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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 148: Sea Breeze: Part 1

Chapter 148: Sea Breeze: Part 1

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the middle of winter, the surface of the ocean glittered amid the glow of the lukewarm sunlight.

Among the waves, a small destroyer rocked about as it drove towards the direction of Anduin.

At the fore and the aft of the ship were a green illumination device.

Compared to the sea, the destroyer was engulfed in a thick green glow, almost painting the entire vessel green.

“The Ironfist Society?”

A large figure in a cape held onto the aft railing on the green-lit destroyer.

“What is that? I’ve never heard of it.” He shook his head as he sneered.

“Probably some random faction appearing out of nowhere. There are many opportunist factions that are trying to make a name for themselves nowadays.”

“Don’t be complacent. The twin-wing Darksider from the Azure Heart had disappeared here, and even the eight-wing mantis too fell to them. For them to be able to take down a Transcendent, that means the Ironfist Society has some capability. If a powerful bugger were to pop out…”

Amid the green light, a slim figure in cloak closed in.

“I have went through Xilin’s records for the past ten years, I’ve never heard of a transcendent organization called the Ironfist Society ever popping up! Heh…” the large figure sneered again.

“Don’t tell me you actually believe that shtick? That sort of lie is porous at best, and won’t stand up to scrutiny. It’s probably just a few Transcendents who are pulling wool just to survive.”

“Can never be too prepared. If this Ironfist Society has some elites, then won’t it be too risky?” the slim figure said.

“Then, get them to send out their elites to kill me then.” The large figure laughed in disdain.

“Remember when the Moonlight Sect claimed that their ascendant would appear himself? And in the end? Nothing happened when they got wiped out.”

The slim figure sighed, and walked to his side while holding a notebook.

The brown leather notebook was then opened, revealing a massive writing in green light that were packed together.

“The Pale Viper is the suppresion-class Darksider in the area. She does not like any Transcendents entering her territory. We need to take out the target, and slip away immediately.”

He paused for a moment.

“If we can avoid encountering the military elites, do so. This is the family’s own action. If they manage to find out, and she gets wind of it, we won’t be getting our hands of any benefits.”

The large figure agreed.

“I know that. A suppression-class heh. How many suppression-class had gone over to Anduin?”

“Two. Pale Viper and Snow Banshee.” The slim figure replied.

“What about the target profile?” the large figure asked again.

The slim figure then looked back down at the notebook..

“Ironfist Society target value profile. Absolute aura concealment, value, level three to level five. The ability to obtain mysterious runes with special abilities through meditation. Level four to seven.”

“These two items alone, is enough for us to risk offending a Suppressor to soulhunt.”

“What about the target.” The large figure asked again.

“Target: White knight. Transcendence aura: one-wing. Level between Bloodshadow and High Nightshadow.”

“Target: Lin Sheng, Transcendence aura: one-wing. Level between Bloodshadow and normal Nightshadow.”

“Target Raven and other minions, two often. Transcendence aura: one-wing Fadeshadows.”

“But based on reports, they could turn into black smoke to move around quickly, and are very nimble. These are probably all one-wing levels.”

“And these are all the Darksiders in Huaisha City?” The large figure slowly pulled down his hood, and under the green light, exposed his hideous face lined with X-shaped scars.

He had golden hair, as strands of hair simply fluttered without any elegance. His face was oily while a silver scorpion tattoo was on his neck.

“Yes. The family have used three days to thoroughly investigate this. This is all of them.” The slim figure nodded.

“Who was the team that came over last time? Seems like the information was from them.”

“It’s Kamir and his team.” The slim figure said. “Why? You want to inform them?”

“No, it’s just a few grunts who had managed to reach two-wings. Probably gotten some baubles to help them grow. Even if a four-wing were to appear, I can still get out intact.

… But it’s the best if we are able to complete the hunt before the military realizes it. We don’t have time to waste.”

Redwin was not without its factions, as the military and the three great families are at constant loggerheads. Soulhunting is something truly beneficial, and who strikes first wins.”

“Understood. Take note when you prepare. We will be able to circumvent the strait and arrive in Xilin in two days’ time. Your operation time limit, is only a day.”

“If you are not able to accomplish the mission within a day, you must withdraw. Also, don’t be late this time.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.” The golden hair man said as he revealed a mouthful of golden teeth.

Ironfist Society.

Lin Sheng, Sarroux, Dao Ling and Luo Xinna had converged together as they silently looked at the invitation letter on the table.

The letter was simple, its envelope black, with a mark of a silver eagle expanding its wings in the middle.

The eagle seemed to have been stamped on, as the side silhouette had faded.

Even so, no one present dared to take this invitation lightly.

While they were having their meeting earlier, a Redwin solider came in to send an invitation letter to Master Lin Sheng.

The soldier did not say much after that, and simply left. Showing sound discipline.

Yet, the content of the letter was not that accommodating.

“The Redwin Military wants me to go to Adien City before noon tomorrow to attend an interview at the provisional military affairs division.” Lin Sheng pointed at the invitation letter and said flatly.”

He had already read the contents of the letter, and was just reiterating.

The rest kept quiet, and did not know how to answer.

This was not your normal rival faction pilling pressure on you, rather it was a country-size one. Redwin now is one of the strongest military in the world.

And the Ironfist Society, even with a societal backing would simply crumble before this level of force if they slip up.

“Boss, my father had heard that all of the influential figures in the city had received this black invitation…Seeing how Redwin operates, probably everyone in the province with any sort of influence have already received it.” Sarroux said with a hushed voice.

Lin Sheng nodded.

“Seems like an official warning and consolidation. No worries, I’ll head there tomorrow morning.

While the military has changed, it doesn’t matter to us civilians anymore as to who is in charge right?”

“Well. Xilin has been corrupt and inept, and there have been plenty of injustices now any now, and compared to Redwin’s militarized governance, it’s probably the same. Just as unbearable.”

Ever since the upheavel, Redwin had enacted a temporary reform program for Huaisha City, and as the reform would need time, they had also provisionally enacted military governance.

No one is allowed to wander around in the streets at night, a midnight curfew, plus no gatherings of more than thirty people.

That turned Huaisha City into almost a ghost town. With the sudden change, everyone was trying to figure out what was the military’s attitude and what changes awaited them.

Everyone was cautious, and chose to stay indoors most of the time.

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