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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 123: Bloodline: Part 3

Chapter 123: Bloodline: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What the f*ck is that sh*t?!!” Without a second thought, Lin Sheng tried to run, and he swam upwards.

The human face was about ten meters wide, and as for the arms that formed it, there were a few hundred of them at the very least.

Lin Sheng had already tested the strength of the arms. With no way to chop the arms off, turning tail and running was the best option.

“No… No…!”

A loud pleading followed by a horrifying quake was transmitted onto Lin Sheng’s body.

His entire body turned numb as he poked his head out of the water before being dragged by a number of hands back into the water.


Lin Sheng tossed both his sword and shield with extreme force and the two objects flew downwards and smashed against the nose of the giant face.


The arms, almost reflexively, retracted and grabbed the shield in a frenzy.


The shield was immediately shredded into broken metal and was swallowed by the face.

Lin Sheng had no time to think, as he rushed out of the water and ran towards the door.

But just as he tried to make his escape, a massive explosion thundered from behind as a massive shockwave smashed violently against his back.

Lin Sheng spat a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying, avoiding the flood of hands by a hair’s breadth.

“No… No…” A series of muffled voices rang out from behind.

Lin Sheng forced himself up off the ground and ran.

He did not need to turn back to know that the massive face monster was after him.

“Sacred Blood!” He immediately activated his special ability and piled even more burden onto his body.

As he suppressed his urge to use the holy light to heal himself, Lin Sheng dashed forward for another hundred odd meters before dizziness struck him from the depth of his mind.

“I’m at my limits. I’ll be waking up soon.” He was elated.

Upon entering the dream, aside from death or reaching the time limit, there was another way for him to wake up earlier, and that was to use up all of his strength.

The more strength he expended in the dream, the shorter the time he had there, and that was the effect Lin Sheng was looking for.

“No… No…!!” The voice behind him repeated like a drone, as it got closer and closer. Yet it was too slow.

Lin Sheng felt his body turned light, and he sank into unconsciousness.

*Tick tock, tick tock…*

The ticking of the clock was heard.


He opened his eyes wide as he got up, his shirt soaked in sweat.

“By a razor’s edge! Thank goodness, I made it back!”

Lin Sheng turned over and looked at the headboard. A new silver alarm clock was there as the clear ticking clicked and clicked.

The hour needle was pointed at seven.

Morning light shone faintly through the curtain.

Lin Sheng took a few deep breaths on the bed as he closed eyes before throwing his blanket away.

“Let’s get the materials ready today!” He had enough of being chased around.

“I’ll summon another being, and then perform the Bloodline Fusion!” He already had the best candidate in mind.

A few hours later… Inside the abandoned warehouse.

Lin Sheng carefully placed the last of the mixture onto the matrix circle as the cow fat candle let out a mouthwatering aroma.

On the pan, the thick grey liquid had already started bubbling.

Lin Sheng stood up and took a step back as he started chanting.


Strands of white smoke appeared from the candle as it entered the pan, a gush of steam soon followed. Just like last time.

The mist quickly surrounded Lin Sheng and slowly spun around him.

He reflexively closed his eyes.

In the darkness, he saw three orbs of different colors appearing.

From left to right, there was a blue, red, and gray orb.

They were arranged in a similar order in terms of size, blue being the smallest, and gray the biggest.

“The last time I chose a red light, it was to summon the Blackfeather Swordsmen. The blue orb is slightly smaller than the red, so it’ll probably summon some weak heavy infantry or some sort. And the last grey one…”

The grey orb was bigger than the two combined, about the size of the orb of the Sacred Shield Tyrant.

“It’s probably the fire breathing fatty I killed not too long ago…” Lin Sheng guessed.

The Summoning Grimoire had also mentioned, just prior to summoning, if he is able to recall the being’s form, it will greatly increase the chance of it appearing. And he did just that.

“Where’s that spellcaster?” Lin Sheng wondered as he recalled the tentacle spellcaster that he had taken out in the vault.


And suddenly, another grey orb of a smaller size appeared.

Lin Sheng looked at the orb and felt the same sort of dissonance when he first faced the spellcaster.

“It works like that?” He was surprised. The grimoire said nothing about the addition of another choice.

“Forget it. Let’s choose the candidate first!”

Without much consideration, his eyes lined against the largest grey orb.

And at that very moment, his entire consciousness was drowned in a flood of grey.

A large golden eye suddenly opened.

The eye was encrusted onto the cliff face of a mountain.


A bolt of lightning flashed past and lit the dark abyss at the bottom of the cliff.

“My death… will bring forth a bigger flame…

“Take my blood…

“Take… my everything…”

The golden eyes on the wall closed again.


Lightning flashed again…

And the entire cliff face turned silent as if it fell into slumber.

In the darkness, above the cliff, a dark figure appeared.

The figure held a torch, and the fire dancing on the torch was the only source of light in the area.

The figure then threw the torch off the cliff and into the abyss.

“Awaken… Harken to me… oh great Lord of the Crags.

“Awaken… Harken to me… oh the most powerful Lord of the Crag Dragons…

“Awaken… Harken to me… oh the last dragon of hope in the darkness…”

At the same moment, a flowing chant started ringing out from all over.


The third lightning flashed through as the light shone everything, from the heavens to the ground, and the entire black cliff bright.

Within the dark abyss, a dark red ember lit up and slowly turned into a massive inferno.


A pair of menacing gold eyes suddenly opened.

Lin Sheng returned to his senses and noticed a massive figure kneeling before him.

The eyes of the figure were the same golden eyes he had seen.

Taking a deep breath, he raised his left hand and slowly approached the figure’s forehead.

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