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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art (Web Novel)


Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself.

In order to solve the mysteries around him, he must rely on his new alchemy techniques and the powerful but baffling Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Countless enemies block him as he attempts to climb to the peak of the cultivation world.

Fate destined him to be only a chess piece, but he would not bow to the will of the Heavens.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 914 I Look Favorably Upon You2019-12-07
Chapter 913 The Storm’s Fury2019-12-07
Chapter 912 Collision of Explosive Power2019-12-06
Chapter 911 Explosively Powerful Wilde2019-12-06
Chapter 910 Tang Wan-er Arrives on the Scene2019-12-06
Chapter 909 Fantasy Blade Storm2019-12-06
Chapter 908 Soul Martial Dual Cultivation2019-12-05
Chapter 907 Arriving One by One2019-12-05
Chapter 906 Stall Tactics2019-12-04
Chapter 905 Meng Qi Displays Her Power2019-12-04
Chapter 904 Sinister Scheme2019-12-03
Chapter 903 Trouble2019-12-03
Chapter 902 A Storm Approaches2019-12-02
Chapter 901 Refining True Dragon Essence Blood2019-12-02
Chapter 900 Huge Skull2019-11-30
Chapter 899 Earth Spirit Bead2019-11-30
Chapter 898 Finding a Clue2019-11-30
Chapter 897 Search2019-11-30
Chapter 896 A Small Test of Power2019-11-29
Chapter 895 The Chanting Guo Ran2019-11-29
Chapter 894 Tearing Apart the Dome of the Sky2019-11-27
Chapter 893 Qiankun Lightning Chains2019-11-27
Chapter 892 Ancient Heroic Spirits2019-11-27
Chapter 891 Berserk Lightning Battle Warriors2019-11-27
Chapter 890 Lightning Dragon Devours All Beasts2019-11-26
Chapter 889 Lightning Sea Devours the Heavens2019-11-26
Chapter 888 Terrifying Lightning Tribulation, Long Chen’s Fury2019-11-25
Chapter 887 No Matter What Happens, I’m Here2019-11-25
Chapter 886 Lightning Tribulation Begins2019-11-23
Chapter 885 Three Thousand Mile Qi Sea2019-11-23
Chapter 884 Familiar Aura2019-11-23
Chapter 883 Spiritual Qi Eruption2019-11-23
Chapter 882 Checking the Spoils2019-11-22
Chapter 881 Stone Tribe2019-11-22
Chapter 880 Terrifying Flame Devil2019-11-21
Chapter 879 Flame Devil Breaks the Seal2019-11-21
Chapter 878 Each Side Taking Out Trump Cards2019-11-20
Chapter 877 Killing the Rest in One Move2019-11-20
Chapter 876 World Extermination Hibiscus2019-11-19
Chapter 875 Bringing Death Upon Themselves2019-11-19
Chapter 874 Destroyed Butt2019-11-18
Chapter 873 Thousand Years of Death2019-11-18
Chapter 872 True Arrogance2019-11-16
Chapter 871 Crazily Snatching Treasures2019-11-16
Chapter 870 Top Grade Dragon Tiger Heavenly Explosion Pill2019-11-16
Chapter 869 The Coffins’ Formations2019-11-16
Chapter 868 Who Let You Be a Poser2019-11-14
Chapter 867 Trying to Show Off But Failing2019-11-14
Chapter 866 Digging Holes and Filling Mounds2019-11-14
Chapter 865 Suppressing Everyone Present2019-11-14
Chapter 864 I’ll Subdue Her2019-11-12
Chapter 863 Riddle2019-11-12
Chapter 862 Ancient Murals2019-11-12
Chapter 861 Blood-Colored Ancient Castle2019-11-12
Chapter 860 Arming the Alliance2019-11-11
Chapter 859 The Usage of the Immemorial Altar Lamp2019-11-11
Chapter 858 The Miserable Huang Junmo2019-11-10
Chapter 857 Your Soul is Light, So There’s Destiny2019-11-10
Chapter 856 Dressing Like a God to Play the Devil2019-11-09
Chapter 855 Cultivating Backers2019-11-09
Chapter 854 Secret Troubles2019-11-08
Chapter 853 Robbing2019-11-08
Chapter 852 Once More Running Into Her2019-11-07
Chapter 851 The Origin of the Ancient Races2019-11-07
Chapter 850 Blood Incinerating Lion Flame2019-11-06
Chapter 849 The Greatest Treasure2019-11-06
Chapter 848 The Earth Dragon’s Power2019-11-05
Chapter 847 Eighth Rank Magical Beast, Earth Dragon2019-11-05
Chapter 846 Twelfth Heavenstage of Xiantian2019-11-04
Chapter 845 Time to Refine the Sea Merging Pill2019-11-04
Chapter 844 Killed With a Single Smash2019-11-03
Chapter 843 Giant Body2019-11-03
Chapter 842 A Beauty’s Head2019-11-02
Chapter 841 Ji Changkong2019-11-02
Chapter 840 Mercilessly Killed2019-11-01
Chapter 839 Blood Python Race2019-11-01
Chapter 838 Seven Stamen Seaheart Fruit2019-10-31
Chapter 837 Ten Thousand Beast Forest2019-10-31
Chapter 836 The Reason I’ll Kill You2019-10-30
Chapter 835 Leng Yueyan’s Past2019-10-30
Chapter 834 Let’s Have a Proper Conversation2019-10-29
Chapter 833 Nethergod Protection2019-10-29
Chapter 832 Spatial Blades2019-10-27
Chapter 831 Falling Into the Abyss2019-10-27
Chapter 830 A Bitter Battle2019-10-27
Chapter 829 Devil Empress Leng Yueyan2019-10-27
Chapter 828 The Furious Xue You2019-10-26
Chapter 827 A Treasure Item’s True Body2019-10-26
Chapter 826 A Battle Between a Dragon and a Tiger2019-10-24
Chapter 825 Once More Fighting Xue You2019-10-24
Chapter 824 Enemies Truly Do Often Cross Paths2019-10-23
Chapter 823 This Time I’ve Caught You2019-10-23
Chapter 822 Legendary Divine Item, Eastern Wasteland Bell2019-10-22
Chapter 821 Nothing at the End2019-10-22
Chapter 820 Another Long Chen2019-10-22
Chapter 819 The Final Level2019-10-22
Chapter 818 Mysterious Figure2019-10-21
Chapter 817 Terrifying Devil2019-10-21
Chapter 816 Eight-Arm Horned Devil2019-10-20
Chapter 815 The Eighth Level2019-10-20