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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 143: Relaxed: Part 2

Chapter 143: Relaxed: Part 2

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That proclamation by the brute sent waves across Anduin.

There were many challengers who came to the coastal region, including those like him who went on a pilgrimage every day.

Yet, no one could incite a crowd like he did.

And many furious martial artists converged upon Linghua City, which Vargas was in.

Sadly, two days later, the cruel hammer of reality came crashing down on everyone.

All twelve of the combatants were handpicked elites who had reached the limit of human potential, yet this group of people did not last longer than three minutes before being overwhelmed by Vargas, and they were destroyed in a mere few hits.

Vargas even declared that he alone could cut through half of Xilin.

Before Vargas’ challenge was complete, there was news of other powerful fighters from Redwin that had come to Xilin for a challenge. These fighters were all strong, tall and hard-skinned.

And wherever they were, the Xilin martial artists around them could not even hold them back.

One by one, famous Xilin martial artists were pushed onto the arena in order to protect their dojos, before being ripped apart alive.

And within that moment, the entire martial arts world of Xilin felt into furor and disgrace.

Many a fighter who thought highly of their prowess quickly converged upon those places to challenge the Redwin fighters.

What followed, was obituaries after obituaries, aside from a couple of veteran elites who managed to survive after taking a beating, most of them died one after the other.

Huaisha City, Ironfist Society.

“I heard that this Vargas person is a Redwinian?”

Sarroux frowned as he brought the papers into the quiet room, and placed Lin Sheng’s breakfast on the table.

“Yes, not only him. Even the Mican free-boxers have come. But they are not as brutal as them.”

Lin Sheng too was reading the paper.

These Redwinians claimed to have admired Xilin’s martial arts traditions and had traveled the distance to spar. And this situation was pretty much a repeat of the foreign martial art challenges in the Republic Era back on Earth.

But back there, the martial artists faced the strongmen from Russia, and over here they faced Redwinian boxers.

Not much different in fact.

“Boss, seeing how they are provoking us, you think the headquarters would strike?” Sarroux whispered.

“The HQ have their own things to do, they won’t bother with this.” Lin Sheng simply replied.

“Don’t bother about it, they are still a distance away from us. Now our primary objective is to use our reputation to increase our influence.

“No choice, boss. We don’t have the manpower. Now that Chief Shad helped to promote us, our business opportunities have increased, but our manpower is only that handful.” Sarroux sounded rather helpless. “I can’t be sending out those disciples who had not even completed basic training out, can’t I?”

“You’re mistaken… What we need to do is not to send our own people out, rather allow them to use our name as protection,” Lin Sheng said.

“Our name? You mean to let them use our name?” Sarroux’s eyes brightened. He had never thought of this.

“Yes, that way, we just need to deal with customers who have problems. That way, we can scare those unruly elements into submission, and solve the problem once and for all.” Lin Sheng explained.

“I understand now! That’s why you’re the boss, to be able to think of that!” Sarroux was effusive with his praise.

“You didn’t ask me that’s all. Even Dao Ling and the rest should know how this works.” Lin Sheng did not mind as he picked up one of the buns and chowed them down.

“That aside, Blackwater and Port District is currently the most chaotic areas in Huaisha City, and all of the main factions are in these two places. You’ve brought a team to make contact in that area, what happened?”

Sarroux got serious as they were now talking business.

“Over here at Blackwater District, there are about eleven factions, big and small, five of which were not happy with us. We’ve made contact with them; old man Dao Ling led the team himself. One of the factions couldn’t fight back, and someone resorted to using firearms, instead, that person had half of his face smashed in. You were not there, Boss, but it was awesome!”

“How about the Port District?”

“The Port District… we ran into some trouble, mainly because it’s too chaotic there. But no worries, I’ll get it wrapped up soon.”

Sarroux did not delve into the details, but seeing how serious he was, Lin Sheng decided to believe him.

“Fine, the Port District is much more important than Blackwater, and we need to take it. Now that the White Tarots have totally retreated from Huaisha, and sold off the last of their holdings, we cannot let this opportunity slip.” Lin Sheng said.

“I understand.” Sarroux nodded.

A week had passed since the Battle with the Eight-wing Mantis. In these few days, Lin Sheng had been managing Ironfist Society’s affairs during the day while training his holy powers at the same time.

In the night he continued to be inside that purple sea as he tried to find ways to leave the vault.

After the Mantis Incident, Ironfist Society’s influence skyrocketed within Huaisha.

Especially when Dao Ling appeared and used his extraordinary abilities to suppress the other factions.

That meant that Ironfist Society’s influence snowballed because many recruits decided to join the society.

After breaking through as a level three paladin, they will pick up a fixed ability. Detect Evil.

Dao Ling had only recently made his breakthrough and have yet to learn it, but Lin Sheng alone was more than enough.

He could simply use the training he had gotten from the Gray Angel’s core. A layer of white glow coated his eyes as he radiated some holy power to scan over these newcomers.

That way, he could easily determine if these people were suitable to train holy powers.

As for their loyalty after joining, Detect Evil could detect the same thing.

If their faith to the holy light, and to Ironfist Society, this weakness in faith could easily be detected by a simple divine skill. And by then, no hiding was beyond his detection.

After discussing further on the society’s matters, Lin Sheng finished his meal and walked out of the room.

“Greetings, Master.”

“Greetings, Master.”

Along the way, men and women bowing towards Lin Sheng in reverence the moment they saw him.

After the battle with the mantis, the scars of battle within the ruined hall was proof of Lin Sheng’s strength.

And Lin Sheng’s pace was sure and steady.

As he passed by the combat training room, old man Luo Xinna came to him with a couple of prints.

“Master, in the battle against the mantis, quite a few disciples were affected, either their families or themselves, with wounds light and heavy. These disciples had long relied on their strength to work, and now they are wounded, and without any strength, their life would be difficult… so what…”

He had to admit, Luo Xinna was way better than Sarroux in handling these matters.

“Allow them to work with the society, we need backroom staff members still.”

“Also, you are about to breakthrough right, when you do so, Dao Ling will set up a branch in the city center. By the time Sarroux breaks through, you’ll probably be allocated another branch to handle.” Lin Sheng said.

“Understood.” Luo Xinna nodded.

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