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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 129: Separation: Part 2

Chapter 129: Separation: Part 2

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Anduin Province border.

On the right side of the expressway, within the dark forested hill.

A massive shadow darted across the woods, down the slope and leap towards the expressway.

At that very moment, a massive red trailer sped across the expressway. The black shadow landed deftly on the top of the trailer and lay low as the trailer sped along.

The shadow at the top of the trailer slowly bulged up and turned into a humanoid form while its right arm formed into an ellipsoid ball.

As if it was laying eggs, the ball on the right arm spat a black ellipsoid ball into the scrubs by the side.

“Hunt, separate, go. The master needs more flesh…” A mysterious order entered the black ball as it rolled about before stopping in a small ditch.


A green glow flashed across the surface of the ball before the sound of cracking rang out.

Cracks upon cracks appeared on the surface of the ball as their numbers increased and gotten larger.

The next moment, the ball totally disintegrated as a blurry silhouette shot out of it and darted towards the nearby city district as it disappeared into the woods.

Ironfist Society.

Lin Sheng sat before the empty main hall and held a record book in his hand.

As the manager of the society, Sarroux was particularly detailed in his records keeping.

Every time something significant enough had happened, he would record it on the log for Lin Sheng to go through later.

With Dao Ling and another newly recruited martial artist’s help, the two old farts and one young man became the highest administrative level of Ironfist Society.

They were driven, revolutionary and adaptable.

Lin Sheng noted that on the log, under the suggestion of the new recruit, an elder called Luo Xinna, the Society had officially entered into the business of managing the port deliveries.

There were all sorts of potential security problems at the port, theft, robbery, the dockhands fighting for business opportunities, triads stopping vessels from offloading their wares, jacking up of prices and the likes.

So there’s plenty of room for business there.

Luo Xinna, the martial artist suggested that they took control of a section of the port and collect fees for providing security.

And that allowed the Ironfist Society’s ledgers to turn from red to back in just a week.

Previously, the running of the Society depended on Lin Sheng’s robberies, but now, that new venture could earn them a profit of a few hundred a day. That was after deducting the salaries, maintenance costs, and living expenses.

“Finally there’s someone who knows how to run a business…” Lin Sheng was pleased and decided to find some time to meet that new recruit, Luo Xinna.

But that alone said nothing, but it was impossible that no one had seen this possible business opportunity at the port with it laying wide open for so long, no?

Not all were fools.

It involved not only strength and background but also balance.

To be able to force their way into the area without the already established gangs and port officials to recoil would require plenty of strength.

The club earlier could only get temporary, ad hoc patrol jobs.

“Our total number of disciples had already broken through a hundred?” Lin Sheng noticed the headcount at the bottom.

There were 121 disciples, four members, and twenty-three staff.

“Had we get so big without me realizing?” Lin Sheng closed the log.

“How ’bout that? Boss.” Sarroux came from behind with two cups of coffee and sat on the chair beside Lin Sheng as he placed the cups of the table.

“Not bad, not bad.” Lin Sheng smiled. “You’re sleeping here every day?”

“Almost. Pops isn’t really bothered about me too much, so I may as well just stay here,” Sarroux said plainly.

“And now, our Ironfist Society is one of the five strongest factions in Blackwater District. While our numbers are not as many as other factions, but the people we took in are all fighters.

“I think we have enough now. We don’t need numbers, we need elites.” Lin Sheng said.

“Understood, I’ll inform them to stop recruiting.” Sarroux nodded.

“How about the club?” Lin Sheng asked.

The club he mentioned, was, of course, Ironfist Club.

“Disbanded.” Sarroux shrugged. “We absorb a few good members, they had requested to join in here.”

“That’s too bad…” Lin Sheng sighed.

“Oh right, boss. There has been an increase in murder and robbery cases in the nearby towns, and it seemed to be rather clustered. Something is not right.” Sarroux suddenly said.

“Nothing in Huaisha right?”

“Not yet, also the White Tarots seems to be shifting businesses,” Sarroux whispered.

“Hmmm? Shifting businesses?” Lin Sheng paused for a little as he demurred. “The White Tarots are still the largest triad in Huaisha, they are also the richest and have the most members; they have no reason to shift out, right?”

“The news are true,” Sarroux sniggered. “Many of our disciples either have personal or familial links in the secret society, so they know quite a bit.”

“Is that so?”

Lin Sheng was a little perplexed.

“An established organization with plenty of wealth and power, why would they choose to shift their businesses? Did they run into some trouble for them to do this?”

“Maybe some threats to their business? Cashflow problem?” Sarroux guessed.

“Most likely not… don’t go guessing blindly. We’ll find out soon enough. Just wait and see.” Lin Sheng reminded him.

“Then, boss. Since the White Tarots are relinquishing so many of their holdings, should we go in and take it for ourselves?” Sarroux whispered again.

“Take it slow, don’t be greedy. The other factions would move in as well. Let them go in first, and see how it goes.” Lin Sheng said.

“Understood.” Sarroux nodded.

“Then, I’ll be heading home.” Lin Sheng stood up. “Hang in there, I can see that you are close to breaking through.”

“Boss, your eyes sure are sharp!” Sarroux gave a thumbs up.

“I’ll head off first then. Don’t come looking for me if there’s nothing unless you breakthrough, of course.” Lin Sheng used the desk as a springboard and left the hall waving his hand.

Sarroux stared on as Lin Sheng’s figure slowly disappeared into the night as an unknown feeling welled within him.

At first, when he sparred with the boss, he could still sense his strength. But God knew when he began to feel a powerful pressure weighing on him even by just standing before him, much less actually fighting with him.

Sarroux actually wanted to ask Lin Sheng to test out how much better he had gotten.

But in the end, he could not verbalize it.

“I really don’t know what sort of level boss has gotten to, but that’s fine. He is the society’s trump card.” Sarroux stood up and stretched.

“I too need to work hard now. Can’t afford to get left behind.”

*Ring… Ring…*

Suddenly his phone rang.

Sarroux quickly pulled out the phone from his pocket, and as he saw the screen, his smile slowly faded away.

He then pressed the accept button.

The voice from the phone was that of the familiar middle-aged man.

“Sarroux? I’m Uncle Xu here, you pops have something do so, so in the meantime if you need anything you can get in touch with me.”

The voice was young, belonging to a gentle person called Xu He in Sarroux’s memories.

“How’s up with my pops?” Sarroux asked.

“There’s been a similar murder case in Huaisha, and two cases in a single night. Mr. Wayne has already gone to the crime scene. This is a very huge case, and what Sir wants is that before it is solved, stay at home and don’t go playing outside,” Xu He advised.

“It happened in Huaisha as well?” Sarroux frowned. “That aside, I’m not playing!” He said with particular emphasis.

“I’m just repeating, also the case was just tonight, and the methods are the same with other towns.

We believe that it is probably an organized crime at it, with that scale, solving the case won’t be easy.”

“Where is he? At the crime scene?” Sarroux was suddenly worried about his pops. While he was a busy person and barely took care of him, but there was no denying that he loved him.


“Understood.” Sarroux cut the line.

As he stood before the entrance of the hall, he demurred before deciding to head home. He was confident, with a gun in hand, he was capable of protecting himself. And his skills in martial arts may come in handy as well.

So he decided to go back to his dad’s side, and that will at least ensure his safety while waiting for the case to be solved.

As for the Society’s matters, he could still manage it offsite through the phone. Plus old man Dao Ling is there, so there’s no problem.

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