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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 122: Bloodline: Part 2

Chapter 122: Bloodline: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The wounds on his body had totally healed. Every time he exits and re-enters the dream, he would be restored as new.

Lin Sheng had some ideas about this phenomenon but he was not able to properly confirm it.

He shook off the metallic bits from his body. He then swept his gaze around and quickly left for the direction of the pathway.

As he walked along the pathway, only his echoing footfalls against the coarse ground was heard.

As he made his way ahead, the grey mist in the air started thinning as his vision cleared.

About ten minutes later, Lin Sheng once again came to the entrance of the vault, standing before the sealed path.

Along the way, he had scavenged the heavy armor from the body of a dead soldier and picked up a new set of sword and shield.

“This thickness… let’s see.”

After a few presses against the rock, he pulled out the heavy blade and stabbed at the few cracks on the rock.

And stabbed hard he did.

*Bam! Bam! Bam!

Following the odd crack, a faint ray of light started coming in from outside.

“Is that sunlight?”

Lin Sheng held his hand out towards the location where the light shone in, and his arm was covered by a golden sheen.

What made him frown, however, was the golden light seemed ethereal, for it was without warmth.

“Well, let’s get out first then.”

Lin Sheng increased his pace as he stabbed.

And a few moments later, rays upon rays shone in from outside.


A heavy crash later, a storm of dust was kicked up as the rock blocking the entrance came apart.

Lin Sheng shielded his eyes as he waited for the dust to settle. When he raised his head, he saw over a dozen men and women staring at him.

Over a dozen pale-skinned men and women were standing by the entrance of the path, staring at him in a bizarre yet calm manner.


Lin Sheng’s expression did not change, but his heart skipped a beat.

The group of people stood by the entrance unmoving. Between him and them, there was barely a meter’s distance.

He did not notice them earlier at all. Ten-odd pairs of eyes had suddenly appeared before him under the bright sunlight, and that scared the hell out of him.

“You lot…” Lin Sheng had absorbed many memories from this dream and had a level of understanding as well as mastery of the local language.

He spoke in the most prominent local dialect, but just as the words left his mouth, something bizarre happened to the ten-odd people by the entrance.

Their bodies quickly disintegrated like sand and scattered in all directions. A moment later, they had totally vanished before him.

Lin Sheng stood by the entrance as he let out a sigh of relief before looking at the bright golden land before him.

Beyond the vault, was a golden sand dune. And beyond the rising and falling dune, was an even larger one as a sea of golden sand spanned across the horizon.

“This is a desert?”

Lin Sheng squinted as he slowly stepped out and the golden light shone against his right leg.

He paused for a bit before walking out slowly out of the vault.

While he basked in the sunlight, he could not feel any warmth, With heavy footfalls through the sand, Lin Sheng made his way to the top of the dune as he planned to scout the area from there.


A sudden prickling sensation came from his face, and he reflexively held his hand out to touch it.


Something fell into the ground.

Lin Sheng looked down.


On the ground was a piece of yellowish skin that was swiftly blackening.

“God damn it!” He quickly turned about and dashed towards the vault.

Two seconds later, Lin Sheng threw himself back into the vault as flakes of skin continuously fell from his body. Yet he felt no pain.


After getting back in the shade, he quickly smashed the rock he had pulled away earlier back in. He then quickly piled up the rest of the rocks to seal off most of the pathway.

The sunlight soon dimmed and was not as blinding anymore.

Lin Shen quickly retreated to the dark area covered in mist as he lifted his shield to protect his body.

He was not sure if the sunlight was causing his skin to fall off, so any protection was prudent.

After preparing, he slowly made his way deeper into the tunnel, and only then did the pain start to sting all over the body parts where the skin had fallen off.

If he had a mirror, he could see that half of his face had literally fallen off, with only his eyeballs and skull still intact.

“I’m actually not bleeding?” Lin Sheng touched the wounds on his face. There was nary a drop of blood, only tiny specks of dust falling from his face.

He now know how the people at the entrance died.

“So, I can’t go outside, and there’s only so much inside here. Is this the extent of this dream?”

Lin Sheng was a little miffed. He took a glance at the golden light from outside before turning towards the deep of the vault. He then recalled that green pool. And if he was not wrong, the pool was not just a segregation matrix.

About ten minutes later, Lin Sheng stood before that green pool again.

He looked around and soon made way to the cells before finding a bunch of keys.

He then opened up one of the cells, and pulled the bones of a bull-like twin-headed monster out of it and tossed it into the pool.


The meter-tall and four meter-wide frame sank into the pool, splashing out a huge amount of green liquid to the side.

Yet, there were no changes to the bones after it sank into the pool, there were no frost nor any signs of any corruption.

Nothing happened.

After pausing for a moment, Lin Sheng held his hand out and dipped his finger into the pool.


It was as if the green liquid did not even exist. He could not feel anything.

“What is… this pool for?” Lin Sheng retracted his finger.


Suddenly an arm rushed out of the water and grabbed his right arm.

A powerful, horrifying force pulled him hard. Caught off guard, Lin Sheng tried to muster all his strength but the force of that arm was far beyond even when he has his Sacred Blood activated.

With an almost disdainful dismissal of his resistance, the arm dragged Lin Sheng straight into the pool.

And the moment he fell into the pool, Lin Sheng went berserk, at most he’ll just be dying again.

He opened his eyes wide and swung his sword in a brutal arc.

The pale arm may look weak and frail, but the moment the blade struck it, an ear-piercing metallic clang rang out instead.

As he sank deeper into the pool, Lin Sheng did not asphyxiate at all. All around him within the green liquid, countless of pale arms were flailing about.

He turned towards where the hands came from.

It was the entire bed of the pool.

A massive face made out of countless of arms was staring calmly at him.

The eyes lobes were black and abyssal, yet there was an unknown sense of gentleness within them.

Countless of pale eyes formed the entire make-up of the face, down to every muscle and fiber.

They were all clutching at each other, forming a series of long and short lines that were stacked upon one another.

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