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Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 149: Sea Breeze: Part 2

Chapter 149: Sea Breeze: Part 2

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Don’t worry, based on the current state of affairs, Redwin does not seem to have any intentions of using violent suppression.” Lin Sheng said.

“I’ll go to the provisional military affairs division and make contact with them. To see what are their political plans.”

“Master, you need to be careful.” Dao Ling said.

“I will.” Lin Sheng nodded.

Their individual strength was nothing compared to a national level strength. If they are not careful, they would simply be stomped flat.

After getting home, Lin Sheng tried to comfort his slightly despondent father, Lin Zhounian. As he was not able to bring in new goods, his shop had many empty shelves. Without any stock, there would be no income, and who knows how long will the Xilin currency will be used.

His mother, Gu Wanqiu went over to the kindergarten to check things out. There was not many changes there, but the holiday was cut short.

Probably to let work dull their senses.

The kindergarten session had been brought forward, but no one knew how many will be attending it.

Lin Xiao on the other hand, was at a total loss as she helplessly sat in the study reading some historical text. Perhaps trying to find some way to live on in those records.

Now that Redwin had occupied the city, and locked down the entire province, cutting off all communication and transportation into Xilin, that mean that Lin Xiao could no longer return to her university outside the province.

Bereft of the opportunity to graduate, plus all industries taking a cautious stance, her future looked rather dim, and could only live on day to day. And that sort of life, quickly wore Lin Xiao out.

Lin Sheng had no idea what to say either.

After dinner, the Lin family washed up and went to bed.

Lin Sheng still had one day from the death penalty. As he could not enter the dream, he was relegated to tossing about in this bed, not being able to sleep.

While he may look calm, he was in reality a normal translator of ancient language, and had absorbed plenty of memory fragments. But those fragments was more like movies than anything as they stayed in his mind, it was harmless.

Had anyone actually lost their identity after watching one too many movies? Of course not.

So, only when he was alone, that Lin Sheng allowed himself to display his loss and fatigue.

The image of the female officer annihilating the Sacred Shield Tyrant still played in his mind.

With that gulf in strength, Lin Sheng could not even think of a way to go against her. And in the short term at least, he can forget about catching up to her.

His own strength, was just a little stronger than the Sacred Shield Tyrant, and no more.

If the officer could instantly kill the Tyrant, that means she can do the same to him as well.

“Also, when the war starts, my soldiers can block off simple light weapons, but no way they’ll survive any heavy firepower. And once I’m being held by a Transcendent, a barrage is all it takes to wipe out my summoned soldiers.”

“I’m just too weak…” Lin Sheng could not help but sigh.

The dream was just too random. If he wanted to be stronger, he had to depend on himself searching for all sorts of hidden knowledge.

The Crag Dragon bloodline, and the summoned soldiers were all boons that he had found himself in the dream.

“The dream is too random, but how about the memories I’ve absorbed?” Lin Sheng started to go through the massive amount of memories to find a way to resolve the current situation.

He had absorbed way too many spirits, and after searching for a while, he got worn out and passed out.

By the time he got up, it was already the next morning.

He quickly brushed up, and changed into a black and purple tracksuit, before running over to the local supermarket to buy a plastic skull mask.

He put it on, and went straight to the Ironfist Society. After meeting Sarroux and Dao Ling, Lin Sheng got on the military jeep that had been waiting for him, and went straight to Adien City.

From Huaisha to Adien, it would take about three hours if they travel at top speed.

Afternoon, Adien Provisional Military Affairs Division.

Sitting on the presiding seat was a male officer, as he held a black lash in his arm. His uniform straight and smart. A silver-black handgun lay on the table beside him.

All around him were full armed Redwinian soldiers, as their rifles were pointed downwards, the atmosphere cautious and heavy.

The moment Lin Sheng arrived, he was sent over there. And with him, was another ten odd people.

None of them were talking to each other, as they separated the moment they arrived at the division and stood about or sat in the hall waiting.

No one was chatting either, with the soldiers watching, no one was in the mood for idle chatter.

Until the moment the officer walked in and sat down.

“I’m Styse, you can call me Deputy Commander Styse. I’m glad that all of you could answer our summons and come over here. I believe the motives of us Redwinians’ actions have been clearly stated on the flyers.”

The officer’s tone was indolent, not unlike a well-fed wolf who was sleepy.

“So, the reason we called you all here is first, to recognize us, remember the special emblem of the Military Affairs Division so you don’t offend the wrong people further down the line.”

He then pulled out a cigarette and bit on it.

“Second, as Anduin’s most prominent underground factions, all of you will need to keep the peace here for this while. You people know the land best.”

Everyone simply kept to themselves, and did not speak.

Some of them were handling some matters, and before they could complete it, they were already dragged over here.

Officer Styse lowered his head as he lit the cig and took a deep breath before letting it out slowly.

“If you have any suggestions, you can voice it out now. Don’t go protesting after things have been decided.” The officer’s voice echoed slightly in the room.

“You can say it out now, and it is better for everyone else in the future. Don’t go feigning ignorance if my hands are forced.”

Lin Sheng stood amidst a dozen people, and was particularly eye-catching. He was the youngest of the lot, but he had taken precaution and put on a plastic mask on his face.

It was that white, plastic skull mask that exposed the eye and nose.

After a while, no one said anything. Everyone were veterans in dealing with this, and even if they are unhappy, they will not verbalize it.

“Alright then.”

Clap clap clap.

Styse gently clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.

“Seems like you’ve accepted our arrangement. From now on, it’s on your heads if anything happens.”

He looked up and signaled to the outside.

And soon a soldier brought in a stack of photographs and distributed it to everyone present.

On the photograph in their hand was a silver-haired crone in a black windbreaker.

The old crone had an aura about her, and her eyes were like a world, emerald green.

Beside the crone was massive blue and black-coloured sea hawk. The sea hawk had very eye-catching golden adornments on it.

“If you lot sees this person, or this sea hawk, inform us immediately. Any person reporting this would receive a mysterious gift from the Heaven’s Spire.” The officer smiled.

“Trust me, if you have the chance to get that gift, you won’t regret it.”

“Lastly, I’m going to announce the city’s regulation of the organizations and factions…”

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