to test it out. Was the fat man not the most suitable material right then?

“I’ve improvised the next ritual of the holy power from memory, but it’s still missing a key piece. It would be better to use this living specimen to perfect it…”

The holy power was merciful, so Lin Sheng decided to give the man a chance.

As long as the man could wholeheartedly assist him in perfecting his “soul-ectomy” experiment, he would keep his promise to spare the man after the experiment was completed.

He felt like he was being too kind. Perhaps that was the price of believing in the holy light?

At that moment, the fat man in front of him slowly regained consciousness.

“You’re awake?”

“Ugh, ugh…” The fat man wriggled and struggled to make a sound.

“Don’t be afraid,” Lin Sheng said calmly. “You’re ill, seriously ill… Only I can cure you.”

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