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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 133: Unfolding: Part 1

Chapter 133: Unfolding: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Since things have come to this and no matter who is behind the murder when they have dared to move against Sarroux, the disciple of Ironfist Society, this is the greatest provocation. I declare that from now on, Ironfist Society is officially involved in investigating the case.” Lin Sheng said calmly and determinedly as he slowly rose to his feet. “I don’t care about the other part of Anduin province, but here in Huaisha, I don’t want to hear about any murder committed again.” His declared darkly.

“But, President, finding the murderer with our lone strength, would it be…” Dao Ling frowned as he said this. Ironfist Society was only a civilian force established not long ago; even it was hard to determine the level of loyalty of its followers in just such a short time. He wondered what gave Lin Sheng the confidence to make such an ambitious claim.

“Don’t worry about it. I have made a request to the higher up. Do you really think that we are the only people in Ironfist Society?” Lin Sheng flatly said.

The higher up? Dao Ling’s expression took a sudden change. Not only him, but also others in the room were quietly shocked. Something was more to these words than met the eyes, it seemed. Everyone began to speculate quietly with imaginations running wild, yet their facial expressions remained unruffled.

Lin Sheng’s eyes swept over them and instantly knew that this was the reaction he had intended it. He had a grand plan and secret calculations right from the start. Things like sacred-power practice, age-old sword skills, combat techniques, and experiences did not just appear out of nowhere. Instead, each of them had an origin, a root. Now, it was the time to unfold the mystery, which was that there was a higher command, the HQ, above Ironfist Society, an inscrutably mysterious, extremely powerful yet stealthy force.

“President, do you mean that Ironfist Society is only a division of something bigger?” Dao Ling asked after a moment of silence, his eyes sparkling with an explicable excitement. He looked at Luo Xinna, who was no less shocked and awed than he was. Apparently, Luo Xinna knew little about the inner secrets of Ironfist Society. After all, he only joined the society not long ago.

Sarroux’s dad, Wayne, was equally if not more, appalled. He had utterly no clue of what was happening. Although he could roughly know that there was the headquarters, he had no idea of what it was and what it meant.

After assessing their reactions, Lin Sheng continued. “I was the one who founded the division. But now, the situation has taken a sudden change. It’s by far beyond the division’s ability to handle. So…” He paused for a second and then continued. “I will request for reinforcement from the HQ.

The room turned stilly silent. The only sound audible was the breathing of them. Everyone was trying to make sense of what Lin Sheng had said. How could Ironfist Society not just be a small potato? It looked like the society was an essential part of something bigger and more powerful, from which they could get reinforcement on request.

Dao Ling lowered his head. He finally got the picture. “No wonder! I’ve long said that it is such a mature skill of sacred power practice, it must not come from a lone genius. Now, it has turned out that indeed, there was a profound secret and a more powerful backing behind all this. The only thing that I wonder is how powerful the HQ is.”

“All right. The person investigating Ironfist Society will be here soon. But he will not appear in the open; the investigation will be done covertly. You will know the identity, appearance, and other information of the investigator when you see him. I don’t think it’s necessary to say it here. That’s what I have to say, and Mr. Wayne, you can first go to take some rest.” Lin Sheng arranged as such.

Wayne rose to his feet. “President Lin, thank you for saving my son and me. Since Ironfist Society is involved in the case, I have some information that might help.” He had no idea how powerful Ironfist Society was. But even without this weighty support, he had more than enough confidence in Lin Sheng’s ability.

“I’d love to hear.” Lin Sheng looked at Wayne in curiosity.

“The embarrassing situation I’m in now will not discount the fact that I was once a deputy minister of security for many years in the province, although now I have been kicked out…” Wayne forced a smile.

Lin Sheng’s interest was aroused. He had no idea how high the position of a deputy minister of security was, but someone who was involved in the security matter of a province should be equal to a city-level official. Anyone of this level should have access to many internal secrets even the person had a lousy mastery of Xilin. “I’ve never heard Sarroux mentioning it.” There was not much expression on his face. Although Wayne had once occupied a high governmental position, the acquisition of different memories in the dreams had made Lin Sheng more than an ancient language expert.

“It would be better if the information could be written down so that everyone could have a rough idea of it while getting the mental preparedness,” he said matter-of-factly. “In fact, if things haven’t come to this, I wouldn’t want to request the HQ for reinforcement because this will only make me look bad. At the same time, it is also because people from the HQ have a vastly different style of doing things than us. They and we are a world apart.”

The others did not get the drift, but they could see Lin Sheng’s attitude toward the people from the HQ. “Then, I shall make it into writings right away.” Wayne nodded and then left the meeting. The disciples who were waiting on the outside quickly brought him to his room.

Ironfist Society premise was formerly a school, the staff quarters of which had now been converted into guest rooms, where Wayne could rest and stay.

After Wayne left, there were only Lin Sheng, Dao Ling, and Luo Xinna in the conference room. “Now, since Surroux is injured and needing rest, Dao Ling, you would have to take care of the society’s affairs,” Lin Sheng said, looking at Dao Ling.

“It’s not a problem at all, I could still manage. The Ironfist Society division is still moderate in size, it is pretty easy to manage,” Dao Ling quickly said. After all, with his experience in managing a martial art club of hundreds of people, he surely could handle Ironfist Society with ease.

“No. What I mean is Luo Xinna will take care of the society affairs. You have already transcended onto the extraordinary, and you should take the opportunity to hunt down the mantis monsters in the city,” explained Lin Sheng.

“Me, alone?” Dao Ling was stunned.

“Of course, not.” Lin Sheng clapped his hands twice, and the conference room door was pushed open. A tall man wearing a black robe, hoodie, and a mask walked in slowly. His face was tightly wrapped in bandage with only a pair of blood-shot eyes visible under the hoodie.

“This is Crow. He is originally the monitor of the progress of our division. But now in this special case where we are lack of manpower, Crow will be part of the search and hunt team to rid the city of the unknown threat.” Lin Sheng so introduced.

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