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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 141: The Tragic Battle: Part 3

Chapter 141: The Tragic Battle: Part 3

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dondi did not expect Lin Sheng to be able to hold back so much and was surprised for a good moment.

He stared hard at Lin Sheng until the corpse was dragged into the vehicle outside before he spoke again.

“Very well then. Seems like Master Lin understands what I mean well enough. Let’s go.”

With a wave of his hand, he led the soldiers away.

And not long later, the group of people quickly left Ironfist Society with the sound of the engines starting rang out.

The convoy soon departed, as the sound died away.


Suddenly, a massive blast thundered from afar as if something had exploded.

Lin Sheng suddenly spoke.

“Alright, go get the mantis corpse back.”

“As you wish.” Crow, the Blackfeather Warrior slowly stood out and turned towards the main gate.

Shad, Dao Ling, and the rest looked at each other as they saw Lin Sheng, his expression impassive as a chilling cold soon crept up their spine.

“Ugh… That-That’s Major Dondi…” Shad could not help but stutter.

“Perhaps the mantis’ companions had struck?” Lin Sheng muttered to himself as he left through the side door.

Shad tried to open his mouth, yet he felt like he was paralyzed by some virulent poison that froze him in place.

He did not dare to even make a sound, and could only see Lin Sheng slowly make his way off until he disappeared from sight.

Dao Ling stood in a corner as he clenched his fist tight. His face sullen and his expression dazed.

As he looked at Lin Sheng’s departing silhouette. A surge of unease welled up inside him; where would Ironfist Society end up?


A massive burst of flame and fury exploded again near a petrol station along the street.

Three of the black jeeps with military plates had been reduced to burning metal, and the passengers inside had left their mortal coils.

Only Dondi, at the moment the explosion blasted out, threw himself out of the vehicle to avoid part of the explosion.

Even when he was a two-wing Darksider, he still could not manage to activate his powers before he was wounded by the ambush.

As he struggled to get up from the ground, he took a glance at his right arm and saw that a shard of glass had pierced through it as blood flowed freely from the wound onto the ground.

His head too felt weak. Wiping his hand against his forehead, it was all bloodied, and clearly he too was shell shocked by the sudden explosion.

While Darksiders are powerful, they could not use their powers to protect themselves all the time. After all, he was not like that eight-wing mantis who had forsaken his humanity.

And so, that explosion had gravely wounded him.

“Damn it!” He held his arm as he scouted around.

There was a petrol station just right beside the convoy, and clearly his assailant had chosen this place to blow up the car.

Thankfully that explosion did not ignite the petrol station along with it, or else he’d be dead ten times over.

“Someone’s screwing with me!” Dondi gave out a menacing look as his eyes turned green, and raised his awareness to the maximum.

And soon, a puff of black smoke darted past the wreckage.

“Got you!” Dondi gritted his teeth as he pulled the glass shard out of his arm. As the wound bleed, it was quickly healed under the green glow of the dark power.


He stepped forward and chased after the black smoke that had a shred of supernatural power in it.

The smoke flew very quickly and in mere moments he was brought out to the outskirts into a dry paddy field that was recently harvested.

Just as Dondi’s feet landed on the field, he heard a crack behind him as a footstep rang out.

He quickly turned around.


At that very moment, the black smoke before him reformed into a three-meter-tall Sacred Shield Tyrant that came charging at him.

Behind him, Lin Sheng let his arms down as his body bulked up and purple markings appearing on his forehead.



“Sacred Shield!!!”


As the two pincers met, they turned into white shadows at the same time and charged past Dondi.


Dondi fell to his knees as two gaping holes appeared on both sides of his body.

His arm had simply disappeared, seemingly evaporated as countless bits of flesh scattered all around.

Not only that, his body was no different than a biscuit that had been bitten on two sides, as there were gaping wounds on both the left and right side of his body. And blood flowed freely.

“Damn… you all!!”

He shuddered hard as his face was full of anger and pain.

He had no idea his opponents would be so devastating in their initial strike.

As the two terrifying force collided, the weave of dark power supporting him was instantly shattered.


Even so, his wounds were healing rapidly as his flesh writhed as it tried to regrow his arms.

At the same time, dark feathers started appearing all over his body, like an avian creature.

“Kill him.”

Lin Sheng turned around and looked impassively at the latter.


Strands upon strands of black smoke took form around the field as Vault Wardens and Blackfeather Swordsmen appeared one by one.

The Sacred Shield Tyrant too marched over as he lifted his golden shield and placed it and himself before Lin Sheng while the rest of the soldiers encircled Dondi.


Dondi dashed forward as he attempted to breakthrough, aiming towards Lin Sheng’s direction.

He was quick, but not quick enough to beat the soldiers and the Tyrant.

Just as he made the distance of a few meters, two Vault Wardens had materialized before him and went into formation with their shields up high.


Dondi simply ran over them, but before he could land the coup de grace, a black sword came slashing at him from the side.

He quickly dodged.

Denied his both arms, his combat effectiveness was badly affected, and while his two-wing mutation would allow him to use his dark powers to regrow his limbs, his opponent clearly will not allow him that luxury.

Just as he dodged the black sword, the Vault Guards before him dematerialized as a three-meter-tall tank charged at him.

“Starburst!” Dondi leaped backward as a surge of green light formed around him and flew towards the Tyrant.

Before he could see the result of the attack, two puff of black smoke quickly materialized beside him into the Vault Wardens and slashed at him.

Caught off guard, he unleashed his green light as he blocked the attack head-on.

But before he could recover two more Blackfeather swordsmen appeared on his flank, and stabbed their black swords at his waist.


The two blades only managed to pierce the surface of the dark power before being stopped.

“You!!” Dondi roared as he tried to counterattack.

And the Tyrant’s colossal blade came slamming down in a murderous arc.


The green light around his body glowed hot as he was tossed away like a broken doll. Before he could make any height, he was pursued by a few strands of black smoke.

In the air, two Blackfeather swordsman rematerialized and stabbed their blades at his chest.

While beneath him, the Vault Wardens took form and pointed their swords upwards as they slashed at him.


A loud crack was heard.

The green light only managed to hold on for a while before the sky was painted red as Dondi was torn into pieces; his body parts flying all over the field.

Lin Sheng looked from afar and tore off his torn shirt, exposing his rock-like physique. He then looked up at the sky before turning back the way he came from as all his soldiers turned into black smoke and dispersed.

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