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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 128: Separation: Part 2

Chapter 128: Separation: Part 2

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An hour later…

After the fourth attempt, Lin Sheng finally managed to craft the Bloodazure Harp.

“Considering how simply this harp is, I’ve actually failed so many times…” Lin Sheng was despairing at his handicraft skills.

“Thankfully, I’ve finally made one.”

He heaved a sigh of relief and took the completed item as he started fixing the strings it.

The Bloodazure Harp was not that much different than the Shaar Harp. It was still gold in color, but a few shades darker overall.

After that, Lin Sheng did not try it out. Randomly playing at home would make him a nuisance. Plus he was a little tired.

For the past two days, in order to master the half-dragon mode, and to create the Bloodazure Harp, he had focused all his attention on those two matters.

“Right, time to study. I’ve spent half the day meditating, so the rest will be for my revision.”

As he kept the harp, Lin Sheng quickly cleaned up the mess on the floor before heading to the washroom to wash up. Along the way, he took an apple to bite on.

After wolfing down the apple, he drank a glass of water before changing into his usual getup and la on the bed.


The table lamp was turned off.

Lin Sheng closed his eyes, and slowly entered a calm state.

*Tick tock, tick tock…*

A series of ticking became clearer and louder in Lin Sheng’s ears as his consciousness sank deeper and deeper into the deeps.

No one knew how much time had passed since before Lin Sheng opened his eyes and saw the shroud of mist before him. It was clear that this was the Fay Vault that he had been staying around for the past few days now.

The vault was chilly and the shaking candles gave it an eerie atmosphere.

Lin Sheng was, however, already familiar with the atmosphere there, and he quickly made his way into one of the cells on the right.

This was one of the better cells around, equipped with a table and chair, a toilet, a bookrack, a cupboard, a mirror, and also a cup.

Most of it was of no use to Lin Sheng. He pulled the chair out and sat on it.

He had planned to meditate just as planned.

Suddenly, his gaze swept past the sidewall of the cell, and thought of something.

“This cell is underground, so how did I came in here?” Lin Sheng recalled how did he managed to get into this place.

“Through a crack, a crack on the wall…”

He then stood up and grabbed the heavy blade by the side of the wall and came before the cell wall.

The wall was in a state of disrepair and had tiny cracks all over it.

Lin Sheng chose a slightly bigger one as he pierced the tip of the sword it and started stabbing about.

Tiny rocks came falling out of the cracks onto the ground. And as time passed, Lin Sheng could tell from touch that his assumption was correct.

“It’s empty. The next door is empty!”

He got excited. The blade had already sunk halfway into the crack before any resistance disappeared.

Lin Sheng then pulled the blade out.


The blade slid out of the crack.

And from the cracks, a faint purple light shone through.

“The purple light when I came in!”

Lin Sheng was elated as he managed to immediately recognize the purple liquid which he had come through into the vault.

And now he knew that he had round the rift entrance, and started stabbing ferociously at the wall.

*Crack, crack, crack…*

Amidst the piercing din, a half-a-meter uneven gap appeared in the cell wall.

The purple glow shone through the hole as the liquid of the same color flowed and rippled at times.

“What will happen if I leave this dream before it ends?” Lin Sheng hesitated as he stood before the gap.

But he had enough of this forsaken vault, and staying here was a waste of time.

He was no match for that face monster, and even with the half-dragon form, he did not want to go courting trouble.

Lin Sheng had made up his mind. Unless he had some high-level weapons on hand that could easily slash through that insanely tough arm, he would not face that monster.

The difference in their level was just too great.

“The biggest secret of this vault is definitely that face made out of arms. But… I’m just too weak now, and like Blackfeather City, I’m not able to search it whole.”

Lin Sheng sighed as he changed into a full set of armor before slowly going through the purple gap.


It was as if he had entered the depths of a purple sea.

Lin Sheng extended his limbs and swam within the purple liquid.

His body grew and his skin darkened and hardened to a rock-like toughness as his strength and resistance increased.

At the same time, his eyes felt warm as they turned into faint golden dragon eyes.


Lin Sheng swam hard as he pushed himself forward with the massive current his strokes had created.

He was clad in heavy armor yet he did not feel any weight as he quickly made his way through the liquid.

“So my lung capacity also increased after I take on the half-dragon form?” Lin Sheng had no idea how much the lung capacity increase was, but he could go on without breathing for a short while now.

He quickly swam forward, it was nary but purple around him.

Five minutes later…

Lin Sheng felt that he was at his limits.

While his half-dragon state had increased his lung capacity, the longer he held his breath, the most strength it consumed.

Now, it was nothing but purple before him.

Lin Sheng felt that breathing was getting more and more difficult, and his vision started to blur.


He finally lost control and opened his mouth to breathe as a surge of purple liquid rushed into his chest.

Lin Sheng felt his chest in pain, before blacking out and sank into perpetual darkness.

No one knew how long had passed.

Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes and saw the familiar ceiling in his room.

“I died huh…” Lin Sheng wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Sitting up, he looked at the alarm clock on the headboard. It read 4:32 am.

It was still dark outside.

Lin Sheng was a little helpless, while he would not truly die in the dream, but every death meant he had to wait for three days, losing him precious time to train his Ashen Seal.

“Too bad I guess…”

He got up and changed into his outdoor wear as he planned to go over to Ironfist Society to have a look.

That place was open 24-7, and there were rotating staff on duty at night. Since he had nothing else better to do, he planned to go over there to test out the effectiveness of the Bloodazure harp.

He got into his clothes and picked up the harp casing. This was not a masquerade sword casing, but a real harp casing.

But the casing was much wider this time, and he could only carry it on his back.

Everyone was still asleep and Lin Sheng snuck out of the house.

There was no one on the street at this hour.

Woof, woof!

An old mutt with a broken leg was howling at random in a corner.

The moment it saw Lin Sheng coming out of the staircase, it seemed to be shocked as it ran away.

Lin Sheng had gotten used to this now, even without his half-dragon form, he still exuded a faint draconic aura wherever he went.

And every beast or incest with an acute sense would reflexively run away from him.

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