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Nine Star Burden (Web Novel)







Action Comedy Harem Martial Arts School Life Sci-fi Xuanhuan

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It is a parallel world that is full of Star Power. Star Maps, Star Techniques, Star Pets, and the Awakened are rampant. Jiang Xiao, whose soul travelled to this world, has a special internal Star Map within his body and goes on to become a Medical Awakened.

He initially wants to become a happy healer who can help his team members, but he ends up being labeled as a burden to the team.

The entire story begins from the first week of High School.

It begins… from that slap…

300 • 2020-06-08 08:55:11


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 300: Aid2020-09-20
Chapter 299: Do You Know How Much Force She Applied?2020-09-19
Chapter 298: Handpicking the Stars2020-09-19
Chapter 297: Watching the Galaxy2020-09-18
Chapter 296: Bombed! Bombed!2020-09-18
Chapter 295: Special Care2020-09-17
Chapter 294: Stone Carving Reappears2020-09-17
Chapter 293: The Cloaked Man2020-09-16
Chapter 292: Black and White2020-09-16
Chapter 291: Bloody Stone Sculpture2020-09-15
Chapter 290: Lousy Bird2020-09-15
Chapter 289: Don’t Want to Lose2020-09-14
Chapter 288: Change2020-09-14
Chapter 287: Minor Upgrade2020-09-13
Chapter 286: My Turn2020-09-13
Chapter 285: Those Flowers2020-09-12
Chapter 284: Ten Seconds?2020-09-12
Chapter 283: The Melee Fighter Stands Up2020-09-11
Chapter 282: The Beginning of a Good Show2020-09-11
Chapter 281: Gold Quality “Tailgate”2020-09-10
Chapter 280: Charred Girl2020-09-10
Chapter 279: In Leaps and Bounds2020-09-09
Chapter 278: The Battle Is Round the Corner2020-09-09
Chapter 277: Are You Going to Cozy Up?2020-09-08
Chapter 276: Watchdog2020-09-08
Chapter 275: Harmonious Family2020-09-04
Chapter 274: Facing It2020-09-04
Chapter 273: Shall We Add Each Other?2020-09-03
Chapter 272: Frightening Mausoleum2020-09-03
Chapter 271: Competition Begins2020-09-02
Chapter 270: Little Mo and the Little Bird2020-09-02
Chapter 269: Fate?2020-09-01
Chapter 268: Look How Joyous His Smile Is2020-09-01
Chapter 267: Please Don’t Die?2020-08-31
Chapter 266: Abundance2020-08-31
Chapter 265: Little Conflict2020-08-30
Chapter 264: Going Blind2020-08-30
Chapter 263: Paparazzi?2020-08-29
Chapter 262: Ruffian From Tianjin2020-08-29
Chapter 261: Chang’an City and The Ancient Imperial Mausoleum2020-08-28
Chapter 260: Silver and Gold2020-08-28
Chapter 259: Upgrade!2020-08-27
Chapter 258: Gold Quality Bell?2020-08-27
Chapter 257: Caesar2020-08-26
Chapter 256: Report To The Teacher2020-08-26
Chapter 255: The Reward Given By The Principal2020-08-25
Chapter 254: Sexy Jiang Xiao Begs Again2020-08-25
Chapter 253: Sexy Jiang Xiao, Begging Online2020-08-24
Chapter 252: Guaranteed Admission2020-08-24
Chapter 251: Wasteland Reclamation Disciple?2020-08-23
Chapter 250: Reward for the Champion2020-08-23
Chapter 249: Most Frivolous Healer2020-08-22
Chapter 248: Toxic Healer Swears2020-08-22
Chapter 247: Reaching a Consensus2020-08-21
Chapter 246: Coward Xia2020-08-21
Chapter 245: Obey and Watch…2020-08-20
Chapter 244: I Don’t Want to Hear It2020-08-20
Chapter 243: Leader of the Lava Lake in the West2020-08-19
Chapter 242: Big Brother2020-08-19
Chapter 241: Volcano2020-08-18
Chapter 240: Are You Surprised?2020-08-18
Chapter 239: Explode2020-08-17
Chapter 238: Breakthrough2020-08-17
Chapter 237: The Beginning of the Wasteland Reclamation2020-08-16
Chapter 236: Do It2020-08-16
Chapter 235: Bring the Knife!2020-08-15
Chapter 234: Double Happiness!2020-08-15
Chapter 233: Not at a Loss!2020-08-14
Chapter 232: Crazy Hinting?2020-08-14
Chapter 231: Clairvoyant Jiang2020-08-13
Chapter 230: Corridor Terror2020-08-13
Chapter 229: Strange Female Voice2020-08-12
Chapter 228: Screw Him2020-08-12
Chapter 227: Victors Legion2020-08-11
Chapter 226: Roasted Sweet Potato and the Fairy Wand2020-08-11
Chapter 225: Fast Hands?2020-08-10
Chapter 224: Good News From Xia Yan2020-08-10
Chapter 223: Go Home2020-08-09
Chapter 222: Seeing Second Last Again2020-08-09
Chapter 221: Grilled Cod?2020-08-08
Chapter 220: Toxic Healer Heals2020-08-08
Chapter 219: Kill!2020-08-07
Chapter 218: Uninvited Guest2020-08-07
Chapter 217: Seems Familiar2020-08-06
Chapter 216: If This Is Not Love2020-08-06
Chapter 215: Big Cat Is Gone?2020-08-06
Chapter 214: Obtaining New Star Technique2020-08-06
Chapter 213: Champion!2020-08-06
Chapter 212: Fallen Shadow Witch! Gold Quality Star Bead!2020-08-06
Chapter 211: Victory! Great Victory!2020-08-06
Chapter 210: Toxic Healer Is Here!2020-08-06
Chapter 209: All Members Turn Deaf and Blind2020-08-06
Chapter 208: Finals2020-08-06
Chapter 207: Palm2020-08-06
Chapter 206: Champion Team2020-08-06
Chapter 205: Toxic Healer Attacks2020-08-06
Chapter 204: Team Finals2020-07-31
Chapter 203: King of Being Impressive2020-07-30
Chapter 202: Restricted by Abilities2020-07-30
Chapter 202: Restricted by Abilities2020-07-30
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