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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 146: Upheaval: Part 2

Chapter 146: Upheaval: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

*Bang… Bang… Bang… Bam!*

A faint crackling sound rang out from afar through the window.

“What is that noise?” Lin Sheng got up of the bed groggily as he looked out.

A crescent moon shone brightly outside, and there was a particularly bright star by the edge of the crescent, shining brightly in red.

Lin Sheng let out a sigh. Feeling his mouth dry, he pushed aside his blanket, got up and stretched his hand out to reach for the thermos flask on his headboard.

As he took up the flask and shook it, he realized that it was empty.

Left without a choice, Lin Sheng got out of bed and walked towards the door.

The moment he opened the door, the noise from outside gotten clearer.

Lin Sheng frowned as something struck him.

A puff of black smoke that was circling around the area suddenly changed direction and quickly flew towards the source of the sound.

A convoy of white armored vehicles was slowly making its way into the streets of Huaisha City. Any obstructing vehicles on the wide streets were simple rammed aside by the armored cars to make way for the infantry.

Platoons upon platoons of quick-moving infantry wore dark camouflage uniforms as their helmets bore the mark of the silver eagle.

They held advanced assault rifles in their arms, a communicator hung by their waist as they carry a multi-purpose combat pack. They even wore a gasmask-like apparatus that covered their entire face.

And these soldiers swarmed into the city like a horde of ants, with speed and efficiency, as they rapidly shot dead any scattered resistance in the dark corners.

A series of gunfire and grenade explosion rang out, and that was the only thing heard from the killing.

Behind the soldiers was some sort of bread truck-like vehicles. This convoy was odd, they had a rectangular top with a silver cupola on top, not unlike a pot cover. Around the vehicles were bone-white armor plating.

And on one of the vehicles, the cupola was opened, and a large military officer stood in there.

The officer wore a black cloak, and on the officer’s head was a black military hat with a silver emblem. The officer seemed to be female as a luscious blue hair flowed down beneath her hat until her waist. “Hope you support our new website “”

As there was some distance, the black smoke could not see the latter clearer. It then swirled about in midair and closed the distance rapidly for clearer inspection.


The female officer lifted her head slightly, an emerald glow flashed in her eye.

A couple of black rifts suddenly appeared in the air as white chains shot out of it towards the black smoke.

Lin Sheng, surprised, quickly steered the black smoke backward.

But it was not fast enough, and it was caught up a few seconds later

A loud crash later, the chains violently stabbed into the black smoke.


The chains blasted out a green mist as it dispelled the black smoke. As the smoke faded away, the Blackfeather swordsman took form.

“Oh? A human?”

The blue-haired officer suddenly materialized behind the swordsman as countless of tiny chains swirled around her fingers and her body like a snake, at her beck and call.

“Too bad for you, the price of trying to peek on me is death.” The officer lifted her hand, as she pointed at the swordsman.

A white chain suddenly blasted out and charged towards the swordsman with a thunderous roar.


Not too far away, another black smoke shot out and quickly turned into a massive white figure.

It was the three-meter-tall Sacred Shield Tyrant.

The Tyrant appeared before the swordsman as he lifted his shield against the chain.

“Another one?” The officer smiled, as she snapped her finger.

“At that moment, the chain flying towards the Blackfeather Swordsman quickly bulged up and turned into a meter-wide bone dragon skull.

The dragon skull opened its jaws, revealing rows upon rows of terrifying fangs as it bit into the unsuspecting Tyrant’s shield


It was as if a bomb went off.

The Tyrant and the Blackfeather swordsman were flung away like toy blocks by the massive force and crashed against the lamp post further down the street.

The lamp post immediately warped under the impact, and after letting out a few electrical hisses, it died off.

The Tyrant shook his head as he got off the ground.

The officer on the opposite end slowly walked over as countless white chains slithered around.

As he took a glance, the similar chains that had just whipped him had increased to at least ten.

“Wait, we mean you no harm!” The Tyrant spoke under Lin Sheng’s control.

“It doesn’t matter.” And what replied him was that white chain and other nine identical ones.


A blast of emerald light soon engulfed the entire street.


Lin Sheng could not help but hold his head, his resolve shaken.

The last memories of the tyrant and the Blackfeather swordsman were them being impaled by countless of dragon bones before being corroded by a green mist and disappearing completely.

“Never thought I’d run into a professional like this during a scouting run…”

The Sacred Shield Tyrant and the Blackfeather swordsman had been taken out, but he was not worried.

The two were just war machines created through the matrix of summoning. He just needed to perform the ritual once again, infuse it with their memories to recreate them.

But what shocked him was the female officer herself.

The Tyrant was a formidable high-level Transcendent warrior, and it would take the top few places amongst the elites in Blackfeather City. But that woman, she had just annihilated him as if she was just slaughtering a chicken.

“Since when did someone that powerful come to Huaisha…” Lin Sheng was slightly worried.

The female officer was the most insane of all Transcendents he had seen so far.

“She’s at least level five, no… much higher, six or seven at least… There’s too little information about the Transcendents in reality to do a comparison.”

He went to the washroom, turned on the faucet and washed his face with cold water.

His head suffered a piercing pain when the two were killed. Clearly he had suffered feedback.

Luckily, the holy power quickly took effect automatically, and covering his head in warmth, and healing it.

Lin Sheng realized that the holy power was not only useful in healing, it also serves as a substitute for stamina when he was under the Sacred Blood effect.

As he recalled the scene he saw through the Blackfeather swordsman’s eyes. “…The silver eagle means Redwin… and the Redwinian army actually just marched into the city just like that… where’s the Xilin garrison?”

An almost impossible thought suddenly came to Lin Sheng’s mind.

“Could it be…?”!”

He did not bother guessing. Now that he was two minions short, he quickly ordered two Vault Wardens over to take over the gap left by the slain duo.

This time around, he used these two soldiers to scout around the city area.

From afar, he saw the Redwin troops had already entered the city hall as a large number of soldiers scattered and started occupying various important facilities across the city.

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