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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: An Attempt: Part 2

Chapter 110: An Attempt: Part 2

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The fat man shivered and struggled harder. He had heard rumors of lunatics roaming around, but he never thought that he would become one of their victims.

“Don’t be afraid… It’s no big deal. If you’re sick, treat it…” Lin Sheng stood up, took a hammer, and walked toward Odica.

The first step of the ritual was to train one’s spirit to change as well as uplift both the body and the mind.

Not long after, Lin Sheng walked out of the forest with his hands full of blood.

He had no direct way of observing souls, but with his knowledge of the five regions of the soul, he was able to reconstruct one of the temple’s classic experiments, Exhortation. The memories of the priest helped too.

Exhortation was not something supernatural, but a punishment specific to the temple. It was a penalty that targeted the different regions of a prisoner’s soul.

The principle of Exhortation was simple. It could directly affect the human soul through the stimulation of the body, making a person change in essence.

Many powerful men could plead not guilty through their own will. However, Exhortation suggested that this was because most of the cells in their bodies were controlled by the brain and mind, so such strong men were not afraid of death.

However, life always had a way to survive. No matter how strong a person’s will was, the person would also have cells and a soul that desired to live.

Exhortation used the healing power of the holy light to support the cells that wanted to live, allowing them to grow and take over the body and brain, ultimately transforming the person. That was what Exhortation was all about.

The holy light could arouse the deep desire for life in anyone. All it had to do from beginning to end was redeem the person.

That was a phrase often heard by the priests of the temple when they studied scripture. Unfortunately, outside the temple, Exhortation was known as a soulectomy.

“What a pity… It was so close…”

The fat man was not dead, but parts of his brain had been removed in a number of hidden areas, and that would probably affect his life in terms of intelligence and memory retention.

Lin Sheng used the conductivity of the holy power to drill into the fat man, cutting off a little bit of his brain and seeing what would happen to him. Lin Sheng did it repeatedly.

It was just an experiment, and he was considerably lucky to even obtain such results.

“The experiment didn’t work out, but there were gains.” Lin Sheng learned that the fat man had several unknown deposit accounts and a large amount of cash hidden in a secret house.

The society’s funds were suddenly secured. He could take the money since they were prepared for his mistresses.

Without delay, Lin Sheng washed his hands in a nearby river and returned to the black car, which was waiting by the side of the road.

Sarroux was sitting in the driver’s seat, and he did not ask too much. He just looked at Lin Sheng and asked, “Want to go back?”

“Yes.” Lin Sheng nodded and closed the door.

In that increasingly chaotic country, no one cared about the death of one or two people, so Sarroux was not bothered at all. He was more curious about the man in black clothes who had dragged the fat man into the car. The man with the covered head seemed to be very strong, but it looked like Lin Sheng was not going to introduce him.

Nobody noticed that Odica was missing. Even if people did, Lin Sheng was confident that they would not be discovered. His cooperation with the Blackfeather swordsman was perfect. No one would associate the car with the disappearance of a wooden sculpture merchant.

Lin Sheng sat in the backseat of the car and began to think about his sister’s follow-up treatment.

Lin Xiao’s leg was broken. She also experienced a little concussion, but there was no huge problem. She just needed to rest.

The car went straight to the hospital, and Lin Sheng went to visit Lin Xiao.

She was chatting with mom.

After they chatted for a while, he left the ward with his mother, and they talked in the corridor.

“Where’s Dad?” Lin Sheng asked in a low voice.

“He went to get the money. We have to pay a lot of money upfront for the treatment and hospitalization…” Gu Wanqiu sighed.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Sis’ injury isn’t serious, and she can go home soon. It won’t cost much,” Lin Sheng comforted her. “I can come to the hospital more often to take care of her.”

Regarding Lin Xiao’s accident, he obtained information from the fat man and was fully aware that it was truly an accident. It had nothing to do with the White Tarots.

The Level 3 holy power allowed him to recover Lin Xiao’s injury secretly. He planned to cover up his use of the holy power to recover Lin Xiao’s injury with a hot compress.

Over the next two days, he helped Lin Xiao recover from her injury while he got someone to investigate Chen Minjia.

Chen Minjia was Lin Xiao’s savior. Lin Sheng intended to assist Chen Minjia when she needed help the most.

However, to his surprise, Chen Minjia was the chairman of a coal-mining company. She was rich and powerful, not lacking in anything. He could only remember her kindness first.

As the Lins considered when to sue Odica, they heard the bad news. Odica’s body was found on a rocky beach outside Huaisha.

It was said that his body had been dragged by two wild dogs and gnawed into pieces.

Lin Sheng did not expect him to die. The blood on his body had probably attracted wild animals in the forest, and he was eaten as a result.

When Odica died, his wife took charge. In order to alleviate any trouble and allow herself to take over the business as soon as possible, she readily compensated the Lins with ¥500,000 in cash and personally went to the hospital to apologize.

That was the end of the matter.

Lin Xiao did not want to waste money in the hospital, so a few days later, she decided to go home. After the final examination, the doctor found that her recovery was way faster than expected. Her parents were surprised and took her home at last.

Lin Sheng had not been exploring the dream realm for several days. After his sister finally came home, he planned to explore his dream further.

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