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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 126: Fusion: Part 3

Chapter 126: Fusion: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As he walked to a junction and across a zebra crossing, a few sparrows flew over the electric post above him.

Their chirping was melodious, and Lin Sheng felt the roiling inside him subside somewhat.

He stood beneath the pole and looked up at the sparrows. But just as he lifted his head, the sparrows were seemingly shocked as their feathers bristled and flew away in fear. As if someone had just whacked them with a stick.

“That’s a little much, ain’t it…” Lin Sheng helplessly look down and continued on walking as the cold wind made him feel a little better.

The sky was getting darker.

Lin Sheng had walked a few kilometers now. He felt that his body had somewhat calmed down and that it was in better shape. Only then was he bothered about what was going on around him.

At that moment, a faint piano tune could be heard not far away on the right street.

It was a melodious piece of music, which created a wellspring of calm in Lin Sheng’s heart, and his current volatile status quickly came under control.

A thought came to his mind, and he quickly made his way towards the source of the music.

And soon, by the side of a cake shop, he found the source of the music. A simple piano shop called “The Sound Screen”.

The shop was not big, about the two shops wide, and on the top was a black signboard with the words ‘The Sound Screen’ carved into it.

The entrance was a transparent glass door, and a flyer was plastered on it: Year End Promotion! Taking in long term students, 20% off fees!

There was a signboard by the entrance, and written on it was: Garna, Hyde Pianos, Fassman violins, Caen harps, we have all of them.

Lin Sheng walked to the side of the glass door and peered into it.

There was a gaggle of children in it, the youngest about seven, the oldest about thirteen were carefully playing their songs under the guidance of a short-haired lady in a white dress.

On the other side of the shop was an array of guqin, flutes and small harps.

By the far corner was a black medium-sized piano, and a couple, probably customers were chatting before the piano.

While there were some clumsy notes coming out of the shop at times, but it was for these notes that Lin Sheng had managed to calm down.

“Music, huh?”

He demurred as he stood by the entrance observing the children who were playing the piano. Even so, he was about eighteen, nineteen this year, and was not that much older than the children.

It was just that his current body size was toned due to his constant training, and it was now made even bigger by his half-dragon form.

Lin Sheng currently stood almost two meters tall before the piano shop, and his chiseled musculature, as well as half-dragon form, brought forth an imposing aura.

Any people walking around him would simply avoid him when he stood still.

Lin Sheng could not be bothered by the pressure he was exuding on others.

After a while, he finally pushed the door open and entered the piano shop.

The music teacher looked at him and was slightly startled by his exaggerated physique, but a moment later, she continued to teach the children.

A female shop attendant in a green apron came over and greeted Lin Sheng courteously.

“May I know how can I help you? Are you looking for a five or six-string guqin? Or a violin, or perhaps a harp?”

“I’m just looking around.” Lin Sheng could feel that he would be able to better relax in his half-dragon state with music.

But it was not enough!

He needed more music that was calming!

He browsing through the guqins that were hung on the wall, and stroke his finger through them as he picked out memory pieces from the deluge of memory fragments.

And soon, he reached a faint gold harp the size of an adult’s arm.

Seeing so, another shop attendant standing by the side quickly came forward to explain.

“This is a Shaar Harp, and compared to other harps, the Shaar is very small, and while its rhythmic range is not as a normal harp, but it wins in clarity.”

“Is that so?” Lin Sheng took the harp down and recalled the method to make a Bloodazure Harp he saw in Snowgale Fortress.

This Shaar harp just needed a simple modification to be turned into the Bloodazure harp in the books.

The two looked pretty much the same.

Lin Sheng extended his hand and closed his eyes. The small harp was in sharp contrast with his massive physique.

He gently plucked it.


A clear, melodious note came from the harp.

In one of the memories that Lin Sheng had absorbed, a heavy soldier loved playing the harp, and even with the rigors and demands of war, he would still find time to play to himself.

The soldier hailed from the ancient kingdom of Mitos, a land of verdant woods and fresh fruits, covered in endless greens.

Sadly, within the memory, the kingdom of Mitos had already disappeared in the sands of time.

Lin Sheng closed his eyes to recall the ancient song from the soldier’s memory, and following his rather unrefined plucking, slowly played the tune.

As the ancient, serene music played, Lin Sheng’s mind and body slowly returned to normal under the peaceful trance.

His burning body was seemingly being quenched by a torrent of cold spring water, and that felt really good.

That feeling almost made him forget that he was still playing the harp and not resting.

As he finished the tune, Lin Sheng moved his finger away from the harp.

“I’ll take this.” He handed the harp over to the stunned shop attendant.


The attendant regained his senses, he had never heard the tune before. That sort of ancient lament, that sort of calm, yet distant style had him feeling very calm and relaxed.

And he then realized that the person playing the gentle music on the harp was a massive hunk of a man that was a head taller than him.

At the corner of the shop, the children playing the piano, and the teacher too cast an astonished glance at Lin Sheng.

It was not that he played it well, rather, no one had heard that tune before, and it was also due to Lin Sheng’s bear-like frame holding a small, delicate harp.

The dissonance in the image surprised everyone.

The young couple at the corner gave Lin Sheng a very appreciative glance, from their demeanor they were probably musical professionals.

In this day and age, there were very few who could play the Shaar harp this well, so infused with emotions, much less someone as young as Lin Sheng.

After paying for the harp, Lin Sheng declined the couple’s attempt to chat and left the shop.

With just a single play, he had felt the half-dragon status was slowly receding, and his body was slowly returning to normal.

He now planned to modify the harp to make a Bloodazure harp that was capable of training his holy power.

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