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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 132: Frenzied Attack: Part 3

Chapter 132: Frenzied Attack: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Go, now…” said Wayne calmly. He then pried his son’s mouth open and shoved in a little capsule containing clear liquid—cool stuff that he once got his hands on to temporarily save a life. It now came in handy in saving his son’s life.

He was ready to die here. The monster would make sure he did, so too the traitors. Everyone had deserted him, and he had lost everything. But Sarroux… Sarroux was too young. He should not be dying here; he had not lived long enough to experience and enjoy all the good things in life.

The sky was turning dark as night came. The forest became opaquely dark and biting cold after sunset. The two bodyguards were too afraid to light a fire. They could only walk back and forth with a gun in their hands, keeping their eyes peeled for any dangers that might loom.

Wayne hugged Sarroux in his arms, and took off his blazer and put in over his son’s body to keep him warm. Not long after, Sarroux seemed to come out of his unconsciousness. “Dad… don’t cover me just yet. I’m not dead.” Sarroux struggled to get up, but he was too weak even to move a muscle. The pain from the gunshot wound became unbearable.

“Don’t try to talk. Save yourself some energy!” Wayne stopped him. “You—” Before he could continue, he saw something in the corner of his eye and quickly looked up to his right. In the dense forest, a tall and slender mantis humanoid was trudging through the woods, making a loud rustling sound as it stepped on the leaves on the forest floor.

“It’s the Dark Mantis! That’s it…” Wayne exclaimed, a chill washing down his guts. After hiding for so long, the monster had still found them. He had ridden through all the ups and downs in politics for pretty much all of his life, yet never a second in his life he had ever imagined he would die in such goddamn place. And he could not even save his own son. But he was not alone. The two bodyguards were quaking in their boots, too, while trying to aim their weapons at the mantis with their shivering hands.

“Sarroux, are you scared?” Wayne forced a smile, lowering his head to kiss his son’s forehead. “Forgive me, son. I have been too strict with you… I just didn’t want you to make the same mistakes that I’ve made…”

Sarroux struggled to sit up. “I know… but it’s too late now… if… if I could make it out, I want to find Mom.”

Wayne instantly fell into silence. The four of them stared dead at the silhouette of the Dark Mantis. Death was the only outcome when they bumped into a mutant like Dark Mantis, Wayne thought.

Five seconds had passed. Ten seconds. Twenty seconds. Thirty seconds. Under their watchful eyes, the Dark Mantis not only had stopped coming, but it was also retreating slowly. Wayne’s keen eyes had even noticed that it was trembling. The arms of the Dark Mantis was shivering.

“What are you afraid of?” The young voice, cold and calm, asked in a low voice behind them from afar.

“Who is it?” Wayne did not dare to look back as he was too afraid to agitate the Dark Mantis.

“Are you crying, Sarroux?” Again, the male voice was heard saying, accompanied by a series of calm and rhythmic stride. Sarroux lay in his dad’s arm. Tears swelled in his eyes upon hearing the voice.

“Big brother!” Sarroux was too weak even to turn his head. But he could instantly make out the identity of the person based on the voice. It was a strong man whom he worshipped, followed, and supported.

Wayne turned his head around very slowly to look back at the grassy slope behind him. There was no one there just a minute ago, and this person had come out of nowhere.

Strong, perfectly built body with marble carvings-like body muscles, the man held a silver cross sword walking in a leisure pace toward them. His hawkish eyes reflected nothing in the surroundings.

“I’ve been looking for you. It’s time to go home.” The man glanced down at Sarroux.

All of a sudden, Dark Mantis seemed to have spotted an opportunity. It launched itself at the man, aiming the sickle at the man’s neck. A loud boom ensued as a shell was shot out of the man’s left hand while he grabbed the mantis by the throat, lifting it in the air. The next second, the head of Dark Mantis exploded with the body dropped and rolled dead on the ground.

“Let’s go. We’re going home.” Lin Sheng threw the cross sword to Sarroux. “Your walking stick.”

Wayne and Sarroux were dumbfounded. Seeing Lin Sheng coming with a sword, they thought he was a swordmaster. But it turned out…

“Stop looking like you’re dead! Quickly meditate, initiating your inner strength to heal yourself,” said Lin Sheng impatiently. “We have many things to do today.”

“A…aye!” Sarroux quickly helped himself sit up from his dad’s arm and started meditating. Indeed, a faint warmth began to circulate in his abdomen, focusing on his gunshot wound to help resist infection.

Lin Sheng stepped closer to him. In a fast lighting motion, he touched Sarroux’s gunshot wound with his finger. The bullet popped right out of the wound onto the grassy forest floor.

“Hold him up and follow me.” Lin Sheng said indifferently. Huai Wayne en and the two bodyguards looked on and did not know how to respond for a moment. When they finally came out of their amazement, they quickly held Sarroux up.

At night, the area in the surroundings of the Ironfist Society was deserted. Lin Sheng had arranged Sarroux to rest in the lounge at the back of the premise and hired a doctor to treat his wound. Strictly speaking, a doctor without a license was not allowed to practice. However, there was always an exception. Among the many disciples of the society was a middle-aged man who was once a doctor. The simple wound dressing was not even a challenge to him. Sarroux was quickly treated and now resting in the conference room.

Lin Sheng, Sarroux’s father, Wayne, Dao Ling, and the newcomer, Luo Xinna were sitting at a round table in the room. Wayne had not come out of his astonishment until now. Only the most badass sniper could shoot the Dark Mantis right in the head and kill it, but it appeared like a fragile toy in front of this man, who just needed to nip with the tips of his fingers to make it explode like a balloon. The mental shock reminded Wayne of legends about the middle to higher-order Darksiders.

“Master Lin… thank you for saving us…” Wayne had wanted to thank him, but Lin Sheng flung his hand up to stop him.

“Let’s cut the cackle. Can you describe the Dark Mantis, what is it? Why was it here?” Lin Sheng said calmly.

“Also, there were three murders that happened in the city under the broad daylight today. One of the cases involves a family member of our disciples.” Dao Ling said in a low voice. “This happened way too often!” At first, he thought the murders had to do with the society, but upon further investigation, he found that similar cases had popped up around Huaisha. No. it was not only Huaisha. The same thing had happened in nearby cities.

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