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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 144: Relaxed: Part 3

Chapter 144: Relaxed: Part 3

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As he walked passed Luo Xinna, Lin Sheng left the society’s hall. Along the way, he declined a request by a disciple to send him back.

He then walked alone, slowly towards his home.

The Ironfist Society, once an organization that relied on him robbing to run, was now turning a profit, and could sustain the finances of their disciples and their family members, becoming a solid shield behind everyone.

And this happened within a short span of time. That did awe him somewhat.

Over at a corner of the screen, a group of armed Xilin soldiers in blue uniforms were hurrying across the street in uniformed steps.

And soon, they got on one of the troop carriers that had stopped.

The black troop carrier spat out a puff of black smoke as it sped towards the port area.

For the past few days, Lin Sheng had been waiting for news about Major Dondi’s murder investigation.

But what surprised him was, rather than seeing any reports about it, the news about the martial arts world kept repeating itself.

“Our country is weak, as foreign fighters swept across our realm of martial arts. With our security worsening day after day…”

Lin Sheng had never considered himself a part of the martial arts world and had simply no interest in entertaining such news.

As for those soldiers…

Troop carriers have been appearing in increased frequencies of late as a large number of soldiers were shipped off by the White Hawk Fleet.

The cloud of war loomed upon everyone’s head, even before the year’s end.

“Master Lin?”

A surprised voice before him pulled Lin Sheng back to reality.

He looked ahead and saw two familiar figures inside a white car.

Russell and Shayeen.

Russell was clad in a white shirt and had styled himself well, with a slight mustache. Looking much more mature than before.

Shayeen wore a simple purple blouse with black pants, showing off her trained curvature as she wore a ponytail.

The one calling Lin Sheng was Russell.

He quickly made his way over.

“Are you here to attend our registration of marriage?” Russell had a surprised, yet delighted look on his face. He seemed to be truly happy that Lin Sheng had come.

Shayeen on the other hand frowned.

After the argument last time, her impression of Lin Sheng took for the worse, but they were still friends for a long while. So she still gave him a courtesy greeting.

“Marriage registration is it… I just happened to pass by.” Lin Sheng said bluntly, “I didn’t even know you and Shayeen had gotten married. Congratulations.”

“Since you are here, come along as well.” Russell was enthusiastic about inviting him.

“Ah, I’ll pass on disturbing you guys. I wish you two a blessed marriage.” Lin Sheng had no intention of disturbing them. Both Russell and Shayeen, since the dissolution of the Ironfist Club, they had stepped out of that circle. And he did not plan to disturb their peace.

“Master Lin, you know, since the club was dissolved, every one of us was reminded of your goodness…” Russell lamented, his expression dimmed someone.

“We were wrong at that time.” Shayeen kept silent for a moment, before sighing. “Our structure was too loose back then, and like a sandcastle, it disappeared before the waves.”

“Then come over to my side, Russell, Shayeen. I have built a new Ironfist Society, and it no longer has the weakness of the past. It is perfect now, just as I had imagined it to be.” Lin Sheng smiled as he extended his invitation.

Russell was touched.

With his background, he naturally knew what sort of influence the Ironfist Society has today.

The Ironfist Society’s growth within a short span of time shocked everyone, and a few days ago, the police had officially awarded them a commendation for their assistance in aiding the police to keep the peace.

And the Ironfist Society today, no longer needed them, plus Shayeen’s attitude back then was harsh.

Even so, Lin Sheng still invited them.

Russell was alright, but Shayeen, she did not acknowledge Lin Sheng back then and started to regret it now.

And now, she seemed to get to know Lin Sheng all over again.

“Master Lin… I’m sorry. I was too headstrong back then…” Shayeen apologized.

“No worries, I actually understand your decisions.” Lin Sheng was not mad.

He could tell, that both Russell and Shayeen had chosen to step out of this circle, and returned to the path their family had planned for them.

“If you need our help in the future, just say that word, as long as it is within our capabilities, we’ll definitely help out!” Shayeen promised.

“What Shayeen said!” Russell added.

They actually had no idea, how strong the Ironfist Society that was praised by the police was.

They most likely see the Ironfist Society as a new force on the block that had stabilized its finances.

The three chatted for a bit until someone from the hotel called out to them that Russell and Shayeen made their way to the hotel.

Lin Sheng bade them farewell, and in the end, they did not agree to join the society, and neither did Lin Sheng agreed to attend their registration of marriage ceremony.

The two parties simply went their own way, as if they had never met in the first place.

As he made his way across the streets, Lin Sheng soon arrived at the Port District.

He went past the slightly empty plaza and onto the railings by the sea, staring into the distance.

With no crowd, the vast sea was refreshing for him, and the stress he had piled up earlier too were lessened with the sea breeze.

On his right was a young lady who too came to enjoy the breeze.

She had short hair and was wearing a white top and gray jeans. Her tight-fitting jeans emphasized her hip line, looking very alluring.

She seemed to be looking at something in her hand, as her delicate face looked downwards.

The two of them simply just stood there wordlessly as the breeze blew.

It was a rare opportunity for Lin Sheng to relax. After he had detected the irregularities in the dream, he barely had any time to rest, as he spent every waking moment to train and investigate.

But he was not a machine, and still needed some relaxation.

Standing there enjoying the sea breeze was relaxing. Especially when no one recognized him.

And that feeling was extremely relaxing…

Xie Qiaoyue by the side was cursing inside her. Her legs were already about to give way, as she waiting for Lin Sheng to leave. And he was still standing there…after a whole hour!

“Is he wanting me dead…??”

Xue Qiaoyue wanted to cry.

She was just a simple pickpocket, and this was totally beyond her…

She had just come here to enjoy the breeze, and a killing machine was now beside her.

As Lin Sheng got close, she immediately recognized him. She had been hiding by her house window during the battle against the mantis and saw the elites of Ironfist Society beating the mantises to a pulp.

And Lin Sheng, the leader of the lot, was naturally the one to take note.

So she had been monitoring him and baked his image into her mind. And many more like her did the same as well, all of them seeking a living in the grey area of society.

And most of these folks tended to remember the bosses of each faction, as to try to not wrong a person they could not afford to wrong.

And normally, most of them would linger around here. Otherwise why would Lin Sheng feel that the plaza was so spacious?

Since all of them had already run away, it was, of course, spacious…

They had ran the moment they saw him…

Lin Sheng still reckoned no one recognizes him, but the fact was that everyone who knew him dared not speak his name…

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