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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 124: Fusion: Part 1

Chapter 124: Fusion: Part 1

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As his hand closed in, the fire-belching fat man’s kneeling form started to blur as if something within his body was being absorbed by the silver mark on the back of Lin Sheng’s hand.

There was no resistance, no pain.

Not long later, the fire-belching fat soldier-type had its only unique bloodline ripped out from his body by the Circle of Reaping. Only after Lin Sheng felt the hunger from the mark subsiding that he pulled his hand back.

The Circle of Reaping was spinning rapidly as it let out a faint silver glow.

Something was being weaved within the light.

Lin Sheng shifted his gaze to the summoned being, and that fire belcher he had summoned, was melting like a wax figure as he was being reduced to the most basic of black mist.

And the black mist dissipated in midair, as if it never existed.

“It is disintegrating, and disappearing.” Lin Sheng suddenly understood something.

This was a unique feedback he had gotten from the ritual.

It did not take more than a minute for the fire belcher’s massive frame to be totally reduced into black mist and disappearing before him.

He could feel the burden of his soul increasing before decreasing again. That meant the summoned being had disappeared.

“I’m not sure if I’ve managed to extract the bloodline or not.” Lin Sheng did not regret what he had expected to happen.

This was but one of the possible scenarios.

He then turned his gaze to the back of his hand. He saw that a blood red crystal had formed from the Circle of Reaping at the back of his hand.

The crystal was ethereal as it floated above the circle and was growing faster than the eye could see.

About five minutes later, the crystal had reached its maximum size, the size of an entire fingernail.

Only then did the silver mark at the back of his hand slowly disappeared. Lin Sheng stuck his hand out, grabbed the crystal and stuffed it into his mouth.


He swallowed it whole.

“Strawberry flavor…” he tapped his jaw as he recalled the taste.

And just as that happened, a scorching heat belched out from his stomach and across his entire body.

Burning, boiling as his sweat evaporated the moment it left his body.

The temperature of his eyes was getting ever higher, as if two boiling metal ball bearings were rolling in his eye sockets.

Lin Sheng could even hear the sound of his flesh being scorched by his eyeballs.

The pain continued and continued.

He had thought himself to have a will of steel, and yet before this surge of excruciating pain, that swiftly collapse like a house of cards and he passed out.

Yet, the Bloodline Fusion would not stop just because someone’s will had collapsed.

Within the abandoned warehouse, Lin Sheng lay on the ground, his skin was like a boiled lobster as the heatwave slightly distorted everything around him.

A massive surge of frenzied blood started crashing against his flesh.

As the Bloodline of the Crag Dragon was extracted from the ethereal body of a nightmare, its concentration was halved. And so, the Crag Dragon’s fusion was only half of the fire belcher’s.

And this diluted half still managed to knock him down. He was not as strong as the fire belcher after all.

Lin Sheng thrashed about on the ground by instinct as he cried.

The Blackfeather Swordsmen around him all appeared as they silently waited for the fusion to complete.

Time passed slowly.

And soon, the light outside dimmed, it was close to dusk.

Lin Sheng’s thrashing lessened as the redness started to fade away.

His body size grew a little, and while not exactly visible, his skin had darkened somewhat, and was not as fair as before, yet he was not dark, just somewhere in between.

As the dusk light shone on his face, there was a trace of rock-like hardness to it.

Not long later, Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes, and sat up with much difficulties.

He felt his throat sore, and his whole body feverish and dehydrated.

“I’ve used up a good chunk of my holy power. Probably used up to sustain the fusion after I passed out.”

Lin Sheng could feel the changes to his body.

“I’ve become stronger, and my skin is tougher than before…”

He proceeded to pinch the touch skin on his hand. It was a totally different sensation from that of a normal person.

“If I have really succeeded with the fusion, there should be the most unique feature of the Crag Dragon’s bloodline. The dragonskin.”

Based on the fire belcher’s memory fragments. The dragonskin’s most standard ability was fire resistance.

As the Crag Dragon was also a dragonkin that could breathe fire, so it was natural for him to look for resistance in both physical and fire. Just like how it took him all his might to get through the fire belcher’s skin and flesh.

This resistance was not that strong due to the dilution of the bloodline, but plus the Ashen Seal alongside Sacred Blood, then its effect…

Lin Sheng had the urge to try it out. But he could feel that his body was extremely unstable, like a volcano about to erupt.

The Crag Dragon bloodline had brought him at least a one-fold increase in power, as for how much, he still need to test it out.

And as for his current strength, his consolidated skin resistance, and the transformation of his eyes into dragon eyes, all this he still had to slowly discover one by one.

“I need to take some time to get used to this… I’ve grown a little too fast, and I’ve became a level four warrior out of nowhere. Once I’ve stabilized, and mastered all of the changes to my body, won’t be surprised if I hit level five then.”

Lin Sheng had that rough idea in mind.

After level three, every level would see a consolidated increase for a warrior’s physique. If not for that, the warriors would not have stood a chance against those legendary spellcasters.

“And now, I need to cool down…”

Lin Sheng patted off the dust on his body, and started cleaning up the ritual site.

Zhiteng Hill.

It was a small hill outside Huaisha City, and was a popular exercise spot.

As the weather had turn colder, the number of people training there had fallen.

With the end of the year closing in, the amount of people appearing there was even lesser.

Late evening.

Lin Sheng followed the hill path up the hill.

All around him were footprints, and the grass lining the pathway was stained with mud spots.

Perhaps someone had splattered mud on them when it was raining.

Along the curved path were the occasional graveyards, some had gravestones on them, some none.

Lin Sheng breathed hard as he tried to let out the scorching heat within his chest.

He could sense that his current condition was far from stable, and he may be belching fire by accident.

This trip to the mountain here, was simply to find a quiet, deserted high ground to calm his roiling spirits.

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