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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 127: Separation: Part 1

Chapter 127: Separation: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Central Xilin.

Deep within a dark cavern in a hilly forest in the distance.

“…This is one of the last two provinces without any powerful Darksiders… I need to get enough flesh and blood, heal up and complete the body before Anjali catches up!” A cold hoarse voice rasped in the dark.

“As long as my body is complete, even Anjali will die!”

A massive dark red shadow let out a furious roar in the cavern.

It was a mantis-like monster, and in its hand was a map, and was it was pointing at the circles of it.

It swept its gaze the map and quickly determined the direction of Anduin province.

There was a long coastline there. It could hunt there and once it has a complete body, take a place as its lair.

There were too many Darksiders in the east and central provinces. Those places were not ideal hunting grounds.

“I can only hide for now.”

It calculated in its mind, if it was voracious in its hunt, it will attract the attention of central. So its hunts need to be separated.

“While there’s little ore here, I can compensate for it with more flesh. Anjali, just you wait…!”

Being forced into this forsaken place, hunting low lives to survive, this insult ignited a furious rage in the monster’s heart.

A rip later, the mantis monster tore the map into pieces as it opened its wings and instantly disappeared without a sound.

Ten minutes later, within the dark cavern, footsteps were heard.

A couple of flashlights were shone in the cavern, and map fragments were detected on the ground.

A group of personnel in white protective uniform rushed in and quickly saw the map as they tried to put it back together.

Not too long later, they managed to piece ninety percent if the map together.

And there was a clear red circle mark on it.

“It’s Geria province! The monster may have escaped to Geria! The more it hunts, the quicker it recovers its strength! Quick, let Master Anjali know!”

Two days later.

“News from Duyan City. Last night at around seven in the evening, a family of three living at Dongcheng District, Lanhua Street was found murdered in their bedrooms.

After killing the victims, the murderer had stolen tens of thousands of cash

One of the neighbors who was talking a walk during the time of the murder, Ms. Wang said that the victims were kind folks and had no quarrels with anyone, so it was probably not revenge killing.”

“Following the police’s investigation, traces of blood left by the murderer was found in the bushes about thirty meters away from the crime scene. Based on the forensic sketch, the murderer is about 190cm tall, with a skinny figure and long arms, with a cold demeanor. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact 123.”

Lin Xiao stretched on the sofa.

“There was a murder case not too long ago, and now another one. Security sure is getting worse by the day…”

She had changed into a white shirt and placed her uninjured leg on the sofa. Her slightly pale face seemed a little redder under the light.

Gu Wanqiu was knitting as she listened to the news.

“Yeah, I’ve heard my colleague said before, the victim last time is a boss of a repair shop in the neighboring town. While he may look friendly, he was apparently a menace at work.”

“Is it really revenge killing?” Lin Xiao guessed. She was stuck at home now, so watching TV or reading was her only past time now.

“I don’t know.” Gu Wanqiu shook her head. “How about your brother? What is he doing? He had been locking himself in the room every time he gets home.”

Lin Xiao shook her head.

“No idea…”

Two days back when Lin Sheng got home, she felt something was off with her little brother as if his clothes were being stretched hard till the point the zippers and buttons were ruined.

And the expression on his face, it looked like someone who had constipation for ages finally releasing everything out all at once.

A face of relief.

“Could it be…” Lin Xiao then had an idea. “Could it be that Chenchen is dating now?”

She thought of it but did not tell her mother about it. Chenchen was matured enough, he knows how to manage his time and energy.

As an elder sister, she should trust her own brother more.

“But Chenchen had been going out and about…I hope he is not mixing with the wrong sort of people.” Gu Wanqiu continued.

“Nah, Chechen probably has his own ideas. We just need to stand behind him. He’s an adult after all.” Lin Xiao comforted her mom.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Gu Wanqiu could not help but recall the scene where Lin Sheng yelled at his relatives. It was so menacing that she was worried.

“Oh right, I’ve spoken to Jiamin yesterday. I’ve invited her to come over for a meal, but she said she did not have time, and needed to go overseas for work. Somewhere called Ryrkistan,” Lin Xiao said.

“Don’t go disturbing people…”

“I just felt that Jiamin might’ve been lonely.”

In his room.

Lin Sheng stared at the third harp as he carefully used the tools in hand to hammer about the frame of the harp.

It had been two days, since he bought the first Shaar harp, that he was totally engrossed with his simple instrument with a clear sound.

Of course, it was mainly because he had memories on how to play this instrument. Plus, with the aid of muscle memory, he managed to master the harp in a short span of time.

It was just that Lin Sheng had run into roadblocks while trying to modify the Bloodazure Harp.

The Bloodazure Harp, compared to the Shaar Harp, requires the harp strings to be coated in the user’s blood before using the user’s supernatural powers, through the blood to infuse the harp strings.

With the strings coated in supernatural powers, it will slowly change. After that that, the frame would also be soaked in a special solution before being put together again.

While it may sound simple, the difficult part was to fuse the strings and the frame together and activate it; to let the supernatural powers flow and reside within it.

And the moment that was done, upon infusing the supernatural powers, it had to be sealed shut.

Lin Sheng was stuck there.


The third harp was ruined…

“The activation failed…”

Lin Sheng pulled out another new harp frame from the plastic container.

To make a Bloodazure Harp, he had infused six frames in a go for fear of continuous failures.

For the past two days, he had also been returning to the vault. Everything was back to normal.

He did not go looking for trouble with the monster at the bottom of the pool and simply trained in the vault itself.

And what surprised him was that the desert outside the vault did not show any signs of nightfall. For two consecutive days, Lin Sheng noticed the golden glow outside the vault all day long.

That kept him from venturing out.

Since he had nothing to do, he simply sat by the entrance of the vault and used the reflected golden sunlight as a light source.

He then found a cell to start meditating, studying the holy power, reciting the Deviltongue, and going through some Gaokao practice materials.

That actually meant that Lin Sheng was studying more than most, although a good part of the time was used on something else.

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