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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 130: Frenzied Attack: Part 1

Chapter 130: Frenzied Attack: Part 1

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The next day.

Lin Sheng was engrossed in playing the harp. As he could not enter the dream, he decided to focus his whole day into the Bloodazure Harp.

He had noticed, using this to train his holy powers, the progress could only be described as fast, so he did not want to waste any time.

Nothing had changed over on his side, but something had happened at Ironfist Society.

Sarroux had gone home.

He had discussed it with old man Dao Ling and gone home alone; apparently, he had something to settle and had to take a few days off.

In the meantime, the old man would be managing the place.

Lin Sheng too had gotten a call from Sarroux and was informed on the matter.

Now that Sarroux was away, all of the society’s matters now fell on the shoulders of Dao Ling and the new recruit Luo Xinna.

Lin Sheng went over to the society to have a look, and compared with when Sarroux was around, Dao Ling and Luo Xinna had announced a few new sets of rules, which made the place look even more organized.

That said, while it may be more organized, it had somewhat lost its revolutionary zeal.

After finding out that nothing was wrong, Lin Sheng did not pay much attention to the Society anymore and was engrossed in playing the harp.

At the same time… the murder cases in Huaisha City was rapidly increasing.

Ironfist Society.

Dao Ling sat in the training room as he drew long breaths. The holy power within his body flowed slowly as it healed the inner wounds in his body.

*Knock, knock, knock…*

Someone was knocking on the door, as a voice rang out.

“Master Dao Ling, something had happened, and we might need your help in dealing with it?”

Dao Ling opened his eyes as a glint of gold flashed across his eyes.

“What happened?” He let out a long breath, as he asked.

“There were a few robbery-cum-murder cases last night in the city,” the man at the door said.

“Oh?” Dao Ling paused for a moment.

Sarroux was not here, and Master Lin Sheng usually isn’t bothered with the running of the society and was simply focused on training. With this sort of leader, the core principle of the society was naturally to make money, train, make money, train ad infinitum.

And he had heard from the disciples about the robbery-cum-murder cases.

To him, as long it did not affect the Ironfist Society he was not bothered either.

At this day and age, with the general situation chaotic, plus the Xilin’s government’s deep-rooted corruption; with so many issues popping up, even if he wanted to be bothered he did not have the strength to do so.

So, as long all is well in Ironfist Society, it was fine by him.

But now…

Dao Ling stood up and opened the door.

Outside was a young disciple with a crew cut, bowing down respectfully as he reported.

“Master Dao Ling, the key matter is, that someone from the society was affected…”

“Hm?” Dao Ling frowned. “Give me the details. Who was affected, what’s the situation like?”

It would be a stain on his honor if something were to happen just right after Sarroux left.

“When we did the roll call today, Xu Wanqing did not come. Her relative called, saying that something had happened. Xu Wanqing was hospitalized with serious injuries. There’s a death at her home too.” The young disciple reported.

“One death and one serious injury…” Dao Ling’s face turned grim. “Have you informed the leader yet?”

“No, we don’t have his contacts.” A shred of anger appeared on the disciple’s face as he said.

“Someone actually dared to harm one of ours. Master Dao Ling, many of us are suggesting that we look for the murderer and take revenge for Xu Wanqing!”

“How’re her injuries like?” Dao Ling asked.

“Her left arm is broken… there’s a possibility she might be crippled…” the young man said sullenly.

“…Inform Master Sarroux first.” Dao Ling said, “After this, whenever you guys leave the hall, go in groups or pairs and avoid going out alone.”

“Uhh… Master Dao Ling, we have tried to contact Master Sarroux, but we can’t get through the number he left behind.” The disciple quickly added.

“Hmmm?” Dao Ling raised his eyebrow, an ill omen brooding in his heart.

“Let’s go to the hospital first.” He said grimly. “Also, sent someone to inform Master Lin Sheng. His house is at…” He quickly told the latter’s Lin Sheng’s address.


Sarroux was behind his dad Wayne, as he looked at two bizarre corpses lying on the ground.

The corpses looked like praying mantises, their entire body green with a thick carapace, on it were tiny bristles.

But could a mantis grow that big?

He could not believe his eyes.

The two corpses were the size of a man, and the fatal wounds on them were on the chest, blasted open by a heavy sniper rifle.

Sticky green blood flowed outwards from the wound.

“Is this the thing that had been going about on a murder spree?” Wayne asked as he got up.

“Yes, chief. When we discovered them, they were planning to ambush a couple nearby.” A man in a black suit said.

“Have you sent the samples for analysis?” Wayne asked.

He got up, and by his appearance, with his dark red suit, his elegant, refined demeanor was the polar opposite of the impulsive Sarroux.

It was hard to believe that they were father and son.

“Yes. Also, Deputy Chief Smith said that they have found a new clue, and wanted you to go and have a look.”

“Understood.” Wayne nodded before turning towards Sarroux. “Want to come along? Since you’re here, I might as well let you know the things that I’ve been keeping from you.”

Sarroux looked at the two corpses again before nodding hard.

The two may not have noticed, but at least half of the dozens of people around were exchanging some mysterious glances.

While in the darkness, the telephone signal of everyone present had been unknowingly disrupted by a mysterious signal.

Within the dark forested hill, a massive mantis hung down from the tree branch.

“Interesting… I had no problems with so many places, but to lose two bodies in a small port city…”

The mantis’ red eyes glowed red, as if it was activating some sort of ability, and checking whatever information from its split bodies.

And soon, the red glow turned bright.

“Found it…”

“There’s always a few who want to struggle. It would be simpler to just keep your heads down and stay alive, no?”

The mantis opened its mouth as a long slithering tongue came out.

“Take care of them, number four.”


A massive shadow suddenly leaped away.


The next moment, it disappeared into the dark woods.


Lin Sheng’s fist smashed ferociously on the chest of the Sacred Shield Tyrant, while his face ate the full brunt of a shield bash.

He was slightly dazed as his golden eyes suddenly widened, before steadying himself to catch the oncoming Tyrant’s fist.

He met the attack with his right knee before strike hard with his elbow!


A massive cloud of dust burst out from the area that the Tyrant was brutally hit.

He staggered two steps back before he lifted his shield up for another strike.


He pressed his massive hand against the shield and charged forward.

At that same moment, a flurry of powerful kicks landed on the shield.

As the shield creaked and twisted, the Tyrant could no longer keep his balance and was sent tumbling onto the ground.

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